If you search pin suppliers on Google you’ll find that over 90% of them require a minimum order quantity. The most popular custom lapel pins minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum Order Required: An Exclusive Guide [2019]

So what is a person who needs only 30 pieces or 20 pieces or 10 pieces supposed to do?

In this guide, we are going to explain why so many manufacturers require minimum order amounts and then we are going to tell you how to find a company that will complete your custom lapel pin no minimum order.

So let’s get started!

First, Why Do so Many Pin Manufacturers Require Orders of at Least 100 Pieces?

There are basically four factors that cause pin manufacturers to institute minimum order quantities. Those factors are:

Factor 1 – The Mold Fee

It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering 1,000 pins or just one pin, this fee can’t be avoided. Here’s why: when you place an order for a pin the manufacturer has to create a mold.

The fee for creating this mold can run from $50 to $500 depending on the company, its production management as well as your order quantity. Larger orders may require more molds.

Factor 2 – The Design Fee.

This fee covers the graphic designer who must create the artwork for the pin in a production-ready file. The designer must also find suitable Pantone colors for the pin, turn the .jpg file into an ai file and may also have to change a hand drawing into suitable pin artwork.

Typical fees for pin design are approximately $50.

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Factor 3 – The Shipping Cost.

Here again a small order does not produce cost savings. The freight fees for one pin or 100 pins are very close. You see, when a package is shipped by an express company, such as DHL, FedEx or UPS, the freight fee is charged per kilogram and the minimum weight is ½ kilogram.

shipping cost

So it doesn’t matter if your package is just 10 grams (1 pin) or 500 grams (100 pins) you are still going to be charged for the ½ kilogram weight. Typical shipping charges for pin orders are between $20 and $40.

Factor 4 – Material and Human Resources Costs.

Yes, it is true that higher quantity orders are going to require more material and more production time But lower pin orders – say 1 piece to 100 pieces – are going to require a similar amount of design and productions costs (due to mold creation).

Typical production costs for orders of 1 piece to 100 pieces are usually between $10 and $100 depending on the manufacturer.

The truth is: If you place just a 1 piece custom pin order the production costs (or factory costs) would still be around $100 or possible even more.

For that reason, most pin suppliers cannot or do not want to accept a custom lapel pins no minimum order or a small quantity order.

The reason the manufacturers require orders of at least 100 pieces is because the price for the pins (which is usually $200 or more) allows the pin maker to earn a small profit.

So to recap: the four factors we outlined above are the reason why most pin manufacturers’ unit price is very high for a small quantity order but then it drops dramatically for bigger quantity orders.

You can see the similarity in order prices between 100 piece order and a smaller order if a pin manufacturer offers an online ordering system. In the example below the price for 30 piece and 100 piece custom pins do not have a big difference even the one order has 70 less pieces.

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Most Companies Who Offer No Minimum Orders
Do NOT Make Money from them!

This is particularly true when a pin requires a complicated design. So why do some pin makers continue to accept no minimum orders?

no minimum order

The simple reason is to create a lifetime customer. In other words, they are willing to lose money on a small quantity order because they expect a greater return on the client’s future orders. These companies believe that their quality of service will entice clients to place larger orders.  When done right, this approach can lead to lots of future business.

So How Can You Find One of the Few Pin Companies That Are Willing to Accept Custom Lapel Pins
No Minimum Orders?

The simplest approach is to Google the phrase “custom lapel pins no minimum.” Doing this will produce a list of companies who can produce pins in small quantities. OK, so once you have the list of companies accepting custom lapel pins no minimum orders how do you find the right one for you?

How do you determine who can best produce quality pins at a fair price? Who can deliver on time? And who has good customer service? Here are five tips for identifying high-quality pin suppliers.

Tip 1: Look for Third Party Reviews

It is hard to trust a company if you haven’t worked with them before so to get a better idea about a company you should turn to those who have experience with the company.

Find third-party review sites online and read the reviews. One popular site is real review. Here you can find out whether a company offers fair prices, whether its pin quality is good and whether it cares about customers – and you will learn all of this from people who have actually used the company in the past.

Conclusion: Read as many third-party reviews as possible! If you find a company that has many good third-party reviews then that is a good sign that you can trust that company.

Tip 2: Look for Companies With Online Ordering Systems

Why is this important? Because an online ordering system will save you tons of time! First, an online ordering system is basically like a DIY system. It allows you to order custom lapel pins in just a few minutes – there‘s no need to wait on a quotation from a sales representative.

When working directly with a sales representative you may spend hours communicating and bargaining over a small order quantity. Then you will have to send documents and sign a contract. It can be too much for a small order.

If a company has an online ordering system on the other hand with just a few clicks you can upload your design, pay and finish your order. It is much more convenient.

Conclusion: An online ordering system can save you time … and time is money. So in order to save both time and money be sure to look for a pin manufacturer that has an online system.

Tip 3: Look for Companies That Don’t Charge a Mold Fee

We know from our discussion earlier that a mold fee is one of the most important basic costs of pin production – and that it can’t be avoided. So how can you find a company that does not charge a mold fee and a setup fee?  

Some companies add these fees to the basic unit price this results in a lowering of the mold fee cost compared to those who charge a separate mold fee.

Conclusion: Work with a pin supplier who does not charge a separate mold fee. You could save at least $50 on the cost of a small quantity order.

Tip 4: Look for Companies That Do Not Charge a Design Fee

Unless you are a graphic designer, or have a friend who is, designing a pin can be difficult – and expensive. If you lack design skills, you are going to have to find a freelance graphic designer or company to help you.

That help could cost $50 or more. Plus, there will be significant time involved as you search for a qualified freelancer on upwork.com or 99design.com.

Conclusion: If you do not have a graphic designer, look for a pin company that offers a free graphic design service. This will save you time and money!


Tip 5: Look for Pin Companies With Delivery Time Guarantees

If you are getting pins for a special event, you don’t want to receive the pins after the event is over. That’s why it is important to find a pin company that offers a fast delivery time.

Conclusion: Finding a company that offers fast guaranteed delivery times will put your mind at ease and will allow you to ensure you have your pins when you need them.

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