Nicotine concentrations tend to vary with the method of consumption. When it comes to vape, the nicotine concentration that you can take per puff will trickle down to the type of vaping equipment you use and the concentration of E-juice to name a few factors. You can find an online vapor store with hundreds of flavors to choose from, and then you just have to gauge the right nicotine amount to take.

Furthermore, the right concentration also depends on why you need to vape. For instance, you may want to switch to vaping from smoking or simply quit nicotine.

Here is how to pick the right concentration:

Why You Wouldn’t Want To Go Too Low

Typically, your body is already at home with a certain concentration of nicotine per session of intake. As such, if you go too low, you are likely to indulge in compensation smoking. This involves vaping some more to get the amount of nicotine that you are used to.

For instance, taking 8mg of nicotine will result in you smoking some more to cater to your nicotine withdrawal. If you are trying to switch to vaping from smoking, this situation might have you thinking that the latter doesn’t work for you – hence heading back to smoking regular cigarettes. Customizing your nicotine strength to what you need is the right solution.

Avoid Taking Too Strong Concentrations

If you typically take a light tobacco cigarette, vaping 36mg of nicotine might not sit right with you. Other than the throat hit of this high concentration being too irritating, you might also experience some light-headedness. Often, this results in most people hating vaping whereas all they need is to take the right concentration.

The right concentration shouldn’t feel alien to your body. Instead, your body should feel accustomed to it off the bat.

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Start Slow

There is no single concentration that will be ideal for everyone. Often, finding the right amount for you will require some trial and error. When starting out, start by vaping low nicotine concentrations and move higher until your body feels at home with the new concentration level.

It might be ideal to buy a nicotine journal to help with recording the different concentration levels and how they made you feel afterward. You can also record details like the time of the day and the type of vaping equipment that you were using. Ideally, the more information that you have about your vaping experiences on the different nicotine concentration levels, the easier it will be to pick the right vapor and concentration level.

What If You Want To Quit Nicotine?

It can be tough to quit nicotine with the snap of a finger due to the withdrawal effects, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. First, you will need to identify the ideal level at which you need to vape, and the above procedure can be helpful. Once you identify this level, you can slowly start to adjust your nicotine levels to the point where you will be most comfortable going without nicotine.

Lucky for you, you can even vape e-cigarettes that contain no nicotine in them. This way, you can enjoy the fun of vaping minus the effects of nicotine. However, be patient with your body as it might take some time to actually adjust to the new nicotine levels you will be exposing it to. If it seems tough to stop taking nicotine, talking to a doctor might be pivotal in achieving your vaping goals.

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In the end, what your body craves should help determine the ideal concentration of nicotine to take. Luckily, it can be easy to identify with a little trial and error. Consider the tips above to ensure that you get the right amount of nicotine into your system to avoid compensation smoking or being overwhelmed.