There are more then 100 trillion amount of stars are available presently which is infinity amount,It is huge even you can’t think about it.If we consider all the¬†grains of sand on all of the Earth’s beaches which will be much lesser amount if we compare it to the amount of stars available.There are more then a 100 trillion amount of stars and more then 170 billion galaxies or maybe more then that.

scale of the universe

We humans cannot think about it as our mind is not that much huge & sharp to think about it and also we humans used only 10% of our brain till now in which 7% was used by Dr.Albert Einstein and we average human only uses our 3-4% of brain and to understand this universe we need to use our 80-90 % of our brain which is pretty impossible for a human to be happen ,if it happens somehow then that human not going to live.This universe expanding every second and we cannot assume or think about the end of the universe.All we can do right now is to predict everything.



Here is a 3 minutes video which will explain how we lying in this huge scale of universe.

Reference:Business Insider YouTube Channel