One of the major advantages of being a freelance writer is that the work can be done from any location in the world. Pick a city in any country, any city, plop down some roots, and get started with writing. The location that the writer chooses is always the one most conducive to the writing experience.

Academic freelance writers require a good infrastructure in Australia so that they can offer the best type of essay homework help. The comfort and freedom to locate their workplace anywhere is what makes freelance writers very effective in providing assignment help in Australia. That’s why when these writers must move across the world for their freelance writing jobs, they consider the infrastructure and location of the city where they will be staying. When the infrastructure of a country or city is weak, writers will not be very comfortable doing their job and may not deliver the utmost performance that the client needs. Since not all freelance writers work in an academic setting, these writers can travel the world and work various writing jobs on the go. Some of the cities that freelance writers consider appropriate for an open workplace are discussed in this article.

A Freelance Writer’s Life in the City

Melbourne, Australia

Ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, Melbourne offers a complete and working infrastructure covering public transportation via a wide coverage tram. So, writers can easily go around the city for writing inspiration.

London, England

While an expensive city to live in, London has proven to be all too welcoming of budding artists and writers. Through its public transport system, a person can easily live in an affordable suburb while commuting to work. For a freelance writer, that means an extensive list of places to work where artistic considerations are considered the norm. They know how to respect talent in London and writers from across genre appreciate that very much.

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New York, USA

Known as the center of business in the United States. New York earned its moniker as “The City That Never Sleeps” because it never does. Freelance writers can easily feed off the New York minute lifestyle where a collective consciousness helps people do things. Known for its publication houses, as well as places of business such as the NYSE, New York inspires writers to write about the hustle and bustle of daily life. While living in New York can be expensive, writers prefer to live there because of the artistic concentration that the city is focused on.

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 Paris, France

Life in Paris is affordable. Its architecture and history inspire writers to pen great works of fiction even as they observe people whose larger than life images help to create the perfect writing theme for a writer.

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Montreal, Canada

The cultural hub of Canada, Montreal prides itself on being less sprawled like its counterpart cities. This urban location encourages writers to have an active city life as it does not accommodate tall buildings. Being less urbanized than Toronto also means that writers can easily find a place to stay where the rent is half that in Toronto and Vancouver.

Barcelona, Spain

Another writer’s paradise that focuses on people instead of vehicular traffic. The fact that Barcelona is a walking city allows for a different kind of social activity in public places. Writers feed off the energy of the city that is always alive with food, music, fashion, and street art. Easily accessible bike lanes mean that writers can go from the city to a part whenever inspiration strikes. All these infrastructures helped to create the idea that Barcelona is a place that welcomes artists, regardless of their talent or popularity.

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While these cities exist to cater to the artist and writer in people. There are still some places that are developing their infrastructure to entice more artistic kinds into their area. For writers, the emerging cities seem to be:


Although not really focused on the arts, this country is one of the safest places to live in and it’s easy to get around the city. The cost of living is a tad too high now it is expected that the country will eventually embrace the rising author stars in the country since the whole place is highly conducive to someone on the writing profession.

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San Francisco, USA

While it needs to improve its infrastructure system and offer a more relatable area for writers and artists to work, that does not erase the fact that the city is still home to several independent writers. Hopefully, things will begin to change and improve soon so that the artistic types can continue to flourish there.

Even as these countries are promoted as places where writers can grow and flourish, that doesn’t mean that freelance writers need to pack up and move just to enjoy the benefits of good infrastructure. If writers are not facing good infrastructure in their current place of living, they still have other, cheaper alternatives to consider.

In every country, there are places known for embracing the artistic types. Freelance writers need to discover these places so that they can also benefit from it. For example, a beatnik coffee shop will easily admit a freelance writer into its crowd. The freelance writer, in exchange, can use their presence to help him develop a new perspective on urban life and how fashion influences writing styles.


Sitting at the beach, under an umbrella while getting sand kicked all over allows writers to experience the life of a beachcomber. Meaning their fiction writing will improve because they will have the experience of the California laid-back attitude for inspiration.

If writers live near a park, they can benefit from the exercise that the living near a park provides. Park benches also offer an opportunity to observe people in reference to possible character development in a freelance writer’s story. While writers may be using these points for their writing interests, this does not mean that the place they are in has a terrible infrastructure. It may just be that the infrastructure is more localized in the way that it developed its streets and other infrastructure projects.