One of the best investments that business can make today is cloud storage. Besides disasters and unfortunate accidents, enterprises share a reasonable concern and a healthy fear of hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, theft, boycott, and more. Companies that work with sensitive data need even more protection for their files and their customers’ personal information.

Five best cloud storage solutions for businesses

We have many more modern cloud storage solutions that should pique your interest due to their features and the security they provide. Let us look today at five best cloud solutions for businesses and discuss in detail their functions, strengths, weaknesses, and safety highlights – because cybersecurity means everything in our times.

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1. iDrive Cloud Storage and Backup Service

One of the main reasons iDrive stands a few steps ahead its competitors is the fact that it allows unlimited devices’ backup with one single subscription (external drives, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

iDrive Cloud Storage and Backup Service

We recommend you to consult at least one professional iDrive cloud storage review to learn more about its main features, backup-related strengths, storage allotment, and versatile business solutions. By doing so, you will discover it comes with attractive pricing plans and sync capabilities able to sustain any business, large or small.

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iDrive Security Highlights and Storage Benefits

If you took note of iDrive’s storage capacities and the best pricing plans for companies, it is time to look at the safety and security it provides in case something serious happens.

  • iDrive took all the necessary steps to offer clients the cybersecurity they need: it comes with the 256-bit AES encryption protocol, allowing you to keep your decryption key, so the company could never access your account or be able to reset your password;
  • iDrive will enable you to disconnect synced devices remotely, in case someone steals your devices;
  • Regarding servers, iDrive keeps them in the United States, in hardened data centers;
  • It supports external drive backup;
  • It comes with desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux; it is one of the few such services offering support for all three operating systems;
  • It comes with smartphone apps for both Android and iOS that you can use not only for security but phone data backups as well;
  • One of the few – if not the single one – services capable to backup Facebook and Instagram accounts;
  • Besides being a disaster-recovery tool, iDrive offers storage and sharing functions comparable to Google Drive or Dropbox: device synchronization and file-sharing are easy and intuitive. You can access your backup and synchronize files from the desktop client, mobile app, and web UI.
  • You can also use the Office 365 feature for backing up Microsoft content.

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iDrive Security Weaknesses and Storage Disadvantages

One of the main drawbacks of iDrive regarding security is the lack of a two-factor authentication protocol, a feature present in many competitors’ services.

As you already know from the reviews you read, it comes with a 500 GB limit for the premium business plan.

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iDrive will save businesses a lot of money on cloud and storage solutions, being able to deliver on its promises for perfect synchronization across devices, 24/7 customer service (that works), above-standard cybersecurity, and flexible pricing plans. While it is not the cloud service for everyone, it is a cloud service that pleases most businesses worldwide.

2. MEGA Cloud Service

MEGA’s reputation is that of a trailblazer. Taking everything good in other established cloud and backup services and adding its cybersecurity features to the mix, MEGA promises to shine in the safety department. Reviewers also praise the 8 TB of storage space and 16 TB monthly bandwidth in the premium plan, versatility, accessibility, and innovative safety measures.

MEGA Cloud Service

We will talk, however, about novelty in the security department, as the service is impressive in this regard.

MEGA Security Highlights and Storage Benefits

The interface of MEGA is 100% web-based, offering you a drive space to manage your files and data. It also comes with a desktop client Windows, Linux, and Mac, together with standalone applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Let us take a look at the highlights that make MEGA a go-to choice for businesses using sensitive data:

  • MEGA uses TLS 1.2 for web connections;
  • Comes with the AES-256 encryption in CBC mode;
  • Features the innovative “privacy by design” concept – the security comes from the design itself;
  • Allows users to create and keep their encryption keys;
  • Encrypts passwords and files when in rest and transit;
  • The users can recover uploaded files from everywhere;
  • Third-party attacks seem almost impossible since only MEGA can decrypt the TLS keys created by the users using JavaScript;
  • MEGA employs server-side cross-user file deduplication protocols;
  • Random generated 128-AES encryption allows the files stored to receive encryption on the client’s side;
  • File sharing can take one of three ways, the most secure being the link+key sharing option – as long as you are certain nobody accesses the email containing the link and the key.

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MEGA rose controversy because it relies on JavaScript for its security protocols – experts express concern regarding JavaScript’s cryptographic functionality and its dependence on web browsers in most cases. Moreover, MEGA showed little transparency related to its deduplication policies concerning file-level deduplication. Furthermore, the cloud service does not offer compatibility with personal password management systems.



MEGA is a robust cloud storage service dedicated to companies that want as much protection as they can get to safeguard sensitive data. Some small businesses may find it uncomfortable, but it does show significant benefits for those working under HIPPA or PCI.

3. Sync.Com

Offering good pricing plans, speed, and security, has soon become a crowd’s favorite regarding reliable cloud storage services. champions zero-knowledge encryption concepts, revered synchronization and sharing capabilities, and some of the most strong privacy laws in the world via its Canadian base.


The most expensive business pro plan of Sync is cheaper than other similar pricing packages, while it offers 10 TB of storage per user – something that you will not get with other services. Take note that it comes with three different business plans.

