Gone are the days when job postings were advertised exclusively on the print media. Today, most jobs are advertised online platforms such as LinkedIn and applicants are required to apply through the same. By so doing, the recruitment process has become more efficient, and many recruitment challenges such as processing applications manually have been reduced drastically.  Statistics show that over 85% of recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit employees whereby they filter out ideal applicants through computer algorithms and ignore the rest. That means a job that could have been done in months now takes just a few days.

This platform enables social networking just like other social pages like Facebook and Twitter. The only difference is that this one focuses on job-related issues. It allows subscribers to create online job profiles which they can use while applying for advertised positions. Sometimes employers do not advertise for vacant positions but just look at profiles of prospective candidates and contact them if they qualify. That said, there are a few tricks you can employ to increase your visibility on LinkedIn and here are some of them.

Use of keywords

The use of keywords increases one’s chances of being listed at the top if a search is done based on that word. Special tools like Keyword Spy, KwFinder, Google trends, Google planner, etc. help to determine the relevance of such words and their probability of being searched.

You can have a well-decorated resume, but if you don’t use the right search words, chances are you won’t be noticed. To avoid this pitfall, ensure you research thoroughly to get the appropriate keywords to put in your profile.

Join interest groups and participate actively

Since you are already on LinkedIn, I assume that you are skilled in a particular field or you have a job, and you are looking for an employee. Although specific groups have privacy settings that limit who can join, you can ask to join those matching your interests or just join if they are open.

While there, actively contribute on topics and position yourself as an expert in that field but even as you do so, avoid spamming the page with self-promotional materials as people don’t like this. Be moderate.

The more you participate, the more you learn from others, and by so doing, you will also get an opportunity to share your knowledge with others. The import of this is that as you do so, there could be an employer somewhere who will notice your expertise, maturity, and civility and might be willing to hire you.

Keep your profile updated

Create a well-organized profile with information similar to the one on Instagram bio. Besides this, it should be updated regularly to reflect your current skills. It should also be brief, concise and devoid of ambiguous words. Also, add your photo as surveys show that those without are less likely to attract page reviews.

Past details that do not add value to your bio should be removed but avoid leaving work history gaps. If this is too much work for you, look for a professional pay for resume writer to assist.

Even though the template enables you to create one profile, edit your applications every time you apply for a job to keep it relevant.

This is because some don’t edit their details and use that one application to apply for different and unrelated jobs thereby minimizing the chances of being picked.

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Create a catchy headline

When people search for candidates, the only thing they see is the name, the headline, and their photo. So, to increase the chances of being noticed, use a catchy and updated headline.

The headline should not be just about anything but must be specific to your needs. So, if you are hunting for a job, indicate that and if you are looking for employees, do the same and don’t forget to state your availability. For instance, “A business currently looking for a ghost writer” or “Uber drivers urgently needed.”

Widen your friendship circle

The more friends you have, the more connected and exposed you get. In social media, sometimes people make friendships with others through acquaintances, and in the process, you might meet someone with hiring potential. Since it is possible to import contacts from other social sites, do so to link up with them. Besides this, you can follow the companies and organizations you are interested not to miss any updates regarding their vacant positions.


Try networking after official working hours

Statistics indicate that unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where subscribers are even active during daytime hours, the situation is different in LinkedIn as the majority tend to be more active after job. For this reason, updating your status and networking during this time might increase your chances of being ‘seen.’

In conclusion, although putting your details on LinkedIn lets people know what you are looking for, you might remain invisible to most of your prospective targets. However, if you employ the above tricks, your chances of getting an interview of your dream will rocket.