The science classes in high school have taught us that, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another. Energy plays a quintessential role in providing us with a wide range of facilities which are incorporated in our daily life. Without energy, you wouldn’t be able to utilize electricity in your homes or go from place to place in your vehicle.

A future without energy is a bleak one. Energy is taken for granted by people which leads to its misuse. We must enlighten ourselves about the different types of energy out there and play our cards safe which will ensure the longevity of energy for the future.

Top 10 Alternative future Energy Technology Resources


We have two different types of energy sources- Renewable and Non-Renewable. A few examples of  Non-Renewable energy sources are oil, coal, nuclear and other natural gases which exists in limited quantities and falls under the category of fossil fuels.

Renewable energy sources like Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, etc are preferred for being environmentally friendly and inexhaustible. Prolonged usage of renewable energy sources harms the planet and leads it closer to its impending doom.

Let us stand in unison and pledge to the dying planet to avoid the usage of renewable energy sources.


Harmful effects of non-renewable energy sources

We’ve mentioned two of the most harmful effects of non-conventional energy sources out of the many-

Water Pollution

Recent studies have found out that untreated wastes from industries play a major role in degenerating the quality of water.


According to statistics, The United States has approximately over 20,000 known abandoned and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and these sites can potentially contaminate the groundwater if there is a leak.

The standards set by governing bodies are not being followed, which is one of the major causes of water pollution.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is caused due to the growing number of pollutants present in the atmosphere which adversely affects the overall health of the people and the earth. We all are already familiar with the air pollution crisis in New Delhi and Beijing.

As per statistics; the pollution is so severe that living a day in those cities is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes which is very harmful to the people living there.

Air Pollution

The presence of sulfur dioxide in the air is the leading cause of acid rain. The emission of greenhouse gases also harms the earth by creating holes in the ozone layer which allows harmful UV rays to seep in.

Keeping in mind the harmful effects of non-conventional energy sources, We made the list of the Top 10 energy sources of the future to save the planet earth.

  • Space-based solar power
  • Human Power
  • Tidal Power
  • Hydrogen (fuel cells)
  • Geothermal heat from underground lava beds
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Solar windows
  • Bio-fuels (algae)
  • Wind Energy
  • Nuclear fusion

Space-Based Solar Power

This method of collecting solar power is based on the foundation of collecting solar energy in outer space and distributing it to the earth with minimal diffusal of energy.

To save such a huge amount of energy we require giant solar farms in space which will collect higher intensity uninterrupted solar radiations. These Giant mirrors will then collect these solar rays and reflects it to smaller solar collectors and transmit it to Earth in the form of a microwave or laser beam.


Human Power

Currently, we have many human-powered devices, But scientists are looking for a device that will work on human movement using less power.

The day will come when your smartphone gets charged when you’re walking to work or running to catch a bus purely on the physical work done by the body.

Human Power

There was a time where you had a hawk-eye on all the appliances running in the house and tried limiting their use. You probably tried alternative energy companies such as Josco Energy Company, it worked for a while. However, the vigilance just died. Now we all are hoping for new energy resources which can help us to save electricity.

Tidal Power

The ocean is the best place where we can get the energy that required for the world, Hundreds of companies are looking for the way to use it. This is the efficient one to meet the future demand.

The tides are made to run through specially designed turbines which generate electricity due to the potential energy of the water. This ensures an environmental way to generate electricity.

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Hydrogen can be used in engines that burn pure hydrogen with zero pollution, NASA is charging its space shuttles for years.

On our planet Hydrogen is available in combination with many elements. Russia invented an aircraft that runs on Hydrogen. This Hydrogen can be used in automobiles as fuel cells which is a safer alternative to the use of petroleum.

Geothermal Heat from Lava

This process of generating energy is based on the utilization of high-temperature steam emerging from deep underground which is due to the contact of water with lava.

This steam is subsequently passed through turbines to produce energy. In Iceland, A team pumped water down into the hole of magma and instantly water turned into vapor hitting 842 degrees Fahrenheit, which is crucial for geothermal power plants.

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Nuclear Waste

A Huge amount of Nuclear waste is expected after any Nuclear reaction. These wastes can be utilized in other nuclear reactors which can provide a large amount of electricity.

Hitachi designed a fast reactor called PRISM and is selling it to power companies. The major disadvantage associated with this reactor was its high price.

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Solar Windows

Solar power is the best amongst these energy sources which require a cheaper amount when it comes to production and installation costs. Deutschland is generating electricity from the sun which is generated from 20 Nuclear power stations which resulted in 50% of the country being powered using solar panels.

Spain is listed here which is generating more than 50% of the power that is required from a renewable solar source. California has one of the largest solar power stations that exist in the world; the USA raised its capacity further to 500% from 2010-2014.

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory invented quantum dot solar cell technology which increases the usage of solar panels; It looks like glass, which can manage the rays from both ends. Every sun-exposed window will get the potential to convert the energy.

Bio-fuels (algae)

Most of the countries witnessed a 500% growth in biofuels from 2002 to 2013, Ethanol and biodiesel turned as a major substitute for our cars. In ordered to generate an enormous amount of oils that are required for our smooth running of automobiles, a wide area is required which is not possible.

To overcome this problem, Algae’s natural oil is brought into the light, it uses 50% of the plant in converting into electricity and to grow more algae without any involvement of chemicals. Algae grow quickly which doesn’t need any farmland or freshwater.

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Flying wind farms

In this type of eco-friendly energy generation, wind energy is harnessed with the help of wind turbines.

Wind turbines utilize the kinetic energy of the wind by converting it into mechanical energy of the rotation of the blades in the turbine and then into electricity. This type of energy generation is more preferred as it eco-friendly and the energy generation is more compared to the conventional energy generation sources.

Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion revolves around the production of energy due to the joining to two or more atomic particles. The problem is that Nuclear fusion results in producing volatile materials which lead to the damage of the reactor, Government organizations are working on it to fix and spending billions for the research Because this fusion will provide limitless energy.

Lockheed Martin is the leading industry in generating a good amount of energy using their fusion reactors. It is moving ahead to meet the global energy demand by 2050.

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Dependence on Non-conventional energy sources has harmed our environment to an extreme level.

However, if we make it a practice to shift our dependency towards conventional sources of energy we can help towards the conservation of the environments for ourselves and for the future.