Almost all small business owners(including myself) believe that the hardest part is to get a product/service into the highlight. Once it gets the limelight, things become considerably easy. Which explains why big companies don’t have to spend a lot of effort into selling their products/services.Small Business Strategies & Ideas That Work (2017)In no way, I am saying that it’s a piece of cake for giants. But still, the sales part is considerably easier.

Although, this is no excuse not to have a proper strategy for your business. As an entrepreneur, you’d agree that product promotion takes more time than product creation.

So, here are some the tips and strategies that will help you market your small business better.


1. Figure out your budget & goals

The first step of marketing is to define your end-goal and figure out a budget. I’ve worked for numerous organizations, and the first question I ask is still “What do you expect from this project/campaign ?”

Make it crystal clear whether you want to reach out to more people in your locality or you are working on creating brand awareness at cyber level.

Once you have some goals in your mind, prioritize them. Not every idea needs to be executed away. Some ideas need immediate execution, while others can be implemented after a while.


2. Survey, Analyse, Repeat

One of the best ways big companies continue to grow is by improving. Once someone buys your product/service, ask them to comment their experience. Additionally, you can offer them a discount to keep them returning.

Always make sure that you don’t ignore the feedback – regardless if it’s positive or otherwise. Feedback has two folded advantages –

You’d get to know where your business is doing great and where you need to work.

You’d get some awesome testimonials to flaunt at your new customers.

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3. Social Media presence matters

This applies to business as much as it does in blogging(or anything). Most of the companies aren’t yielding much value from their social media data. Despite creating high-quality quality, and replying to questions, comments, etc., you still might be missing a ton of information.

Due to the huge engagements of users with social media platforms, you can learn a lot about your customer’s mindset. Old customers hold the key to teaching you how to grab more new customers and provide them a better experience. Thereby, you should be very active on Social media and the data you get from there.

4. Shift to a better location

If you want to sell more books, it would only be logical to move your outlet near a college or maybe a book reading place. The whole idea is to get where your target audience hangs out.

There are many more reasons why you should move to a better space. To mention some of them –

You’d get more exposure to your target audience

You can hire employees with ease. People like working in locations that are easily accessible.

You will have better facilities such as internet, electricity, water and human resources.

For example, California New York Express Long Distance Movers who are specified in moving the business from one place to another.

Some benefits of shifting to a better location include –

  • 1. If you feel like your rents are high, consider moving to an area that has considerably low rents or gives tax incentives to businesses.
  • 2. If your business has a hard time hiring talented individuals, it might be because of the scarcity of such people in your area. Thereby, shifting to a better area will help you find the right employees for your company.

And much more.

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5. Network

If you cater to the local audience, it would be an awesome move to network with the people & businesses there. Even if you have a global audience, it is always a good step to network with people.

I mentioned local target audience first because networking at a local level can bring a considerable amount of profit.

There are several ways you can get benefitted, for example by sponsoring a local event, placing your banner in other shops or malls, asking other businesses to recommend yours and the list go on.

6. Master one Social Media Channel

Different people have different tastes. You need to find out the social media taste of your audience. If most of your customer queries come through your Facebook page, focus on Facebook paid marketing, if people are tagging you more on Instagram, focus on Instagram and so on. latest business strategies of the yearaGrow your audience base in one social media channel and then move on to another one.

I am not saying ignoring all other channels, but I am asking you to focus more on one specific one.

7. Better decisions, fuel up to work

Businesses that are successful never reach to a point where they feel satisfied with the results. Let it be Google, facebook or any business. All of them continuously work towards something new all the time.

Running a business means you’d have to take a lot of decisions. Some pretty easy, while some quite tricky. You’d have to create a system that gives value.

One area where you will have to make smart decisions is in hiring employees. They are the backbone of your company, and you need to be very smart while selecting them. If you want to scale your business from the point where you are, you’d have to make some tough choices.

8. Learning customer retention

Making new customers is an art, but retaining the old ones is an art too. Learn from your buyers and keep the old ones coming back.

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9. Keeping Records

As a business, no matter whatever industry you are in, you should keep records – of each and everything. The best businesses I’ve worked, they had this habit, or call it an obsession of noting down everything they did. Sales, expenses, investment – everything. Get a register for your business and start noting down every detail.


Growing a small business isn’t a one-night thing. It requires time, sometimes more than what you’d expect. Thereby, you need to be patient and smart.