These days there are more opportunities than ever to work from home. The gig economy is positively booming. In fact, it already was prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that companies have seen first-hand that employees really don’t need to sit in an office to get the same work done, we’re expecting to see even more offering remote working opportunities. 

The video gaming industry is one that’s seeing an explosion of opportunity in terms of remote positions. In this article, we’ll show you some of the exciting and rewarding jobs going in the industry for those that want to work at home. 

Remote Working Jobs in the Gaming Industry You Didn’t Know Existed


Why Work Remote? 

Working from home or in a strictly freelance capacity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It can be lonely, hard to stay focused, and sometimes there isn’t a great deal of security. However, there are also plenty of great reasons to want to work remotely or to be your own boss. We’ve detailed them below:

  • No travel expenses – Forget your weekly bus pass or filling the car with petrol. You can just wake up, walk to your desk, and begin work! 
  • No commutes – It’s not only expensive travelling to and from an office, it’s also time consuming. Even if you work the same hours, you’ll have more free time that isn’t spent on some mode of transport. 
  • Often a lot more efficient – In the office, you might do a bit of work, have a cup of tea, talk to a colleague, do some more work, go for lunch, etc. You’re stuck there all day no matter how much work you get done. Many remote positions will set you an amount of work to get done in a period of time and don’t care how quickly you can do it as long as it’s done well. You might find yourself clocking off early quite often! 
  • Freedom to take on and drop clients – When you work for a company, it’s usually your primary place of employment. With remote jobs, you might find yourself working for lots of different clients. This keeps working days interesting and will give you a higher probability of landing your dream position. 
  • You can work in your pants! There are no uncomfortable uniforms when you work remotely. In many cases, you could do the work wearing whatever you like. In others, you might need to wear a shirt or something smart. However, only bits of you that others can see on webcam need smartening up for positions where conference calling is important. You can still get away with your PJ bottoms! 

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What Gaming-Related Remote or Freelance Jobs/Ways to Make Money are Available Today?


If 20 years ago, you’d have said that there would be a market for just watching people play video games, most folk would have laughed at you. “No way will footage of someone playing a computer game ever be more popular than TV!” would be the likely response. 


Fast forward into the 2020s and video game streaming is huge business. Platforms like Twitch, by Amazon, have allowed gamers to livestream their sessions and even monetise it. Some of the most popular streamers in the business boast absolutely mammoth followings.  For the services that host them, this translates into massive advertising revenue. The streamers make their money through paid subscriptions and donations from their viewers, as well as direct sponsorships from games companies.

If you’re handy on games like League of Legends or Fortnite and have a likeable presenting style, you might well be able to turn a hobby into a career. However, as you probably already know, there is no shortage of competition on today’s vastly popular video games and loads of people are trying to monetise Twitch accounts.   

Online gamblers can also garner large followings as streamers. Some stream their slot gameplay, others will talk through their thought processes whilst playing in online poker tournaments. One of the best things about channels like Hypalinx and Classybeef is that the content creators often share casino promotions with their followers. These bonuses, especially free spins and no deposit, arranged by streamers are normally better than the ones you find online.

Professional Gamer

If you’re really good at video games, maybe you’ll rise through the ranks to become one of the small handful of players competing at the elite level. 

Professional eSports events have become massively popular in recent years and with the rise in popularity comes opportunity. In 2018, for example, a League of Legends tournament was watched by 60 million viewers. Whilst not as big as much more established sporting events, like the FIFA World Cup for example, eSports has only existed for a few years by comparison. 

With massive viewership’s, the organisers of big tournaments can afford to give out huge prizes. In fact, many of the most successful eSports players have made tens of millions of dollars in prizes in their short careers. A lot of them are still teenagers too! 

Although becoming a professional gamer is perhaps a bit of a pipedream, there are betting platforms that allow eSports players to register themselves in tournaments, back themselves with real money, and compete for a share of a prize pool. Entries can be free with smaller prize pools or may have a buy in. They function a lot like online poker tournaments in terms of cash distribution. Obviously, you’re playing video games instead of cards though!

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Remote Positions Designing/Promoting Games

Ok, so there isn’t such a big chance of most people landing either of our first two gaming industry related careers we’ve mentioned. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow your passion for gaming whilst still working remotely. 

There are all kinds of positions available these days in the industry itself. They include:

  • Graphic designers. 
  • Voice over artists. 
  • Script writers. 
  • Copywriters. 
  • Game bloggers.
  • Programmers. 
  • Game testers. 

Thanks to the internet and the coronavirus showing companies that you really don’t need to rely on staff actually being in the office to get the same work done, there are more positions than ever. 

The 2020 Lockdown has also been a boon for the video game companies themselves. With most of the world cooped up inside, the industry has seen rapid growth. With such expansion often comes increased hiring. If you’ve got some skill to offer to a video games company or content creator promoting games, now might be the perfect time for a career change. 

You can find all sorts of freelance and remote positions on talent marketplaces like Upwork or PeoplePerHour. We recommend those wanting to get started working remotely in the gaming industry, register an account at one of these services, create a profile, and start applying for positions in areas where they have expertise. Good luck!