Self-education is a never-ending process in which one strives to acquire more and more knowledge with each passing day. Most people think that once they are through with their curriculum, they are done with education. However, this is not the case since you can never stand and confidently say that you know everything. There is always something that you don’t know. This is what has prompted the need for self-education. Self-education is the knowledge which you strive to acquire outside of the classrooms or outside your normal school curriculum.

A wise man is he who strives to learn a new thing each day. These days, self-education has been made very simple and easily accessible. This is due to the availability of online classes and other DIY forums. Whether it is a new skill which you want to learn, or you would like to improve on what you already know, then self-education is the way to go. Most of the resources required for self-education are readily available and can be easily acquired. The expenses are also minimal and in some cases the short courses are offered free of charge!


Therefore, there are no more excuses for you to justify why you cannot self-educate yourself today. Moreover, if you still need more convincing, below are 5 reasons to start self-education today.

  1. It improves your knowledge base

Have you ever been with your friends and then they start talking about a topic which you knew absolutely nothing about? How did it feel? I bet it didn’t feel any good. Self-education largely helps in improving your knowledge base. You will be able to increase your general knowledge, and this will make you more interesting even to the people around you. It is advisable to have an idea of most of the general topics around such that when you meet up with new people, you can easily interact with them.

If you are in the job market or hunting for a job, some certifications acquired through self-education can largely increase your chances of getting hired. If you are already working, an added certification can increase your chances of getting a promotion at work. On the other hand, if you stop acquiring more education and skills, you stand a risk of being replaced with someone else who is ‘more qualified’ for the job. Therefore, instead of asking “who can type a paper for me?”, “who can translate all this paperwork?”, etc., just go out there, get more education for yourself and increase your knowledge base.


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  1. It is the best platform for experimentation

It is the best platform for experimentation

Have you always wanted to start a kitchen garden or a coffee shop and you had no idea of what to do? Or have you ever had an interest in preparing your own recipes or learn how to knit and you have absolutely no idea of how to do it? Self-education is the best platform for you. Through this type of education, you start small and move at your own pace. For example, if you are interested in learning a new language and you enroll in class, the teacher might be moving too fast for you. Moreover, if you miss a class, the teacher will not repeat what he or she taught in the previous class for your sake.

However, through self-education, you can download an app which will teach you the new language at your own pace and your own convenience. Self-education gives room for you to make mistakes and learn from them. It can also promote self-discipline and makes you more self-driven. It also promotes independent thinking and helps you improve your decision-making process. It is the best experimentation platform you can ever ask for!

  1. It largely helps in capacity-building

Even though self-education is mainly associated with an “out of school” environment, sometimes it might mean enrolling for some classes. For example, there are some co-curricular activities that might require your personal presence.  These include cooking classes, art classes, or even wine tasting forums. However, it is good to look at this from a positive point of view. Being in a class where all of you enjoy what you are doing will largely improve your skills in interpersonal relations. This is because you are more likely to be given assignments or projects to work on as a group.

This will enable you to build your capacity and make new friends. Through these classes, you can connect with people who are top in the business, and whenever you need their assistance, they will always be there to help you out. Outside these classes, they might be unavailable or have very high consultation fees. Therefore, it is advisable for you to take advantage of these self-education classes to increase your capacity building. It also provides you with the advantage of giving you free access to services which would otherwise be provided at a fee.

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  1. It is a treasure that can never be stolen

It is a treasure that can never be stolen

Most of those self-education classes involve practical skills. Acquiring skills is more important than acquiring wealth and other material resources. This is because materials can be stolen and destroyed. They can also be tampered with. However, acquired skills are a lifelong treasure that nobody can take it away from you. It can also not be destroyed or tampered with. This is because it is stored in your brain and it increases your thinking capacity.

Self-education largely increases your thinking capacity and gives you more confidence to speak to others about the topic in questions. It is also a good investment since the acquired skills can be passed on to your future generations. Therefore, self-education is one of the most important investments that you can ever make for yourself. You are always encouraged to take part in self-education to improve and empower yourself

5. It sharpens your entrepreneurial skills

If you want to start a kitchen garden, you can get yourself one through self-education. Once your produce is ready, the neighbors and other clients might be interested in buying from your garden. Through this, you can be able to generate more income for yourself.  From there, you can decide to deal with it on a large scale and become an excellent entrepreneur in selling agricultural produce.

Attending self-education classes sharpens your skills and improves them a great deal. It also gives your products and services a personal touch. This cannot be compared to your competitions who have never invested in sharpening their skills. It will largely increase your client base who will be referring more and more people to you. As a result, your business will grow. An added advantage of this is that you will make money by doing things which you enjoy doing.

Self-education is a goldmine, meaning that it has several advantages. It is a good way to beat loneliness and make new friends. It is the best option since it gives you the option of learning from the comfort of your home. However, self-education requires you to have a plan regarding planning your schedule and how you will cover any expenses that you might incur. It is easy to learn how to educate yourself. It doesn’t have to be a full course where you go and sit in a class setup. You just need to know what you are interested in and then you will be able to get an understanding of what you will need.