Struggling with a slow internet connection and don’t know what to do? We are here to help.

A fast internet connection is a must-have in this fast-paced world. If it is sluggish, that means your downloads will be slower, you won’t be able to stream properly, and your video calls would be choppy as well. 

ways to speed your internet


Luckily, it is not very hard to turn things around as you just have to follow a few simple things. These suggestions include; 

  • Disconnect Unnecessary Devices

Okay so, first thing first, disconnect all unnecessary devices including your laptops and tablets. That is because the more devices you connect, the more burden will be on the home network. 

Besides that, the bandwidth allocated to your house by your ISP is the same even when you connect 2 devices or 10. That means when there are more devices, the bandwidth is divided among all. Hence reducing the total speed that every device gets.


So, whenever you feel like your internet is slowing down, disconnect all the devices that you are not currently using. There will be a notable difference.

  • Reset Your Router

The second thing that you should do to increase your internet speed is resetting your router. Although it is not going to turn a snail into a cheetah, it will help to improve your connection.

Doing so gives your router a break and refreshes the connection with the ISP. Moreover, it disconnects all the devices, giving your network a boost.

In case you have been using the same modem and router for years, try replacing it as well. That is because the technology keeps upgrading and eventually these routers slow down.

Even though some internet connections such as from CenturyLink internet come with a good modem and router, it only works well for a limited time. If you are leasing the router, contact your ISP and ask them to replace it. Otherwise, buy a new one and connect it.

  • Prefer Ethernet over Wi-Fi

Although using Wi-Fi is great, if you work from home or play games, connect your laptop or console via Ethernet cable. The cable gets signals directly to your device instead of an over-the-air transmission. That is not just secure, it also offers a better speed compared to Wi-Fi. 

However, if you don’t have extensive usage, connect other devices such as Smart TVs via Ethernet.

  • Reposition the Router

The router uses air as a medium to transmit signals to your devices. However, these Wi-Fi signals get interrupted due to signals from microwaves and other devices in the house. Along with that, when signals have to pass through mediums such as furniture in the house and walls, their strength drops down.

Both of these slow down your internet speed, especially for the devices that are connected via Wi-Fi. That’s why it is recommended to place your router somewhere in the middle of the house or in the area where you hang out the most. This will provide strong signals to your devices, hence making the internet faster.

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  • Use Ad Blocker

Have you ever been through a situation where you tried to open a website but instead it opened a ton of ads and other pages? Mostly these ad windows are visible and can be closed. But at times, these windows get minimized and keep on working in the background.

It has also been seen that these ads also download apps in the background and run them without the user’s knowledge. When that happens, this consumes a lot of data and speed and slows down your internet connection.

Though it doesn’t happen regularly, if your work involves research and opening different websites, you would be familiar with this situation. 

Now you must be wondering how to avoid such things? Well, the answer is simple – use an ad blocker. Several browser extensions can be installed for free to avoid these pop-up ads on your screen. These apps block all ads and websites that try to open new windows and download content without the user’s authorization.

In case a free app doesn’t work for you, there are several premium versions as well that are more effective and can help you to get rid of web ads for good (unless you enjoy watching ads and pop-ups).

  • Scan for Viruses

I slow internet connection is not always caused by routers, multiple devices, or service providers, at times it can be because of the device you are using.

If the internet works fine on other devices but is slow on one specific computer, that could be because of malware. This malware usually puts a major drag on your internet speed and causes it to slow down. 

The easiest way to block malware is by having good anti-virus software that scans your system regularly. If the situation is worse and the software is not able to identify such threats, get your computer checked by a technician. He/ She will diagnose the problems and remove them for you.

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Summing Up

In case you have tried everything and there is still no improvement, then maybe the internet connection you have is not good enough. You can identify this by running regular speed tests. 

If you find that this is the case, contact your ISP immediately and let them know about the situation. If possible, upgrade your internet speed and switch to a better plan. If the speed offered via your internet plan is good, then request a technician who can come and check for broken wires or other network issues.