10 best sports streaming sites (free & paid)

As a deep-dyed fan of sports, I share the pain of every sports-fanatic missing out on watching a live game. The reasons may be many, some very easy to say, some hard to explain.

Days when sports were streamed live on television and giant screens have now become too old. People are now finding the best possible ways to watch their favorite team play through live streaming sites on their smartphones. It gives leverage to watch sports from anywhere and anytime.


Tablets and Mobiles are now the go-to devices to stream live games; whenever, wherever you wish to.

A plethora of websites are available for streaming live matches straight from your device. These streaming sites offer you all the actions from your favorite team in action. The good news is, some of them provide these services for free (the world is filled with good people).

Before I share my picks for the best streaming sites, here is a list of benefits that these streaming sites have to offer.


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Here are a few reasons/ benefits on why streaming sites are my one-stop destination for watching live games:

  • Sports streaming for free: There are plenty of online sports streaming websites offering their services free of cost. The sole reason to offer free services is to increase their number of viewership. Therefore, it helps in getting paid advertisement tie-ups from companies that target the viewers.
  • Less number of ads: Some of the sites don’t even show ads to viewers, but not all everything you view is free, there’s an amount charged for viewing specific content. However, it is a win-win case for both, viewers receive an uninterrupted experience of their favorite game, whereas the provider gets to earn some revenue.
  • Range of sports: To catch your attention even more, these sites are not limited to streaming just one sport, but numerous. It has become more like ‘One Stop for all sport fanatics’.



With the list I’ve compiled, streaming through these sites is not a tedious job. You only have to visit one of these sites and look for the sport you wish to stream.

As they say, good things come at a cost; the free sites featured in this list make the viewing content life miserable with a plethora of screen-occupying pop-up advertisements. However, you can use pop-up ad blockers to get rid of these ads.


Here is a compiled list of ten streaming sites that were handy to me in viewing all kinds of sports:

1. WatchESPN:


Perhaps there is no need of introduction for ESPN, as it is a well-renowned name in terms of sports business.

WatchESPN, a free streaming service by ESPN, allows you to stream live as well as highlights of previous games. This internet television website and application offers HD resolution on systems of your choice.

The only drawback while viewing content on WatchESPN is its geographical availability, catering to viewers located only in the United States. But with the help of a VPN, you can easily access it and enjoy your favorite match live.



Second, on the list is; arguably one of the best free sports streaming website. Besides offering sporting experience in HD; a feature benefitting users is – play the recorded matches anytime. A highly systemized website, where every sport is categorized by type and league.

A feature to record all the matches in HD quality for offline playback in your leisure time is what left me amazed.

The streaming site also offers you a platform to be vocal about your favorite team or sport, known as ‘Discussion Forum’.

3. Hotstar:


If you belong to India or anywhere in the subcontinent region, you must be very familiar with Hotstar.

Hotstar is quite famous for broadcasting anything that is happening around the world. It offers to stream in all the resolution including full HD.

This India-based entertainment and sports site also includes a premium account, for you to enjoy live streaming content, charges being reasonable. Hotstar’s free version lets you enjoy content with a delay of 2-3 minutes.

4. Sky Sports:


Sky Sports has been a dominating player when it comes to free live streaming services for several reasons.

It offers extensive options to a sports enthusiast, starting from live streaming to providing a platform to bet on their favorite team unless you reside in a country where betting is legal.

Have something for sports-oriented video games? Then you must visit Sky Sports today. With a few games available and a plethora of rewards lined up, Sky Sports will keep every sports fan hooked to the site.

5. VIPLeague:


VIPLeague is yet another free-to-view streaming site; offering content in seven different languages. For sports lovers all across the globe, it provides an endless list of games ready to stream; anytime, anywhere.

To enjoy live games, all you need to do is download an extension or sign-up. A free account is required in the process of streaming a game.

6. Cricfree:


Cricfree, a site that is predominately dedicated to enjoying live cricket games. Irrespective of the site’s name, this streaming site also caters to the audience of other sports such as American football, boxing, tennis, motorsports, soccer, and baseball.

