React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building interactive and high-performing user interfaces. The library was released in 2013 and was created by a developer working for Facebook, John Walke. Its unique features have made it one of the most in-demand frameworks as it helps to develop scalable, efficient web interfaces with clean and simple coding. The framework contains great developer tools for frontend, create components for applications, and a vast, vibrant community to support it that has seen React being used for some of the most innovative projects over the years. Established companies like Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, and many more all use React for frontend and its advantages are why many companies prefer to hire react programmers to work on their projects for high-performance and efficiency. However, to get the best you need to know how to
hire react js developers

Skills to look out for when you want to hire react programmer

  • Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript (higher order function, dependency injection, MVC and design patterns, etc.), ES6, HTML/CSS.
  • Experience in creating applications using frontend frameworks like React, Angular 2+ and Vue, and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and tools like Create React App, Redux, React Router, and Material Kit React.
  • Proficiency in writing concise and clean codes that are well structured
  • Knowledge of some development and test tools like Git, ESLint, Jest, Github, and Prettier.
  • Practical experience working with Rest APIs/GraphQL which are used to integrate apps across platforms.
  • Experience with Responsive Web Design

How to find react programmers that code like ninjas

React.js Community

One of the reasons react.js is so popular is that it has a very large community that supports the framework. The community is vibrant, vast and allows for sharing of ideas, expertise, and collaboration on projects developed with React. You can find expert coders in the React framework within this community and you can hire react.js programmers who fit into what you want for your project.


Tech events and conferences

There are a lot of tech events that are related to React for you to attend and meet the best developers. Events that relate to UI, full-stack development, web applications, React Native, JavaScript conference, or other frameworks, feature some of the best developers in the business and allow those seeking to hire react js developer to connect, engage and network for possible job opportunities. You can find expert react programmers at conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, training, and tech launches with different skill and experience levels.

Website Career page

You can make use of your official website to attract a good React developer. A professionally done career page that is well designed with concise content that explains the role, what you’re looking for, and what to expect can generate applications for you to sift through and hire the best.

Job portals

Job portals are important to recruitment so you can use them when you find react js developers for hire. People post openings on sites like Glassdoor, Monster, and ZipRecruiter with the skill level needed for anyone to apply and applications will come in for you to choose the best. You can hire React.js developers who are expert coders through job portals on the internet by posting your openings on these portals and sorting through the applications as they come to hire the best fit for your project.


Outsourcing to Offshore Software Development Company

One great option to consider is outsourcing to other companies. It is a popular choice for many companies, especially in the US as it widens the pool of expert programmers to choose from with access to expert react programmers in other countries. For instance, companies in the United States often choose software companies in Ukraine to outsource their projects with overwhelming success. Procoders is an example of such companies with expert and vastly experienced ninja coders. 

Referrals and Recommendations

You can get the best coders through referrals or recommendations from others. Members of your team or other companies who have developed projects similar to yours where they employ expert react programmers with great results can recommend developers for you. This route also guarantees that you have seen the work of the developer and what it will mean for the success of your project.