Black Hole Woken Up And Start Consuming Everything

Black hole again woken up


On June 15 it was an amazing eye gleaming observations made –the rip open of the black hole releasing X–rays after 26 years long term of dormancy.
According to the Astronomers, it is identified the revitalizing of black hole as “X-ray Nova” which means a sudden increase on the luminosity believed to be coming from the constellation Cygnus. This can be due to the material falling into the black hole. Swift satellite from NASA was the first one to catch up this break open followed by the Japanese Monitor of all sky X-ray images.

As far as the space observations are monitored, the spit out of black hole is quite rare to happen ,Neil Gehrels ,Swift’s principal investigator at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre mentioned in his statement that when they see one of them flare up they monitor across the spectrum, from radio waves to gamma-rays.According to NASA V404 Cygni is the binary system to be the major cause behind this eruption. This binary system consists of a star which is a bit smaller than the sun and orbits the black hole 10 times its mass. i.e,a period of 6.5 days ,which is more sooner than that of orbiting period of mercury around the sun.
Since the star keeps revolving around the black hole , the latter tends to pull off all gases from the former and this appears as a disc of stream of gases around the black hole.Meantime when the gases are at lower temperature they posses resistance towards the pull of black hole but as the temperature increases due to increase in the density of gases, it results in bursting up of it and all the warm gases are pulled into the black hole. This swift moving in of the hot gases leads to enormous radiation of X-rays.


Again black hole waked up
The stellar duo system was believed to be active even before but only sporadically. The variations in the binary system was witnessed in 1938 and 1956 in visible region, and then in 1989 in X-ray region. The latter was observed again by the Russsia’s Mir Station and Ginga a Japanese X-ray satellite.
The investigations on this outburst are still going on around the world including Swift,Fermi,MAXI,INTEGRAL and the itallian Space Agency’s AGILE.