With the appearance of the Internet and modern technologies, our life has changed. Forever. If before we could only read or dream about some fantastic worlds, imagining them, now, we can see it. Thanks to the coolest devices, people can dive deep into the virtual world and start raking it as a reality. 

Thus, it is called “Virtual Reality”. This phenomenon has been in trend for many years already, and it has the greatest impact on gambling.

Online casinos and Virtual Reality slots


VR and Gambling alliance

When the first gadgets for VR appeared, no one would doubt that it was a new “WOW”, the breakthrough in technologies, something that can bring true fans and…addictions. The owner of online casino Bao realized that with VR, gambling could be more attractive. Players will plunge into the game and stay there for longer. The reality of this virtual life will make them forget about the material world, and they will gamble more.

To their surprise, they understood that many players are very conservative people; they were not ready for these revolutionary changes. Virtual reality games were not in demand at the very beginning, but casinos understood that it was just the start. And they turned out to be right.

SlotsMillion: the best VR games

SlotsMillion became the first gaming website where players were positive towards VR. They started to gamble using new technologies with enthusiasm. Soon, SlotsMillion managed to become a leader among the casinos offering VR entertainment. Its popularity now is really high.


The players visit it all the time and they come here with one goal — to try finally something new and enjoy this moment. Using special glasses (OculusRift) and/or a new monitor (3D), they “get” into a real land casino. They watch a spacious hall with a bunch of gaming machines, tables to play card games and couches to rest. The hall, where players gamble is located in a building of a skyscraper, floor №79.

SlotsMillion is the place where playing in virtual reality, you get real money. Using special equipment and the controller, gamblers “communicate” with the world outside.

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VR games providers

The first company that decided to create new virtual fun for players, was CASEXE. They started cooperation with Bitcoin casino first, and it was a success. Initially, the company informed people that deal with gambling that they are about to make a new VR casino. The idea was great and promising, but it required too many specialists and new tools. Thus, later, CASEXE simply took an alternative decision. The company opened a new department that was dealing only with software for VR new casinos.

Microgaming and VR

Being the leader among the providers of gambling software, Microgaming could not stay indifferent to those revolutionary changes that started to be called VR gambling. They decided to stay the best company and soon, the best specialists invented the apps for VR and AR (augmented reality) which are supposed to work with Google Glass.

Recently, Microgaming launched the new type of a Roulette game. This VR entertainment was awarded. Now, the developer has special games that can let you go into out space, meet there a cute robot and with his help, even win prizes (they will be real).

NetEnt and VR

Recently, the representative of NetEnt said that as they are sure of the fact that sound is extremely important for the creation of VR, they are ready to get success in this field. New NetEnt VR games will have realistic 3D sound. The best slot, for now, is Jack’s 3D World, the slot, based on a famous story about the boy who climbed the “sky” using the beanstalk and met there a giant.

Lucky VR studio

If the best rivals, NetEnt and Microgaming never stop working at traditional online slots and games for live casinos, then this studio deals only with VR entertainment. They simply use classic (usual) gaming machines to change, transform them. After these transformations, new VR applications appear (Samsung Gear). They have been working on new strategies to improve the quality of VR games.

VR and gambling — the future

It is evident that the new VR fun has its benefits; many of them. Now, you can not only “see” the virtual world, but “be inside” it, dive into the stories told in games. Old slots have got the “second” life, and this life has good quality. It is fantastic! The result of the appearance of VR was foreseen: the number of active gamblers started to grow. Software developers got a new impulse to work at stunning slots. Even classic games changed a lot!

The creator of Lucky VR, Jeff Lande, is sure that VR gambling has the best future ever. He underlined that the “monsters” of VR gambling software are not going to give up, and each of them is ready to compete with others, to be called the leader in this field of online entertainment.

Nevertheless, users still cannot estimate the potential of VR games. Used mostly in iGaming, it might not make virtual gambling as popular as it is expected.


VR future

Virtual Reality is a challenge for many people, especially those, who make money on gambling. Now, it is yet early to say if it is going to develop further, or it can remain just a special fun for Virtual Reality fans. The problem of playing VR games now is simple — it is a high price for special glasses that cost about 600 dollars.

The companies that create slots realize that a rare person is ready now to pay for these glasses and they simplified everything. Now, 3D glasses work with VR slots as well. Besides, new games are constantly created, and very soon, they will be affordable for all.