Whether you have a product in hand you want to sell or you want to boost your business using Amazon, building sales is an ongoing problem for many companies. Online sales are difficult because there is less opportunity to create a meaningful, personal relationship with your customers. To drive website sales, consider this simple checklist. It’s designed to give you ongoing ideas and tips for building your online sales.

How to Increase Online Sales: The Complete Checklist

Start with Goals and a Business Model

Before you can move towards increasing online sales, have a clear-cut strategy in mind with attainable goals to work towards. If you are selling a product directly on your website, you’ll want to know where you stand right now – how many sales you have, price points, and marketing dollars spent. The only way to know if you are increasing online sales is to have a starting point established. Then, you’ll need to work to measure the increases you see from the various steps you take throughout this process.


Define Your Customer

When creating any type of advertisement for your product, be very specific about who you are targeting. When you have a well-defined customer in mind, you can tailor your advertising language and tools to that very specific person, reaching them on a more personal level. Let’s say you want to sell backpacks. If you don’t know the approximate age, gender, and use for your most likely customer, it’s hard to tailor your ad to reach them. Are you after school kids or backpackers?

This process is called creating buyer personas, or specific groups that can use your product in various ways. Outline each of the buyer personas for your product – there should be numerous groups of people that may benefit from it.

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Create a Site That’s Attractive and Easy to Use

Your website needs to be interesting enough to capture the attention of someone visiting, but also very easy to navigate. Let’s say a customer comes to your site because they want to buy a backpack. They should instantly see items on the front page that are of interest to them. They should also see how easy it is to find the backpack options on the site.

Invest in website design. Your site is an essential investment to make (and then upgrade) over time.

  • Incorporate photos that are visually stunning.
  • Ensure your navigation is easy to follow for any product.
  • Glitches? Broken links? Fix them now.
  • Ensure it runs well and there’s no delay when someone lands on the site.
  • Ensure it is brand-building. Your site needs to communicate a message and deliver on it.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be making these decisions on your own. Instead, make sure your customer base thinks your website is functional and beautiful.

Tell People Why You’re Better

On your site and in all of your advertisements, you need to communicate why someone should buy from you. Let’s face it, with online sales it’s easy for customers to go somewhere else quickly. When they land on your page, though, you want them to see your value proposition. This is the promise of what you’re going to deliver that is better than the competition.

What is your value proposition? How well is it communicated?

Get Traffic to Your Site That’s Actually Relevant

Here’s a common problem. You have traffic, but they’re not buying. That may be due to site issues or a lack of marketing success. However, it’s most commonly because the wrong people are coming to your site.

Driving the right type of traffic is critical. To do this, consider the following:

  • Are your ads very specific and targeted towards your buyer personas?
  • Are you using the right types of media to reach them?
  • Are you providing a clear value or benefit to your customers within your marketing?
  • Are you marketing on the right sites and using the right ad methods?
  • Are you using the proper keywords, content, and promotions to drive sales to your site?

It’s not uncommon to experience problems like this, but you have to make changes. Instead of focusing just on on-site updates to get your current traffic to buy, hone your strategies to bring in the most likely buyers.

Keep the Entire Process Simple and Straightforward

Confusing anyone who arrives on your site or comes in contact with your brand reduces sales opportunities. Many times, we state too much or provide too many directions. Things get muffled in the process. The better bet here is to keep things simple. Here’s how to do that.

  • Ensure you are providing clear information in short, simple messages. Remember this – consumers fear what they don’t understand.
  • Keep phrases simple. “Contact us” works well for some sites. For others, a simple form to “request a quote now” is ideal. You don’t need long forms with dozens of spaces or complex processes to getting information.
  • Provide the information people need. When buying a product, customers need to know exactly what they are getting, the cost, and the benefit. A lack of information tanks many product listings. Keep things short in descriptions, but complete.
  • Get rid of the noise. Distractions on the site that take people from one page to the next may be built with the premise of just getting more sales. Yet, they often create too many choices, scaring away customers.
  • Make sure they know the value of buying right now. Why should they buy now? What are the benefits of this done right now? Limited quantities, time limits, and special promotions can help to drive that final decision to buy now.

What’s most important is that when someone reaches your website, they need to be able to see what you have to offer, why it is better than the next, and how to buy it. Engage with visitors through using a personalized message on the right platforms – including social media sites your customers are using.

This checklist can help you to pinpoint areas of concern or problems you’re having getting customers to buy. Increasing your online sales is more effortless when you have a clear plan like this in place.

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