Nothing reaches people quite like video. In fact, landing pages that feature video content increase conversions by 80 percent. While the video is not a new marketing tactic, it is still not as widely used as it could be. Video tells a story like no other–why are you not using it on your site?

Tips for Integrating Video into Your Website

Use Video to Tell Your Story

We are inundated with information all the time, from all different directions. Companies are bombarding us with information to try and get their name out there and make users choose their brand over others. Video can set you apart from your competitors, showing, not just telling, users why you’re the brand they should choose.

Most users report consuming the most content when they are on the go. Studies show that people are 33% more alert and receptive to marketing when they are out of the house? Take advantage of that with impactful video content.

Incorporating video is easy, Before you do, here are a few points to consider.

Placement is important. Where you put a video on a page makes a difference in where the user looks. Placing video near the top or the left of the page ensures a user will see it quickly.


Stay away from autoplay. Users do not like having to watch a video the second they enter a site. Make sure the play button is easy to locate and that the video loads easily when users are ready to watch it.

Choose the right still. The videos still are important. After all, it’s an invitation for users to watch your video! Make sure the video is clear and that it does not use stock images. Stay away from overuse of special effects unless it’s relevant to the brand. Select a compelling image that stands out.

Rely on background video. Choose a video with colors that match those of your site, and make sure the video that you plan to use is large.

Try user-generated content. User-generated content gives a real perspective on your products, showing customers using them and enjoying a real experience. This is a powerful branding tool that boosts engagement making your brand more relatable.

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