The transition from traditional posters on doorposts started in the 70s and has evolved into a system enterprises use to spread the word worldwide.

As the world evolves technologically, different brands take advantage of digital content to stay competitive. Many business owners are utilizing technology to spread the word about their products and services. 

How to Select a Digital Signage Solution


So, if you are an entrepreneur, manager, or marketer, you should learn to leverage recent digital forms of advertisement to build awareness for your brand.

This article will uncover digital signage, factors to consider before investing in one, and the best digital signage solution for your business.

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage allows for the creation and management of static and interactive displays through video walls or LCD monitors. People use these displays to showcase web pages, videos, restaurant menus, advertisements, digital images, directions, infographics, etc. 


You can find digital signage in different areas, including museums, public spaces, squares, sporting arenas, retail stores, malls, and offices. You will even find them in churches, restaurants, academic areas, and outdoors.

Digital signage thrives anywhere with marketing and outdoor advertising prospects — there is no limit to where people can use them. 

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What to look for in a digital signage solution

There are specific companies that help brands and individuals find the right digital signage software vendor.

Since digital signages are popular, you can feel like hopping on the bandwagon of brands using them. However, you should consider the following factors before investing in a digital signage solution:

1. Seamless delivery of content

Glitches and dead pixels are some of the least appealing aspects of using digital signage. Luckily with years of advancements, there are solutions to these problems. 

Ensure that your digital signage solution features a digital player. With such digital signage options, you can rest assured that your content will display without hitches.

2. Easy content management

Any digital signage solution you choose should have a content management system (CMS), as it will be more accessible for you to create content. 

These systems will also allow you to manage what appears on the screen. And with WiFi technology in our hands, you can remotely control it from anywhere.

3. Customized for your business

Ensure that your digital signage software suits your content needs. When it comes to your brand and marketing, don’t settle. The content options for digital signages vary. 

So once you know the type of content you plan on sharing, ensure that it aligns with the digital signage software you choose.

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4. Simultaneous connection

Your digital signage solution should be able to connect to any location to give you complete control. The best digital signage solutions will connect to different screens in different places. This feature promotes connection and cohesiveness and guarantees you a consistent brand image worldwide.

5. Update on-demand and automatically

Sometimes, you may have to change the content displaying on your signage in an instant. Your digital signage solution should have the capacity to update content on-demand.

For example, if you run a restaurant and want to change the menu because something isn’t available, you need your signage to work instantly. 

Even if you don’t run a restaurant, if you know that your company will benefit from real-time updates, you will need tools that work on-demand. You should also get software that automatically updates the content on the signage based on variables and conditions.

6. Clear display

When opting for a specific digital signage solution, ensure that the screen resolution is high-quality. One of the core parts that can make or mar digital signage is the screen technology. 

People will see your ads on the screens, so you should choose a high-definition (HD) and LCD commercial grade screen. 

Secondly, the size should also be appropriate for its location and the kind of content you plan on displaying. 

Finally, the display should come with HDMI or VGA inputs so you can connect it to the media player for your content. 

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Where to order quality digital signage solutions

Now that you know some of the most critical factors to look out for when choosing digital signage options opt for companies with quality solutions. Trusted establishments like Telemetry TV Company have finetuned solutions to suit enterprises.

Some of the most remarkable features about their digital signage solution include:

  • Easy synchronization across all devices
  • Swift delivery of content
  • Easy content creation
  • Amazing turnkey applications
  • Programmatic API

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Whether your brand is upcoming or has been around for a while, you can get the kind of traffic you want and reach your target audience.

If you already have a marketing strategy, you should include digital signage. It’s an easy way to reach more people because they will subconsciously register the digital information those giant screens throw at them, influencing their purchasing decisions.

So with all that you now know about digital signage solutions, will your brand invest in digital signage? If you answered yes, and are looking for an excellent digital signage solution, patronize reputable companies that tick the boxes listed in this article.