Some marketers do not think that tools are really important in their regular work. They may think that all of their tasks can be done manually or handed over to a colleague in their marketing department. However, this approach may only work well if you have very little work to do. If you are in charge of many customers’ communication and their social media profiles then you could definitely do with some help. And there is no room for any doubt here – you need to automate some of your tasks. The same story goes for social media reporting tools. Some social media managers may ask themselves whether social media analytics software is really crucial in their everyday work? Can they live without it? Well, yes, but it is much easier with a good tool. Today, we’re going to convince you that the investment is inevitable by debunking some of the most common myths. 

4 myths about social media reporting: busted

Social media reporting tools do not save time

This is a common myth that accompanies the world of social media reporting tools. Some marketers simply do not find it useful enough to invest in it. However, if you find a well equipped social media reporting suite that also offers features connected to social media management, then you can really thank yourself. You can automate a lot of tasks with advanced and highly rated software like Napoleon Cat. Needless to say that this way you’ll have more time for the business core that you may have neglected so far. 

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Social media reporting software takes ages to get into

You need to understand social media metrics. And yes, using some new software for social media reporting can indeed be tricky, but it does not take ages for some proper onboarding to start working and analyzing like a pro. Many of those tools have a very smooth onboarding process and also some dedicated customer support team to help you out anytime you want. Another thing worth noticing is that once you are on-boarded, it is simply easier to generate some reports for your clients – and they can even look more professional than the ones you’ve prepared manually before.

Social media metrics are not advanced in tools

Do you think that social media tools are not able to provide the best set of analytics? Actually, this is wrong. Social media reporting tools can not only deliver more statistics but also help you understand them better thanks to extensive and very readable explanations. It goes without saying that your clients would more often and more willingly analyze reports that can be viewed in a very transparent and nice form, instead of getting an Excel spreadsheet that is not transparent at all. Social media reporting in tools can be more advanced and can lead you to more conclusions, while you also don’t have to use the native features of each platform – since reporting is available and accessible in the tool. 

Social media reporting tools are really expensive

This is another myth to be debunked. Some marketers think that spending another few bucks for a tool is not worth it at all. However, if you take it as an investment, not an expense, then you can recognize quickly that it pays back like crazy. It can even save you money that you would have to spend on hiring another person, filling in a new position or just reorganizing the whole team. Social media reporting tools can save a lot of working hours for your team and lead to some further savings, so investing a few dollars for a tool can be a real game-changer for your company. 

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To wrap-up

Social media reporting tools can definitely change the way you work if you use them right and if you choose the right tool for your needs. Remember to look for a tool that will also offer other features, so that you can use all of them for more effective social media management. Before you make any decision about a purchase, try them out first – the majority of social media reporting tools offer a handy free trial for you to find out whether they are a good fit. We hope that debunking some myths about social media reporting software convinced you to give them a go. Good luck!