Interested in working from home? Want to leverage your English writing skills to earn extra income? While most know the fact that “Money cannot buy happiness”, no one will willingly let go of the chance to earn some extra income. So why not use your writing skills to earn extra income?

With the extra income as a freelance writer, you will be able to achieve other goals that you may have set for yourself, such as traveling to a new location, paying off your debt or even just saving more money for a rainy day.

Can freelance writing be the extra source of income you have been looking for?

As a freelance writer, you will work on a self-employed basis. While some work for only one publication, most freelance writers work for many different publications. Some freelancers decide that doing everything on their own takes way too much time and thus choose to work for a well-known research paper writing service such as research paper writing service.

With the rise in the importance of Digital Marketing, Internet has taken over as the best medium of making money. You can start your own dropshipping website or even just a blog and earn thousands of dollars with your affiliate marketing program. Similarly there are a ton of businesses worldwide that are looking for web content writers who can cook up a great article, a search engine optimization (SEO) content, or just technical documents. Technology is at the core of almost everything and as a result content has become tantamount to gold. As more and more businesses realize the importance of incorporating a digital aspect to their overall marketing strategy, the need and job prospects for freelance writer is definitely going to rise.

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Our first thought with every kind of job is, “How much will I earn?” So first of all, let us analyze the average pay that you can earn as a freelance writer. You will find that most pay freelance writers on the basis of what is written, i.e. on the word count and not on an hourly basis. Whether you spend two hours or twenty hours to finish a 1000 word article, you will be paid on the basis of the quality of your work and the total word count of your article.

how much a freelancer writer get paid

If you look at the average pay across all freelance writers, you will find that that the mean average pay that freelance writers earn is approximately $0.30 per word. This means that if you write a 1000 word article, you will earn about $300 for the article. This might sound lucrative and it is so. However, there is a huge discrepancy between what the top writers and the normal average writers.

There are freelance writers who earn much higher than the average freelance writers pay as well as freelance writers who earn nothing for their content. When analyzed further, you will find that approximately 72% of writers actually earn less than the average mean pay. This is why freelance writing is top-heavy, meaning the best content writers actually earn much higher than the average freelance writer. Upon detailed analysis of how the pay varies, we have found that the top 10% of freelance writers actually earn more than four times the average freelance writers, while the bottom 50% of freelance writers earn less than one-eighth of the top writers, i.e. half of the average mean pay.

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The company or publication that you are writing for also plays a huge role in determining how much you get paid as a freelance writer. Most publications that have a print, as well as an online presence, have been proved to be one of the highest paying freelance jobs. This is the reason why you will need to research and consider which publication to apply for as a freelance writer. Also, there are a ton of businesses, especially companies that are employing digital marketers, that are looking writers for articles, whether it be for link building purposes or others. So, this might be an area that you want to explore more for paying writing jobs.

If you are starting out as a fresher freelance writer, note that some well-known publications pay in exposure rather than your normal cash. So, while hard cold cash might get you an item in your Amazon wish list, exposure builds your own brand which is a worthwhile long term investment. Additionally, freelance writing is the perfect place to learn more about the industry that you are in. Simply with the process of writing, you will be exposed to new businesses, trends, updates and more due to the constant research and analysis that you do for your content. You will be able to broaden your perspective and skills in the subject that you are writing about.

how much big publisher pay to fresh freelancer writer

The best part of freelance writing as an extra source of income is the flexibility that you, as a freelance writer, can enjoy. You are your own master and you choose what time as well as how many hours you will work in a week. You have much more flexibility and freedom to choose who you write for, so If food is your passion, then you can choose to focus only on writing about cuisines

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To grow as a writer, you will need to persevere through obscurity. As the number of your published writing grows, so will your portfolio and as a result, editors will be more likely to hire you and publish your writings. Starting out as a freelance writer will be hard, however, once you establish yourself; freelance writing will be lucrative. So is freelance writing the extra source of income you have been looking for?