Most women possess unmatched skills and yet are seen to be devoid of opportunities to come up with any of them. Presenting their skills into the world in such a way as to also develop some monetary earnings could prove to be of great help to the country’s economy as well as one’s own. On the other hand, you must be wondering how a small scale manufacturing industry can be set up all by herself. The answer to this question stands very simply. Making leather bags is a technique that is less practiced and it has huge potentials.

How Profitable is Leather Bags Manufacturing Startup For Women Entrepreneur


Big brands with international identity make them in millions using machines and equipment. Women can establish their own low-cost manufacturing unit at home and produce very high-quality leather bags competing for other big brands. Apart from other low-cost units, handmade leather products have a lot of demand today. Along with the skills, if the trade also occurs on a good platform, the business is sure to make the best profit possible. As a woman, it is very important for one to be independent financially. These are the aspects that help one achieve this very goal. Staying, up to date with the existing trend and producing goods on par with some help gain a better hold over the profit.


Profitability of Industry depends upon:-




Location matters a lot and it plays a crucial role but in this case, women prefer working at their houses and it is indeed the best place to start this up. A garage or even a space like a veranda or a roofed terrace is suitable because initially space is required for 2 – 3 machines for cutting and sewing the bags. If you want to install a printing machine for design printing then 10×10 ft of extra space is required for that.


Startup funds:

There is an initial amount of investment that needs to be pooled in at least for the sake of raw materials and minor tools that are required in the process of getting started. Hiring helping hands also adds to the money that has to be given off. An investment of about $2000 at initial level is required to set up a small scale manufacturing unit and it is a must, in the beginning, to get the best quality material in order to build the idea of a certain brand in the minds of the buyers.

Leather Bags manufacturing


For maximizing profitability:

For maximum profitability, you need to start with at least 3 machines of each category i.e sewing, cutting and designing. Initially, if you have less than 3 machines then profit is going to be very less.


Cost of making one designer bag is approximately $10- $15 and the selling price for the same is between $25 – $50. Sure shot double profit is here. Giving the brand a specific name will ensure better marketing. At the same time, one has to have the brand name and the logo designed and accepted legally.

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Profitable target customers one can think of?

Well, there are a lot of individuals who have a great love for collecting leather bags of various colors and patterns. One can wait for such people to approach by themselves or even advertise using the right source.

Other target clients can be:

  • Retail store owners who buy from you and sell at their stores
  • Bulk gifts that offices give their workers for occasions
  • As return gifts in events
  • Roadside vendors who sell at particular gatherings
  • In local stores

 Leather Bags business idea


Effective Marketing Strategy:

 Marketing is the backbone of every business if you are planning to grow big then-effective marketing is equally important. With the advent of internet marketing, you can now reach more audiences in short time as compared to traditional offline marketing strategies.


Go Big!

You should also list your products on various e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay for more product exposure and sales. At a later stage, you should think of setting up your own customized platform for expanding all around the globe.

Leather Bags startup ideas


Final Words

There are hence a lot of opportunities for women to show and develop their skills. Maintaining good quality and charging affordable prices are two things that can attract clients like sugar does to ants. There is

No such big risk setting up an industry for leather bag manufacture provided all the legal documents are checked and done with honesty.







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