What Colour Of Your Pee Says About You

The colour of human excreta acts as an indicator of the disease or an element in a human body. In this article, we are going to discuss how to determine the causes of your coloured urine and make you understand how the coloured urine can be a symptom of certain health issues. Even though this is not an interesting topic but it is important for everyone to know about what the colour reveals. Each colour of the urine has its attribute and complexion. Urine plays a vital role in the body’s disposal process.

what does pee says about you

What Are The Components Of Which Urine Composed Of?

Urine is a liquid that contains the unwanted substances of the body secreted by the kidney and excreted through the urethra with the help of your urinary tract. Urines function is to remove the excess water content and contributes to getting rid of toxins.


Urine is mainly composed of 95% of water and 5% of urea, uric acid, enzymes, dead blood cells, hormones, minerals, salt, toxins and various other substances which may vary depending upon the intake of foods which you have consumed.

Normal Urine is clear and it is usually pale yellow in colour. The Urines gets its yellow colour pigment from the Urochrome. The yellow pigment occurs in the urine as a byproduct when greenish coloured liquid called bile is broken down. The broken down bile pigment is called as Urobilin.

When Colour Of Your Urine Changes

Depending upon the concentration of the Urine, the colour changes from pale yellow to dark amber. Urine characteristics help in identifying potential problems with some clues. There are three leading causes of abnormal colour change in your urine is due to

  1. Health Issues ( Due to the intake of various medicines)
  2. Depends on upon the food items that you have eaten.
  3. Depends on upon the drugs that you intake.

Understand What Does Your Pee/Urine Says About You


What Does Various Urine Colour Indicates?

When your body gets dehydrated, then the colour of your urine varies from pale yellow to darker colour. For example, Normally when a person is urinating in the morning for the first time, the colour tends to be in the darker shade. The reason is that peoples tend to sleep for hours together without consuming water so that the concentration of the urine is high. Urine will be clear only if you are drinking a lot of fluids.

Urine: Color, Odor, and Your Health

  • Pale Yellow Urine

The pale yellow colour is the ideal shade of the Urine. When a person consumes a large amount of liquid which indicates he is very well hydrated and the body is functioning properly where his/her urine resembles clear with pale yellow in colour. At the same time, it rarely causes some serious health issues when a person gets over hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids beyond the limit. A pale yellow urine indicates a very healthy urine with low odour, few bubbles and clear urine consistency.

  • Clear Urine

When person urine is clear and transparent, it indicates that the Urine is healthier. Clear urine is not necessarily good for a body because the concentration of water is high which dilutes the salts found in the body and lowers the level of real waste. Clear urine means you are over hydrated and may cause a risk of water poisoning or even diabetes.

Clear urine is one of the symptoms of diabetes where it causes frequent urination because the urine concentration level varies from the average level. This frequent urination makes the urine more clear and transparent by diluting the yellow pigment. Due to the incorrect concentration of the urine, you must make sure that you are pushing out more water than normal from your body.

An average person should intake up to 8 glasses of water per day and urinate more than 2 cups in 2 hours. If you consume water more than the limit, then it dilutes the urine and the blood. Sometimes it may cause brain swelling and leads to seizures and death.

  • Dark Yellow Urine

The dark yellow colour urine indicates that you are not drinking enough water so that your urine gets over hydrated with waste. In this case, the concentration of the urine is high and the urine gets a strong odour. If your urine resembles in the dark yellow shade even after consuming enough water, then it is due to the food you have eaten.

Some symptoms of dark yellow urine that cause illnesses are given below

  1. Haematuria (It causes dark yellow colour in the urine due to the blood in the urine).
  2. Hemolytic Anemia.
  3. Hepatitis (It is a liver inflammation caused by viral infection or some medicine or due to alcohol consumption).

If a body wants to function properly, then it requires a certain amount of the fluid, so that it is necessary for the body to hold the liquid which makes the urine adamant and concentrated. Some medicine and the dyes found in your food items may also turn your urine yellow shade. Tablets that contain Vitamin B and C Complex are quickly absorbed by the body and they are water soluble which can’t be stored in the body. So that it turns the urine yellow in colour by getting rid of them within half an hour.

  • Green Colour Urine

If you intake the medicines which contain the ingredients like propofol, indomethacin, etc. can cause your urine to resemble green in colour which is very rare. Green colour may also be due to the dyes found in the food items or due to your urinary tract infection(UTI) which is caused by bacteria’s.

  • Red Colour Urine

If you intake food items with heavy dyes which cause the Urine colour to be in Red shade. If you consume food items like beetroot or blackberries or rhubarb that will produce red colour urine. Hematuria or blood which may alternatively cause red colour urine. Consuming port wine may also cause red urine.

  • Colourless Urine

When a body excretes white or colourless urine which indicates the person is hydrated excessively. The urine may also resemble cloudy.

  • Orange Urine

If your urine resembles orange in colour which clearly indicates that you are dehydrated. If you are holding your urine for a long time in your bladder or consuming orange foods like carrot, squash or food dyes. To overcome this orange urine, you must drink more fluids and do not delay your urination.

  • Amber Urine

When your body is dehydrated severely which makes your urine more concentrated which results in amber urine. Amber urine decreases the productivity of urine. You must consult your physician instead of making yourself adequately dehydrated.

  • Brown Urine

When the concentration of the urine is very dense, it causes brown coloured urine. It causes diseases like the kidney stone, kidney tumour or blood clot.

  • Black Urine

Black urine is caused by some genetic disorder by the accumulation of homogentisic acid present in the blood. Black urine is very rare and you must consult your physician for further details.

  • Blue Urine

It is caused by the dyes found in the food items or drugs which you intake.

  • Cloudy Urine

It is caused due to the urinary tract infection or kidney problem or metabolic problem.

Pee Colour Chart

how to make yourself hydrated

Tips To Keep Your Pee/Urine Healthy & Make Your Body Hydrated 

  1. Do not try to hold your urine for such a long time because it allows for developing bacteria in the urinary bladder.
  2. You must drink plenty of fluids but should not exit your normal limit.
  3. You must avoid sugary beverages, sodas. You can consume vegetable juices, green tea to keep your urine light in colour and healthy.
  4. You must avoid the excess of smoking and drink alcohol which dehydrates your body.
  5. Avoid drinks before going to bed.