Cricfree automatically detects your time zone and provides with a schedule of match or league available. Since Cricfree runs embedded videos sourcing from several sites, the numbers of pop-ups ads are very high.

Another site that is restricted to a few countries but again VPN can come to your rescue.

7. StreamSports:


StreamSports offers free live streaming of different sports; categorized in leagues and nations. The ad-free feature of StreamSports makes it unique when compared with other streaming sites.

The streaming platform is easy to use and a lot less complicated than some of the other sites mentioned here. The links that are offered in this site are checked continuously, to provide a seamless experience of live games.

8. SonyLIV:


SonyLIV comes as both free and premium streaming site straight from the house of Sony Pictures Network. Offering almost all sports, SonyLiv keeps the interference simple and understandable to handover the viewer with a best-in-class experience of viewing a sport.

The streaming site offers some additional benefits but available only to the premium users.

SonyLIV adapts to device’s internet signal and changes the quality of streaming accordingly for a smoother experience.


9. Bosscast:


Bosscast is a US-based streaming site, primarily focused on sports such as baseball, basketball and American football.

The platform sports a simple yet straightforward UI, assisting you with easy switching between channels available to watch a game.

To keep the sporting community engaged, there’s a chat box on the right side of the screen for viewers to chat and view games simultaneously.


Occupying the last spot on the list is This streaming site offers seamless live streaming in multiple languages to oblige with the global audience.

Users can conveniently check the live scores, without having to stream and wait for the game to load. The feature comes in handy to viewer facing connectivity issues.

UI stays simple, allowing new users to navigate easily and head over to their preferred sport.


A question that is raised by every viewer who loves watching sports content no matter what the restriction – Why use a virtual private network (VPN) to stream a sport?

Here’s how VPN can actually help you in viewing sports content:


Free streaming sites let you watch your favorite sport for free, but often at times, you are faced with barriers. One such barrier being Geo-restriction, meaning the streaming site you wish to visit is not available in the place you are located.

Picture this – You are traveling to a different country and the sport you want to view is not available in that specific location. Now, what do you do?

Problems like these can easily be solved through VPNs. A VPN hides your current location by masking your IP address with the IP address of their server, so the IP address and location that appears to anyone is that of the VPN server, you are connected to.

In this process, the speed of the internet reduces. This is why you should use the best VPN available so that the effect on connection speed is minimal and you can watch your favorite match without any problem.

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Websites offering free sports streaming are, in some way violating copyright law. Once you access these contents, you are committing a crime and liable to be penalized by the Government of your country.

A VPN’s primary job is to make your connection 100% anonymous by encrypting your data traffic and masking your IP address with theirs. As a result, it becomes challenging to track back on you.

If you opt for VPN no-logs, the VPN server will not store any information regarding your online activity, thus making you Invisible. Therefore, VPN protects you from any legal action that could be taken against you.



In today’s world, it’s common to stream live sports online. The sites that charge a certain amount give you uninterrupted access to live streaming along with various other contents. Free streaming sites provide you with access to only live streaming of sports, along with the abundance of annoying ads.

You will get access to all the channels around the world to stream your favorite game, with no added cost. But don’t forget to activate VPN before heading over to such sites, as there is an old saying which goes like “Precaution is better than cure.”


  1. Do these sites download viruses in a computer?

Since many of these sites are redirecting you to another source site, the chances of downloading the virus are quite high. It is advisable to install a good Antivirus software before visiting such sites.

  1. How to avoid pop-up ads on these websites?

These pop-up ads can be irritating at times and sometimes ruin the excitement of the game. But can also be easily avoided. You can either download Ad-blocker application on your computer or install an ad-blocker extension on your web browser. It will automatically block any pop-up from hovering onto the screen.

  1. Will these sites work on my smartphone too?

Yes, you just need a smartphone with a stable internet connection and then you are all set to enjoy watching your favourite team play straight from your mobile screen.