The medical term ‘onychomycosis’ is also known as toenail fungus. You develop toenail fungus due to several reasons such as weak immunity, accumulation of moisture, accumulation of dirty particles for an extended period, pH levels in the skin, etc. The fungus formation in the area leads to itching, swelling or even thickening. The nails sometimes get crumbled. If you do not undergo any treatment, then it leads to splitting or even completes damage of nail.

How To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?

You can get rid of toenail fungus by following several home remedies. The toenail fungus can be treated by visiting a doctor too.

Here are some home remedies for toenail fungus

First, you can try some home remedies to treat toenail fungus.

How To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?

Baking soda

By applying baking soda to your toenails, you can eliminate the odor.

Take a half-cup of baking soda and collect it in the bowl. Then add ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and a half cup of Epsom salt and add the following solutions in a bowl consisting of hot water of 4 cups. Then, later on, you can add vinegar to the solution. Implement this solution to the affected area and retain it for 10 minutes. Later on, you can rinse the toenail area. This process should be repeated for many days.

Tree Oil

The tea tree oil should be mixed with coconut or olive oil and take a cotton bud. Soak the mixture to the cotton bud and apply it to the affected area, retain it for few minutes, brush it for some time and then rinse the area. This process should be repeated for two to three times in a day. Alternatively, you can apply orange oil rub to the affected area and repeat the process in a similar way.


You can apply white vinegar or apple cedar vinegar to the affected area. Vinegar should be mixed with water in equal proportion and applied to the affected area.


Two teaspoons full of oregano should be mixed with one teaspoonful of olive oil. This mixture should be implemented to the affected area and retained for 30 minutes. Then, your feet should be rinsed, and your toes should be dried thoroughly.


Listerine mouthwash should be applied to the affected area because it consists of several pure compounds including alcohol. Place it in a small tub and soak your feet in it for half an hour. Then rinse your feet and gently rub your toenail area.

Coconut oil

You can directly apply coconut oil to the affected area after warming it for some time. Let it get absorbed between the toenails and let it dry completely. This process should be repeated for 2 to 3 times a day.

Olive leaf extract

You can directly apply the olive leaf extract to the affected area. Apart from eliminating the fungus from the area, it also kills the other parasites in the region such as bacteria, Candida, tinea, etc.

Vicks vapor rub

Every night you can apply Vicks vapor rub to the affected area because it kills fungus rapidly.

Improving diet

Your diet should regularly consist of substances such as garlic, green tea, cayenne, ginger root, or chamomile so that you can even prevent occurrence toenail fungus.

Bleach soak

The bleach soak of 1 cup should be mixed with half cup of water and applied only to the affected area. This solution should be retained for half an hour and should be rinsed later on.


You should consume a probiotic supplement daily so that you can get rid of the fungus or any other organism present in the body. These probiotic substances are available in local store. You must not consume any substances that consist of artificial sweeteners

Essential fatty acids, silica, gelatin, biotin, Vitamin C

If you consume the following nutrients, then you can quickly combat the toenail fungus formation. Essential oils include cod liver oil, fish oil, or primrose oil.

Keep nails trimmed

You must always keep your nails trimmed because the dirty particles do not settle between the toes. The scissors that you use for trimming also should be disinfected before using.

Grapefruit seed extract

It can be applied to the affected and unpolished nails twice in a day. This extract is applied to the area because it consists of natural antimicrobial properties.

Nail fungus treatment

Do not use over counter antiseptics

Do not blindly use any antifungal creams without physician’s advice because they cannot easily penetrate into the nails.

Topical antifungal medications

You can use antifungal medications that can provide relief such as Ciclopirox, Julia that should be applied for a year continuously, or any other topical medication as prescribed by the physician.

Laser treatment

This type of therapy can eradicate the fungus in that area and also prevent the fungus formation in the future.

Non-surgical treatment

You need not take medications nor undergo a painful surgery. You must just undergo nail debridement process to remove the dead tissues from the nails.

Doctors even apply even urea ointment to the area and perform dressing. Hence, the area can be softened within a week, and the doctor can remove the portion that adheres to the band-aid.

Surgical treatment

The fungal infection is destroyed by surgical destruction method. If the infection is too severe, then you must undergo surgery. Hence, your final nail will never grow back.

Antifungal infections

You can consume antifungal medications that are available in the form of tablets.

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