an expert’s guide to product packaging

Ever heard of the phrase, “The first impression is the best impression”? Product packaging is all about creating a first impression with your customers. The product package can signify how much the product means to a company. It can also convey the values and morals your company stands for. 

An intuitive handmade package; colorful package that has an amusing message or graffiti can leave a long-lasting impression on the consumer. Quite often, attractive product packaging acts as a marketing agent by itself. People tend to share what they like on social media and with friends, thus promoting your product.

A significant event to describe the importance of product packaging can be explained in the following example. A few years back, Starbucks launched an initiative and asked people to decorate coffee cups and post them on social media. And they did!

The best designs got a chance to be featured on the official Starbucks social networks and website. This small activity helped increase sales and brand promotion for Starbucks. It also laid the foundation for the underlying importance that Starbucks lacked in designing their Coffee cups.

There are a lot of prerequisites that go into product packaging. The package needs to convey the right message and leave a long-lasting impression on the customer. It should look attractive and promote word of mouth marketing strategy. 

Here are some factors you can look into product packaging if you’re publicizing a product and trying to maximize profits. 



It is essential to understand what the product is about before going ahead with the package.

For example, a delicate product might need secure packaging while a robust, sturdy item may require a hardbound cardboard box for transportation. 

For a perishable food product, the material does not have to be a hard box, but at the same time, the contents don’t spill out.

It is also essential to determine and assess the target audience that the product is aimed at. If it is a food product, it needs to be determined if this is baby food or for the general population. If the products are clothes, then it is crucial to categorize according to gender. It is vital to understand if people are buying the products online or from the store.


Designing a package is the essential step in product packaging

Designing a package is the essential step in product packaging. The product needs to be cocooned well inside the container. If the product is delicate, then additional costs of modeling it inside a layer of thermocol before packaging should be considered.

The package must envelop the product, not consuming extra space. At the same time, the box must not look bland like a cuboid or a cube inside which the product has been randomly thrown.

It is essential to try different shapes and sizes with packaging. It is also vital to explore a variety of materials that could be used in packaging. Most companies prefer high durable packaging with high-quality materials. They end up spending more on the packaging than the product, and this might lead to a loss.


The product mustn’t get damaged right from the point when it is packed to the store to the time it reaches a consumer home. It depends on the people handling the product and packaging. The product must be transported with care if it is delicate and has a higher chance of breaking. 

Company representatives can go ahead and put a disclaimer like “Delicate product: Handle with care.” The store representatives must make sure the products are not tossed and turned if there is a disclaimer sticker attached to the package.


Often, the content on the packaging has become a medium that connects the company with the consumers. Content asserts emphasis on how much the product means to that company.

Content adds value to the package as people appreciate notes on the container that is personalized based on their interests. A little gratitude shown towards the consumer can take the company a long way.

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Seventy-one percent of the people buying the product and enjoy it are likely to talk about it with their peers and friends. This form of marketing is referred to as word of mouth. The easiest way a company can maximize sales is by good customer feedback. 

The person who delivers the product can collect helpful feedback or a small survey regarding the product and its quality. This feedback can also be sent via email. This feedback helps the company rectify its mistake in product packaging if any.



Product packaging is one of the most successful business ventures if done right. It does not require bajillion of capital investment. It is essential to make the right connections with the product companies and even more vital to continue to maintain those connections. 

The owner of this business venture must be well versed with all the packaging materials and items available in markets; also be open to exploring nature-friendly recyclable products. Product packaging is a vital element that keeps the product alive. The packaging is one such facet that must not be taken lightly by any company.