Time in the garden can be fun, peaceful, and can also be a great way to relieve stress. If, however, your outdoor space needs an overhaul or you just fancy a bit of a change, you will be pleased to know that there are loads of things you can do to liven it up a bit. 

Adding splashes of color and an array of sounds can transform your garden into a beautiful, lively space that the whole family will enjoy spending time in. Here are 4 ways to add color and sound to your garden.

4 ways to add color and sound to your garden


The sound of nature

Sound can add a completely different dimension to your garden, so what better way to create it than naturally. Birds adore flowers, so attracting them to your garden can be fairly easy. Sunflowers, Cornflowers, and Daisies (to name but a few) not only look beautiful but are a great choice for attracting a variety of birds to your garden. 

Offering a food source is another sure-fire way to attract a wide range of birds to your garden. Bird feeders are very inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Place these around your garden, and you are likely to be greeted with the sounds of chirping birds throughout the day. 

Bees are another sound commonly associated with gardens and can be very relaxing to listen to. High pollen and nectar-producing flowers such as roses, hyacinth, and buttercups are fairly likely to achieve the desired outcome and attract lots of your little buzzing friends to come and visit.

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Water features 

The sound of water can be very peaceful and relaxing, so what better way to add sound to your garden than with a water feature. A rockery is a great place to add a waterfall style feature. The sound of gently flowing water can produce a very calming feel and can also be quite mesmerizing to watch.  


If you have a fairly large garden and want to add something that creates a focal point as well as sound, a fountain might be a good choice. Stone fountains come in many different shapes and sizes and will instantly inject your garden with sound whilst looking amazing. 

It’s a good idea to check that your chosen water feature induces the right level of water flow for your needs. The last thing you want is to get home and realize that the much-desired trickling sound you were after sounds more like a gushing tap or leaking roof!

Boundary color

If you have boundary fences surrounding your garden, these can be given a very quick and easy facelift by painting them. From light greens to bold greys, there’s a wide spectrum of colors to choose from. You can also stain them if that is your preference, but if it’s a modern, colorful feel you are after, paint is probably the best choice. Make sure you use specialist fence paint to ensure that it stands up to the elements throughout the year. Painting a fence can be fairly time-consuming, but is a great way to transform your space easily and quickly.

Planters and hanging baskets filled with an array of different flowers and plants can be fixed to boundary walls and fences at varying heights. This will not only create the illusion of space but can liven up your garden perimeter. Flowers and plants can also be added to soil borders, which will create a beautiful division between grassed and planted areas.

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Accessorize with color

Another great way to add color to your garden is by accessorizing. You probably have a seating area somewhere in your garden, which is an ideal location to infuse some color. Adding a mix of cushions and throws to outdoor sofas and chairs will not only look great but will make your furniture far more comfortable too. Outdoor beanbags and floor cushions come in a wide range of vibrant tones and are a very versatile way to add pops of color and function around the garden. 

If you have a fairly large decking area, why not add an outdoor rug? It will not only break up your space a little bit can add some much-needed vibrancy.

Lighting is another great way to accessorize a garden with color. Warm lighting will provide a peaceful and relaxing feel, whilst colored solar lighting can change the mood completely. Garden lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, so it’s worth trying out a few combinations until you find the style that is right for you.