The best thing about summer is the chance to go on a long road trip. Whether it involves driving from coast to coast or going on a shorter out of town trip, everything about the summer is perfect for hitting the highway — right up until you’re in an accident.

A road trip can take a turn for the worst when you’re not really prepared for it. Summer roads may not pose too much of a danger to motorists, but you just can’t be too sure if you’re safe throughout your journey.

Accidents happen when you least expect them, so it pays to be extra cautious when you travel the roads for your summer excursions. Here are a few things to consider when it comes down to staying safe for the summer.

5 Ways to Stay Safe on Summer Roads

  1. Check your tires

The summer season can be almost unforgiving to your vehicle, especially when the heat begins to pick up and turns asphalt roads into really long frying pans. When it reaches a certain temperature point, the heat can start causing issues for your tires and your engine. That’s because high temperatures can cause tire pressures to rise. When the weather reaches extremes of up to 125 degrees, passenger vehicles are at great risk of blowing out a tire or two.

Considering such a problem, it’s always important to check your tires and make sure they are well protected from the intense heat. Start by checking your tires for any indication of wear and tear. Bubbles and cracks will certainly raise red flags, so you might want to get a professional check your tires for you.

Another option is to replace standard tires with those that can withstand extreme heat. But to avoid replacing your tires often, you might want to travel light. Overloading your vehicle can also strain your tires, thereby worsening the effects of high heat. 

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  1. Keep the sun out of your eyes

When driving under intense sunlight, especially during dawn or dusk, you will have to avoid getting blinded by the glare. Hundreds of traffic accidents have been the result of sun glare. But even though it makes for a rare cause for fatal collisions, you still have to make sure that your eyes are locked on the road. 

In order to block out sun glare, you may need to use your sun visors to keep the sun off of your face. You can also install new windscreen wipers that will keep the glass free from streaks that could block your vision.

  1. Protect your engine

The summer heat could really stress out your engine. And if you don’t want it to overheat while you’re trapped in traffic gridlock, you might want to shut down the engine. Not only will this help you save fuel, but it also prevents your engine from overheating, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

When it comes to keeping your engine constantly cool, you might want to use the right antifreeze to protect your vehicle from stalling. You might want to look for a mechanic that’s equipped with the right tools and knowledge for your car make and model.

  1. Use shade to your advantage

Leaving your car for too long under the merciless sun will certainly result in expensive repairs. If you wouldn’t want to put your car on the brink of failing, make sure to keep it cooled down by parking it wherever there is ample shade. You might want to park it near trees with heavy foliage. It’s a simple option but it’s much more practical compared to rolling down your windows and making your car vulnerable to criminals.

Other than trees, you can also opt to park your car in the garage and keep it there. So long as it’s protected from the sun, your car won’t feel like an oven as you get inside.


  1. Avoid road rage

The heat is sweltering and you’re stuck in traffic. What do people usually do in such situations? Well, the only thing you can do is to shout a series of expletives and challenge the nearest motorbike rider to a boxing match in the middle of the street. However, you would realize that getting agitated does nothing other than getting you sued by personal injury lawyers. 

You wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of an assault complaint, more so a kick to the groin. Sure enough, you might want to stay as lenient as possible during these situations. Keep your cool and don’t engage people who are struggling with the summer heat the same way you are.

If you do become a victim of road rage, make sure to get in touch with a lawyer that specializes in the area. If you are traveling in Seattle, check out for reliable lawyers that can help you process a lawsuit.

From the looks of it, summer isn’t actually a bad time to be a motorist. It can actually a season for joy rides and interstate excursions — so long as you keep safe while you’re behind the wheel.