Now Run iMessage on your Pc and Mac

Once, when I went to my friend’s house, I saw him sending messages to his friend through iMessage. As we all know that iMessage is a feature inbuilt in Apple regarding sending messages and it doesn’t run on any other device. But I saw him accessing iMessage through his PC. When I asked him how he was using it, he explained me each and everything. Today almost everyone has either an iPhone or MAC. But still one wants to access this feature using PC, then how he can access this marvelous feature. So here I am with this article that will explain to you that how you can access iMessage online through PC. iMessage is far much better than text messaging. In text messaging, if the user doesn’t have the balance on his phone then he cannot send the messages, but in iMessaging, one can easily send the message even there is no balance on the phone, provided that there is a secure internet connection.

How to access imessage through pc/mac



The main difference between an android and apple is that an Android is an open source software while Apple is not. Accessing iMessage in MAC is very easy. Only you have to click on the search glass and type iMessage, and then the app will automatically appear on the screen. Then you have to open the app and login with your Apple account if you are new to this feature, otherwise, use the apple id and password to use this feature. However, it is not so easy to access this feature on your PC. You must have an Apple product which you can connect it to your PC in order to use the option. If one doesn’t have an Apple product, then he can’t use iMessaging option. There are only two methods to access iMessage option on your PC. One is Remote access and the second one is Jailbreak Iphone technique. Out of this two Remote access is the best method used in accessing the feature.

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As I previously said that it is the best method used in accessing iMessage option into PC. In this case, the main thing that we must keep in our mind is that our MAC must be turned on in order to use this feature into PC. You must have at least one Apple devices that you can connect to. If you want to connect two different devices, then you need to have a Remote Desktop. First of all, we have to download and install the extensions on both the devices in which we have to establish the remote connection. After accepting all the policies and conditions then we have to access the code from the MAC and using that code we will connect our device to MAC. The code can be accessed by enabling the extension CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP. The browser will show you the code which you can use to connect the PC with MAC. Once connected a pop-up menu will appear on both MAC and the device screen. Through that, we can easily use the iMessage feature.


use imessage from pc/mac

The other method is jailbreak iPhone, and it is the only method that can be used if we can’t access iMessage feature using Remote access. In this method, first of all, you have to jailbreak your iPhones. It is the most important thing to be done in this method. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, then you have to download Cydia which is available in the Apple App store. In Cydia, you have to download an app called Remote message. It is not free, and it would cost you. Once downloaded the app on your iPhone you have to move to settings then Remote Message and make your account by entering the username and password. Then you have to record the IP location and sort the same IP location on your PC. A login box will appear where you have to type the same username and password which you used while creating the account on Remote Message. After entering you can access iMessaging feature.

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Jailbreaking simply means to overcome the limitations set up by Apple’s integrate web security. By jailbreaking, iPhone user can access to many features which Apple had locked off. One can easily modify the system files and Softwares.  To jailbreak your iPhone just follow these simple steps. First of all backup all the data. This can be done by clicking on settings, then cloud and finally back up now button. After this disable the passcode and enable the airplane mode. Then you download Pangu App and once it has started, connect your iPhone device to the PC and click on start button. After some time your phone will be rebooted, and the app will ask you to open it again on your iPhone device. Again it will reboot your phone, and now you will be ready to use it.

run iMessage on pc or mac system

As we all know that iMessage is only supported in Apple platform. However, to install iMessage on your PC certain steps has to be followed. There is much software through which we can download iMessage app. First is the BLUESTACKS Application. In this case, first of all, we have to download the BLUESTACK Application. Now, using Google play download iMessage App and enjoy it. The second one is the ipadian software which acts as an emulator and runs ios on windows PC. To enjoy the iMessage feature, first of all, you have to download this software. Once the software is downloaded search for iMessage app and download it. Now if you don’t have your Apple account then login by entering your username and password. Through Indian one can use iMessaging without MAC. The third one is Android emulator. In this, you have to download the Android app and then using Google play download iMessaging App. Once the app is downloaded, it will be automatically installed by the browser. After the installation is completed, you are ready to chat with your friends.

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There are many alternatives for Imessaging. But the top 10 alternatives are Whatsapp, Telegram, facebook messenger, Viber, Skype, Kik, BBM, Hangouts, Google also and group me.


Apart from jailbreaking there is only one way and that is Remote access. Remote access is the only technique used if one doesn’t want to use jail-breaking.