When you have a fleet, finding the most effective route can save valuable time and money. It will reduce the hours of service, speed up the delivery, and reduce the number of miles you are driving. There are a few ways to plan the best route.

Planning the Most Effective Route

Fleet Management for Better Planning

Fleet management and good communication are important parts of route planning. One aspect of fleet management you might want to look into is real-time incident detection and preventive in-cab coaching. An AI dash cam can protect the driver while lowering costs. You can access video evidence in the event of an accident.


Fleet management also involves communicating with your driver, especially if there is a change of plans. Your driver is the one out there, so you might want to give them the ability to change things up if they felt it is necessary. Getting real-time data is more important than in the past. With the right communication app, your driver will get information at the right time, eliminating having to go back and forth. By letting drivers use apps to see the upcoming route, they can save time and be more efficient.

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Getting Good Data

It is hard to optimize the route if you don’t have good data to feed the system. Using road optimization software is helpful since it can factor in a range of variables to figure out the right route. Still, if it doesn’t have enough to work with, it won’t map out a great plan. Instead, try to send it as much information as possible since that will make it as efficient as possible. Then you can integrate other amazing computer tricks also to optimize for route effectiveness.


You might want to enter in the type of load, trailer, and truck. And you will want to let it know about potential fuel stops or other factors. Then the software can use its algorithms to find the most effective way. Of course, entering the right data is not the only important aspect. Try to avoid being complacent in the process. As a fleet manager, you should always be trying to find ways to improve the process. Data is an important aspect that can give you a more complete overview.


Other Ways of Improving the Route

It’s a good idea to get input from the stakeholders as well. Try to address delivery volume, windows, and get accurate addresses. And you should also keep the lines of communication open with your customers, drivers, and other managers. That way, you can finetune your software to fit the needs of the business. Even if the algorithm decides that one way is better than others, you should still spend some time considering whether it will meet your needs.

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Perhaps your stakeholders don’t agree and have some good insight into why another route might be better. If everyone agrees that it can’t be done, you will need to use another method. Instead of getting frustrated, take the time to listen to everyone and use the information to come up with a good solution to meet business needs. Everyone should feel they are being listened to.