Everyone knows about ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd also more commonly known as Ola, a Mumbai-based company that provides car aggregator services across 85 cities in India. Today, it has spread its branches across cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai and is expanding its network towards cities such as Vishakhapatnam, Jaipur, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Indore. Their aim to provide transportation services to the people in any part of the Indian nation to their doorstep by just a message through the app on their Smartphones.facts of ola cabs and how ola get success

They are associated with several commuter service providers such as taxis, auto rickshaws, sedan, mini tempo etc and provide information to the users regarding the availability of any of these commuters in their locality by collecting information from various sources. They have also introduced a feature named as TaxiForSure services to provide more cabs to the people just by viewing on a Smartphone. There are some unknown facts about the Ola Cab Company as every organisation has their secrets. The two software engineers planned to become a service provider for transportation after they realised that every traveller/passenger needs to travel comfortably without experiencing any problem with the driver. Most of the travellers pay additional and unreasonable fare charges to the drivers and they wanted to solve this problem for the country.

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Some of the hidden facts about Ola Company or Amazing facts you’ve never known about Ola Cab Company

1: Services Provided Initially

Earlier, this website was Olatrip.com and it provided packages to the tourists about weekend trips. The CEO of the company provided information to the visitors at the Common Wealth of New Delhi about the tours or packages. Then they eventually planned to provide information about transportation services to the visitors as their main aim was to provide comprehensive information to the visitors or tourists to travel in an utmost comfortable manner. So, they introduced an app on Smartphone to provide detailed information about transportation.

2: Place of Providing Services

They began providing services to the tourists in a tiny room of 10 x 12 feet in Mumbai.

3: Early-On Struggle

The CEO of the company undertook rigorous initiative by even capturing the images of the drivers so that the customers can easily avail services from cab drivers and another CEO Ankit spend his time coding for 48 hours straight. Earlier, as the driver who was provided by to the customer did not provide service to the customer, so Bhavish personally dropped the customers to their destination.

4: Owning A Cab

Although, they have provided cab services to millions of people across the country, he does not personally possess a car. He does not intend to buy a car too.

how ola cabs become so successful

5: Logo

Ola’s initial logo was like this: ~ it consists of alphabets inscribed in small letters, where Ola and cabs were inscribed in blue text. Below this slogan, they mentioned ‘book cabs and Car Rentals Online! Consisting of a yellow background.

all about ola cabs

6: Details about cabs

They have provided and stored information in their software about all the local service providers in the nation. If all the cars that are mentioned by OlaCabs are assembled in a line, then the line would extend from the peak point of Kashmir to the peak point in the south i.e. Kanyakumari.

7: Names of drivers

They have stored comprehensive information about the local drivers of the cabs, rickshaws or taxis. The viewer can also view the names that are most common such as Suresh, Rajesh, Santosh, Sanjay and Rajesh. In the Ola software, the name Rajesh is repeated 3079 times as in India, approximately 3079 drivers are named as Rajesh, Also; nearly 2661 drivers in India are named as Suresh.

8: Religious policies

They never ask the drivers about their religious or discriminate any drivers on the basis of their creed. Their religion or caste is not mentioned in any of their documents and even if any customer wants to know about the caste or religion about the drivers, they state that they do not ask them about their religion.

9: Service provided by Ola drivers

In a day, the total distance covered by all the vehicles on the Ola software is nearly 43, 40, 717 km. Even the distance covered by the Earth to complete an orbit around the moon is only 43, 40, 71 km or even less.

10: Unicorn club

This association has entered the Unicorn club in a quicker manner.

So, you have read comprehensive information all about Ola Cabs and understood the hardships that they have undergone to become a giant leader in the market.

How Ola raised their self?

The two IITians named Ankit Bhati and Bhavesh Agarwal commenced this network in a small room in Mumbai and earned about 8,600 crores today.

They established their unit in 2011, initially providing only across 102 cities in India in Mumbai.

They have mentioned detailed information about 3, 50,000 cars in India with rigorous efforts.

www.whitedust.net%2Fbusiness (1)

Every year, the revenue of this firm is astoundingly increasing. This year, they earned almost 30 times, then the last year by extending their network to other cities in India.

Even tycoons such as Ratan Tata are eager to acquire a stake in this organisation and hence the organisation is growing richer.

In 2015, they acquired TaxiForSure for $200 million and are expanding their network. They have also merged with Geotag that is known as a firm providing consultation services about trip-planning.

This organisation states that they receive almost 1 million orders in a day.

They were initially funded by two Angel investors as they understood that their concept of providing transport service to the customers was different from the other service providers.


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