If you are starting your own business, it is imperative that you have a website to act as your online connection and representation. If you can’t be found by consumers, you will have the challenge to keep your business going.

Not just any website will do. Savvy customers can recognize a lack of quality quickly and turn their search for products and services elsewhere. A sloppy website presentation can do more damage than not having a page at all.

The Top 10 Features That Every Website Should Have


Before you launch your site, you should make a list of the important features that you need to really make an impact. Whether you create your website yourself or get advice and help from a graphic design firm, you should have these things in place before going online.

Enough Copy

Don’t be afraid to add enough content to your site. Along with your contact information, you should expand into your story to help you make a connection right away with your customers. Quality is always better than quantity so make sure that your copy is tight and using the right SEO to really make an impact.

Call To Action

Consumers search for products and services online more than any other method. Once users have found your site, it’s important to draw them into taking action. Make your call to action clear and easy to recognize.

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Excellent quality photos and videos are an important part of a website that makes an impact. Make sure to include proper meta tags and Alt Tags in all of your descriptions and photos to help you get picked up faster during an online search. Help to get your message across visually to draw interest from your potential customers.


Easy Navigation

The top reason that users leave a website is that they have trouble finding what they need. It’s important that your site runs efficiently and is easy for all users to navigate.

Testimonials & Reviews

If you are trying to build your brand trust and recognition, you should always include real testimonials and reviews on your site. New users want to see feedback from real buyers, and the reviews can help you draw in more interest in your product or service.

About Page

Never underestimate the interest that new customers have in your story. Use your about page to make an important connection with your customers.

Social Media Connection

To truly harness the selling and advertising power of online commerce your site should be optimized for sharing. Adding share buttons to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can help you reach a larger audience.

Mobile Friendly

Most online searches are conducted using smartphones and tablet devices instead of the traditional PC’s like in the past. Before you launch you need to make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

Contact Info

Your customers need to know how to reach you to make a connection. Make sure that your full contact information including your phone number, email and physical address are listed in several places on your website.

SEO Content

Quality content can help you sell your products and services. Properly SEO content can help you to get found higher up on an internet search. Using keywords and phrases that are common and related to your business can help you improve your reach.

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It’s not enough to slap together a sloppy website when you are serious about starting your own business. Quality content and a professional look can go a long way to bringing you the success that you are dreaming of.