Sync.Com Security Highlights and Storage Benefits

When it comes to, the main highlight is the zero-knowledge architecture – a feature allowing the user to create encryptions that nobody can break or access. Private encryption – the foundation enabling you to store the data in full safety – comes with one drawback: if you lose your password, it disappears forever. Other than that, Sync.Com is a complete cloud service and an almost impenetrable fort for your sensitive information:

  • Sync allows you to upload files of up to 40 GB to its data centers; you can access your files via a downloadable desktop client, web browser or mobile device;
  • It offers sync content across multiple devices;
  • It comes with enhanced security solutions translated into its versioning capabilities: you can perform rollback file changes in case of accidents caused by disk errors, hacking-induced corruptions, and even malware;
  • The standard storing time of old files is 30 days, but you can modify the deadlines if you want;
  • The Pro subscription dedicated to businesses also allows you to backup any data to the cloud without syncing it to your hard drive; moreover, it permits selective syncing for some particular files;
  • Sync is HIPPA compliant, making it one of the best (licensed and certified) cloud services dedicated to all companies managing critical health data;
  • If a third party steals your computers, Sync allows you to remotely wipe any synced content on the device and cut it off from your Sync account, without cleaning the entire hard drive, of course;

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Sync.Com Security Weaknesses and Storage Disadvantages

You will find little – if none – storage disadvantages with Sync, but you may feel it overreacted in the security department. Because of the total lockdown it offers, you are not able to stream media or preview images in the web GUI. It also lacks the application integrations of its competitors – all in the name of security.

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If you want a reasonably safe cloud service, Sync may not be your best options. What it lacks in productivity and collaboration it makes up in security. If you value the data more than anything, and privacy is your primary goal, then Sync will wrap you into an impenetrable cloud of protection.

4. Egnyte Connect Business Service

Egnyte won the hearts of cloud service analysts because of what it brings to the table for small businesses: decent pricing plans, ease of use, reasonable security, speed, and comfort. It emphasizes both work productivity and data safety.

Egnyte Connect Business Service

Since we are talking about small businesses, the Business version comes with a $10 a month for 1TB of storage plan. It may seem average or quite small, but it offers an excellent library of third-party productivity app integrations and a healthy approach to security.

Egnyte Security Highlights and Storage Benefits

Let us see why Egnyte is a crowd pleaser when it comes to small businesses and individual users:

  • Upload, store and access files using a desktop client (Windows and Mac only), browser tool and mobile apps (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone);
  • It uses the computer-based sync folder popularized by Dropbox and a separate cloud drive (Egnyte Drive), allowing you to access your data without actually storing it on your computer (a procedure popularized by OneDrive for instance);
  • Excellent ease of use and accessibility for both computer use and web-based cloud services;
  • It offers four different ways to share the data with teams and collaborators;
  • Sharing means link generation – you can create password protect links, set link expiry dates, restrict downloads and set notifications to alert you whenever someone uses the link;
  • It emphasizes intellectual property, and confidential documents – Egnyte offers a report to audit link creation so that you can keep track of shared content;
  • It uses block-level transfers in its sync algorithms, leading to Egnyte to outperform the EFSS field (with some exceptions like Dropbox);
  • Egnyte relies on AES-256 encryption protocols, TLS, end-to-end encryption, hardened data centers, frequent password reset requests and integration with SSO;
  • In comparison to other cloud services, Egnyte also employs two-factor authentication;
  • In case someone loses a device or a third party steals your devices, Egnyte allows you to cut off the sync with that device or user.

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Egnyte Security Weaknesses and Storage Disadvantages

One of the leading security issues you should pay attention to is your company’s vulnerability to email or social media hacking. Sharing files (links and keys) online is never safe if you do not employ elaborate security measures. 

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Egnyte will meet and even exceed your expectations as an entrepreneur. Remember that you might need to upgrade to more complex cloud services as your business grows over time.

5. Tresorit Cloud Service

We have to begin by saying that Tresorit may be too expensive for the small or average business wanting capable cloud services. Other than that, Tresorit is a reputable storage provider that takes security very seriously.

Tresorit Cloud Service

Tresorit Security Highlights and Storage Benefits

This Switzerland-based service is one of the most secure cloud storage solutions available for large companies dealing with sensitive data. Let us find out why!

  • It uses the zero-knowledge encryption architecture, allowing only you and the ones you share data with ever to read those files;
  • It offers computer sync clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux, together with mobile apps for Android and iOS, and a matching web interface;
  • It comes with its network drive – Tresorit Drive, backed up by selective sync features;
  • It offers an Outlook add-on to provide more security to your email attachments;
  • Sharing relies on links and permission grants to others; you can protect the links with passwords, expiry dates and download limits;
  • Tresorit uses AES-256 and two-factor authentication, to protect you from third-party attacks and brute-force password cracking;
  • You can rely on hardened TLS to protect your data in transit;
  • The data centers of Tresorit are in the Netherlands and Ireland, countries with strong data protection laws; the centers run on Microsoft Azure.

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Tresorit Security Weaknesses and Storage Disadvantages

The Tresorit Business package offers you 1 TB of storage space for a maximum of 99 users and quite a high price – a disadvantage if you compare costs with other cloud services. You can save about $70 a year for the 2TB subscription if you pay in advance, but the prices are still high. Regarding security, it is tight enough to prevent you from streaming media and benefit from apps and integrations.

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Tresorit is an excellent option for large companies wanting as much security as they can get.

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Final Thoughts

In this day and age, you can enjoy plenty of cloud service solutions that bring the best of all worlds: affordability, storage space, flexibility, and safety. However, if you work with sensitive data and you know cyber security is mandatory, make sure you pick the cloud service that offers you the best protection you and your clients need and deserve.