You probably know a web crawler as the robot that helps search engines with the indexing of web pages.

These crawlers (or bots) go through pages on the web and fetch them for the search engine to show the pages in the search engine results pages. But web crawlers can do a lot more than just that.


In fact, web crawlers can drive revenue for your business in dozens of ways. Whether you work in online retail or you’re an SEO expert working at a marketing agency: Web crawlers can help your business grow. And if you want to stay ahead of the competition in today’s competitive digital landscape, then you need to start using web crawlers as well.

Many companies have begun using either custom-built web crawlers, tailored to specific purposes or dedicated third-party tools. Many companies provide products for search engines (modified Google Search APIs) and eCommerce platform scraping.

Below, you’ll find a list of five of the most popular web crawling use cases as done by thousands of companies across the web.


Find out what web crawlers can do to drive revenue for your business. Ready to make more money?

1. Competitive price monitoring

Competitive price monitoring (also known as price intelligence) is an automated way of tracking the product prices of your competitors. By knowing exactly how your products are priced compared to the rest, you can decide on the perfect price for your product.


Of course, looking at the prices of your competitors is nothing new. It’s been a practice way before the internet was ever invented. However, with the use of automated competitive price monitoring through web crawlers, you can always be aware of the competitive climate in real-time.

Furthermore, not only does it go a lot quicker than manual data collection, but web crawlers can collect so much more data than any human can. All this extra, always up-to-date data can help you create the optimal pricing strategy for your products. No wonder industry giants like Amazon are using this technology to stay ahead of competitors!

2. Review and customer monitoring

Web crawlers can help you gain insights into what your target audience thinks as well. This, in turn, can lead to you making revenue-driving decisions that benefit both you and your customers. Win-win!

You see, many companies use web crawlers to fetch product reviews and customer comments from the web. By monitoring and analyzing this customer data they can find out how the customer thinks of a certain product.

If a product gets a lot of negative reviews and comments, the company can decide not to make or sell that product. On the other hand, favorable reviews can lead to positive, revenue-driving decisions instead.

3. SEO monitoring

Web crawlers are incredibly popular among SEO experts, and for good reason! Since, as an SEO expert, your job is optimizing your (company’s) website for search engines, what better tool to have at your disposal than the same one search engines use to index their pages?

There are many different SEO tools out there that use web crawlers to fetch insights that can help you optimize your site. For example, an SEO Spider tool like Screaming Frog allows you to crawl a website just like Google would.

You can see exactly what GoogleBot sees, and this way you can identify areas for improvement. From where you need to improve your site structure, to how many broken links your site has.

And optimizing your website so it shows up higher in the SERPs will result in more traffic to your site, and thus more revenue.

  1. News aggregation

We live in a world where we constantly want to be aware of the latest news. Where in the days before the internet it could take a certain news item days to reach a secluded village, we now all of all news at the tip of our fingertips all the time.

And with such a global demand, of course, there are a lot of companies trying to earn a buck from it. This is where news aggregator websites come in. And such sites are fully powered by web crawlers.

Feedly, Flipboard, or Google News are just a few examples of companies that use web crawlers to continuously crawl news websites for the latest scoop. Snippets of an article are then extracted and displayed on the news aggregator with a link to the original article.

The news aggregator can in turn earn money in all sorts of ways, like from displaying sponsored ads.

5. Recruitment and HR

If your company operates in recruitment and HR, you too can utilize web crawlers to drive more revenue.

By extracting data from job sites, for example, you can gain valuable insights into all sorts of data points, from hiring trends for certain locations to popular workplaces to competitive wages.

This information can help you find the right candidates for your business quicker than ever before because the web crawler has done all the research and data collection for you. This saves you time, which we all know means it saves you money.

6. Automated revenue growth

There you have it, five common examples of how a web crawler can drive revenue for your business. And one of the beauties of web crawlers is that they are almost completely automated.

Once you’ve done the initial setup (or use a company or tool to do it for you) you have an automated solution to drive revenue growth, right at your fingertips!