Do you know the importance of a website testing tool? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will explore a website testing tool which is known as Comparium. This is the latest tool that assists you in analyzing the practicality of a web app on various browsers.

Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

The real fact about website testing is that it is a daunting task. It is because you need to check your site on several platforms and browsers to make user that it offers the best user experience. However, doing it individually may waste time and more effort. The other reason is that there can be a chance of errors while performing website testing manually. Thereby, with this amazing tool, the user may stay away from all such kinds of repetitive tasks and get the work done properly.


Checking your site on various browsers may enable you to identify as well as remove the errors. Indeed, before approving any changes on the website, you have to check different combinations. Well, the good news is that Comparium is a perfect method for your website testing task. It would be great if you would like to cross-check your work quickly.


Being said that, the Comparium tool enables its users to perform a website testing with hassle-free. This tool assists you keep a day to day track of your customer’s website. Additionally, you may use this amazing tool to save both money and time to improve your business productivity site performance.

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What are the Features of Comparium?

Here are a few amazing features of this tool which is given below:

Features of Comparium


Offline Reports through Email

On top of that, when you use this tool, it will take all of the responsibility of your website testing. As a website owner, you have to put an Email id and its company website. You will get a set of screenshots via Email. Being said that, there is no need to wait long hours in front of a PC or laptop to get screenshots.

Web Application

This is another best valuable feature which offers an Avant-grade web app. With this tool, you may get rid of testing of each of the browsers individually. You just need to test your web app on a selected browser and test website compatibility and reliability within a moment. Comparium is known as a compelling tool that can save your money and time.

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Browser BackupĀ 

With this tool, the user can also perform a website testing on all platforms with ease. Apart from this, it may assist you to access all types of browser versions, and OS such as Google Chrome 75.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Safari For Windows and many more. Additionally, it enables your website testing to be performed on several Era such as Windows 10 and Mac OS.

aadvantages of Comparium

In sum, the user can implement your website testing on all different web browsers and OS according to personal choice. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a website owner and want to test your website performance with ease, then you should choose Comparium today.