Doing business requires a special pattern of thinking as you always have to move forward and focus on your goals. Not only that, but you also must be able to amaze your customers with new things, be imaginative when competing with other entrepreneurs like you, and be able to see the opportunities against all the odds. Yet, considering quite sad statistics regarding the startups’ average life expectancy, even these points might not always save your business. So, what can you do? That’s right, innovate. That doesn’t mean that you have to invent a new bicycle by any means, yet that means that you have to always be open to embracing and implementing new things in your business.

10 Innovative Ideas for Translation Startups

What’s New that There Can Be in Translation Business?

Indeed, translation is as old as the languages themselves, yet there’s always room for innovation. Again, it’s not about the bicycle kind of innovation, it’s about the relative innovation. In business, like in many other aspects of our life, everything is relevant, and innovation is no exception. By innovating in business, people often assume doing something that wasn’t done before or something that is not quite popular among your competitors, for example. As such, you can use some particular technology or use the one that’s already popular in a new way that no one has tried before. So, here are some ideas on how you can innovate that way and get on top with your translation business.


Using computer-assisted translation tools

Computers take over the world in a good way by doing the routine and monotonous things for us and letting us concentrate on our creative thinking or other important things. So, buying the whole package of different translation assisting tools, which may include machine translation, translation memory, cloud technology, and more, can largely increase the productivity of your business.

Flexible schedule

While a 9-to-5 model of the workday seems to be an everlasting classic, this is very far from the truth. Some people work better at night, while others can only work in the afternoon. Offering your translators to work whenever it’s best for them is another gem to increase your productivity to the maximum.

Remote work

Although the coronavirus pandemic has made lots of businesses apply the work-from-home model, many of them think about coming back into offices. Well, for the translation business that’s not necessary, so you don’t have to follow the general trend. Allow your employees to work where it’s the most convenient for them and their productivity will skyrocket.


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Invest in green technology

Alternative sources of electric energy are becoming more popular for a reason. Essentially, it’s a one-time investment that makes you more power-sustainable in the future. Investing in a few solar batteries today can save you thousands of dollars spent on energy bills in the future.


Get into ratings

Your potential customers can find basically any information about your business as well as contribute to it by posting their reviews. So, there’s no point in hiding, really. Just check out these legit The Word Point reviews and see why it’s so cool to be on the top ratings. It’s one of the ways to let your customers know about you and a chance to show off your coolness.

Offer your customers a complete online experience

Even if you work as an agency, enable some kind of order form or a price calculator for your customers, don’t keep them intrigued. Letting your customers know how much you charge or offering them to order services with you will significantly increase your conversion rate and keep your customers interested.


If you work in the translation business for some time, you probably know the importance of localization already. It seriously helps you to expand your audience and increase our online presence, so overlooking this idea is simply unreasonable.

Produce quality online content

Providing great services is cool enough but keeping your customers interested in another part of the story. Posting on your website or social media page some interesting or educational content regularly is a cost-effective strategy that pays off pretty well.

Diversify your services

And that concerns not only the number of languages you work with but also the subjects you work with. While not everybody might need the translations into all possible languages, people might need medical or technical translations between somewhat unconventional and exotic languages.

Adopt the platform form of the business

While being a translation agency is great and all, being a translation platform is even greater and certainly more progressive. Working as the translation platform, you’ll be able to connect the freelance translators and customers, which means greater volumes and, as a result, greater profit. The customers and your employees will do the rest.

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All the New Things are Just the Old Things Reconsidered

Indeed, it’s really hard to come up with something completely new and unseen before today. However, you can always reassess and recycle the good old things for new purposes. And if your competitors don’t do it yet, you become the innovator on the market doing something that others haven’t thought about yet. This is just a good old rule, simply be better than others and you’ll be the best there is.

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