How to encourage a friend? 

How to encourage friends

Have you ever noticed your friend feeling low, losing weight or trying to isolate themselves from the mass.Then these can be the signs of depression.And at this critical time a friend is someone who can help them overcome the trauma.Encouraging your friend can really boost up their strength and spirit. Being empathetic to your friend can be very supportive making them realize that they are not alone.
Here are few ways to banish your friends’s depression by encouraging.

Getting into contact:-

Be in touch with your friend when he/she is going through any trauma or emotional crisis in life. Because during these predicaments (divorse ,death of loved one or break up),they tend to isolate themselves. Never mention that you are aware of their difficult time, instead be there for them asking casually their where abouts. If your friend is a bit far off from you then you can make a phone call,or text etc. Ask them if they need any help from you because usually when people are in depression they feel low and ashamed to seek even a small help from others. So be there to support your friend for the things they are ashamed of asking you.

Be a good listener:-

When you start listening to your friend speak their mind, you tend to make them feel comfortable to be open to you. Don’t make them feel tarnished by judging their talk during this critical time where he is surrounded with a gloomy atmosphere. Let them speak their positives and negatives. Show them that you are an amiable person who can understand them which is very important. If you too had been through similar kind of situation then use your past experience to grant advice. You can even ask them if they are cozy with your advice,If not then don’t get astonished as they might have a different point of view on life.

Give them personal space to deal with their emotions:

None can assure the certainity of difficult life changes like illness,death of loved one,divorse or break-up. Give them little space and time,as the saying goes that time is the best healer of pain! Difficulties tend to come n go like a wave.At some point of time your friend might be Okay with the transformations happening in their life ,yet the very next day they may feel disheartened. During these moments, don’t compulsate your friend to share all his disappointments and feelings with you. Give them some time to face and feel better on their own. Make sure that they find comfy to express their feelings to you.

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Present yourself as a support buddy:

Assure your friend that they are not alone,you are there to help n assist them. Its better to have more than one support buddy so that you entirely don’t have to take up the handling stuff! Don’t ever make your friend feel that they are any kind of burden on you. Keep your friend cherished by telling something like “you can feel free to cal or ping me at anytime you feel low, I am always there to help you out!”. This gives your friend a caring and pampering feeling which really require during their ominous period.

Remind your friend with the mundane of life:

More often people going through depression try stepping back gradually from their routine basics like eating, exercise, etc. That is why they become liable as a prey for illness and sometimes in worst cases even death! Therefore remind them about their food habits or exercise. A better way of trying this out is to take your friend on a casual walk or shopping or to coffee,thinking of this they atleast try to put some effort to present themselves look better .During this course of time, they will get a chance to divert their mind from the dark side.

Cherish their little accomplishments:

Revive their achievements in life till now and make them feel that they are not looser. Recapitulate your friend the happy times of their life and boost them with the spirit to be a strong person. Focus on bright sides of life and let them crystallize their thoughts at this, being brave rather than a coward. But take care to do this in a kind and polite manner so that your friend doesn’t feel that he/she has already lost his spirit n will power to accept things and move ahead in life.

Make your friend know that life is a two side coin:

Life is a series of ups and downs, pain and happiness are the two sides of the same coin. Let them realize that nothing is going to be permanent in life ,neither happiness nor the grief . Yet one must set their mind to deal with both the sides equally with courage and audacity. Don’t make your friend regret over their past instead console them telling that they did what they felt right at that point of time.
Lastly always try to b a support n encourage holding up your friends during their sad or bad situations . After all – A Friend in need is a friend indeed!