how to choose the best cosmetic bag?

The history of handbags dates back to 38,000 BCE when hunters were equipped with pouches and bundles to carry sharp rocks and weapons. 

Bags have become an integral part of human life, so much for the women that the variety of bags made for women are far more superior in terms of variety and build quality. 

One popular trend that has caught up in the modern-day is that of cosmetic bags. Women love carrying a little of everything in their purse. Commonly found items in a woman’s bag are a lipstick, eyeliner, mascara amongst others.

Apart from fusing their bag with daily essentials like cosmetics, women also check for quality, warranty, compartments, slings, and much more before making a final choice. With considerable improvements in the cosmetic industry, dedicated set of designer cosmetic bags have been designed for women.


There are always a set of repositories that women will carry around. The following are a set of cosmetic items that can be found in a woman’s bag.


It is a known fact that more than 70 percent of the men always look at a woman’s eye first. Mascara is one item that is majorly carried by most women around the world. Mascara is majorly bought in black and jet black color. It is also available in other colors like orange, purple, blue, etc. 

Mascara helps a woman look sharp; a go-to cosmetic item when women are tired or exhausted to do the whole procedure of makeup.


Foundation is a small square or rectangular box with a brush. It is available in a liquid and powdered form. Foundation, like the name suggests, acts as a base before other cosmetics can be applied over the face.

foundation acts a base before applying other cosmetics

Foundation is of two types- cool undertones and warm undertones. Colours of cool undertones are cocoa, rose, porcelain and sable and warm undertones come in shades of tan, golden, chestnut and beige.


Blush is a cosmetic product that is used to enhance the foundation. It helps in completing the look by making the foundation pop. It is a rectangular box approximately the size of a human palm. 

There are three types of blushes namely-

  • Neutral Blush– Available in Mauve color. 
  • Color blushes- Available in Fuchsia, pink, berry and raisin colors.
  • Warm blushes – Available in coral, peach, tangerine, brown colors.


As the name suggests, lip gloss is used when a woman wants to refrain from using dark lipstick. It gives a particular shine to the lips and enhances a woman’s look. It is available in a variety of colors in both light and dark shades based on preference.

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Shadow is a cosmetic product that is applied in the upper eyelids and under the eyes. Shadow comes in a variety of colors and textures and is mainly made up of powder and mica. It can be found in the form of pencil, liquid, powder and cream. 


Eyeliner is a product that is used to make the eyelashes look lush. It helps in giving the eyelashes an extension and can change the overall look of the eyes. Eyeliners are mainly available in black and jet black color in the form of pencil and a liquid along with a brush.


Over the years, women have opted to carry all these handy cosmetics in a small bag or purse, so it is easily accessible. Finding a particular cosmetic item in a handbag can be challenging. A wholesale always attracts buyers and are invariably profitable. 

Women are the proud recipients, be it a yard sale, furniture sales, and most importantly, wholesale cosmetic bags. While choosing a cosmetic bag, women consider many factors like material, leather, faux, totes, satchels, slings, clutches, and much more. Branded and leather bags could be overpriced and are made of leather, PVC, nylon, and synthetics. 

The most popular kinds of cosmetic bags women like are mainly made of leather and are branded. Wholesale cosmetic bags offer women cosmetic bags at affordable cheap costs. These bags might not have the same quality and leathers like the original. It is mainly used as a makeshift for a few months as women change their bags frequently. 


Buying cosmetic bags from a wholesaler also prevents women from opting from real leather(involving animal skin). Faux leather or fake leather gives the same look and feel of an original leather making their choice eco-friendly. 

Small industries and bag manufacturers have started making bags that are on par with the industrial branded bags that are available in the market. Some of these markets have begun giving stiff competition to branded conglomerates.

Although creating fake bags representing famous brands is not an ethical option, it is feasible one. Cosmetic bags bought from small shops have also started offering a warranty. Women will always make the sensible choice of buying bags in wholesale if they tend to change bags every now and then.