Do any parents want their child to be subjected to endure harassment and public humiliation by the form of digital abuse? I don’t think so!

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As a father of three kids myself, I have the urge to protect my children from the dark tentacles of the cyberworld. That’s why I’ve decided to talk all about mSpy reviews in a way to protect other parents from their rebellious unassumed activities.

mspy reviews


mSpy app is the best cell phone monitoring device that lets you uncover shady activities of your offsprings, employees, and your spouse. Read more to find out about this ethical spying app and how to learn mSpy login details. 

What is mSpy? How Does it Work And Why Do People Call it As Myspy?

mSpy is a robust monitoring website that can give you immense technical access to your target’s phone. It is a professional app that can spy mobiles for the benefit of parents and employees.

Note that apart from them, it can be used by anyone. People like to call it myspy because of its incredible ability to access the target phone. Isn’t it cool to hijack someone’s phone and knowing about their contacts, texts, location, and social media accounts information in an ethical way?



Why do you need the mSpy app? How is it Going To Help You?

mSpy app is unique and excels in providing many features. This is the best in the market if you are a parent who is concerned about your kid getting associated with the wrong crowd.  

If you’re worried about your kids doing illicit online activities at ungodly hours, then it’s time for you to take matters into your own hands. After installing it on your phone, it runs in the background and becomes complex to be detected by common eyes. 

Now, you can monitor your underage kid’s, wife and employee’s activity with no worries.

It is loaded with brand new features and fully laden with useful tracking capabilities. It runs perfectly well on both Android and iOS platforms. As a user myself, I feel it is a legitimate lifesaver app that helps me to keep an eye on my children’s discreet rendezvous.

But it does present itself with one bad thing, and that is the risk of losing your loved one’s faith and trust. 

7 Best Features mSpy Has as of 2020? Is it really worth?

mSpy app is a simple mobile monitoring software in 2011, but along with the rapid development of smartphones and other modern smart devices, the versions have been extended to tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows PCs, and Apple Macs.

So, depending on your version of the device, you need to buy different mSpyonline software. Now, let’s explore some of the features that is one of the most powerful in the market-

mspy spy phone app


1. App Blocking

No one like’s their employees to waste away their time flirting casually on the company’s phone. mSpy app allows you to steer clear of these activities, blocking undesirable apps on target devices.

Apps like Tinder are certainly not for your children to explore! Hence, mSpy helps in adding protective layers of security by pausing or deleting the apps that have been installed.

mspy phone tracker app


2. Website Blocking

There are a number of reasons for websites to receive blocking, like some displaying provoking and explicit content that your kids may not be supposed to watch. Controlling the access of websites is one of the great features of mSpy.

How does it help?

I guess no parent wants their children to browse entertainment websites when they should have been playing or doing their homework diligently. 

Another notable thing is that you can specifically target the vile adult websites completely and even prevent them from connecting to the internet altogether.

mspy complete review


3. Call Blocking

Monitoring your child’s and employee’s calls is the best way to keep them away from the wrong crowd of friends, trolls, stalkers, and serial killers. You’ll get an elaborate list of contacts, including log details. 

mspy phone spy app


By this feature, you can also restrict incoming calls that can harass or threaten the future of your children and employees from working without distraction.

4. Keylogger

Exclusively from mSpy, one of the crucial features is a keylogger. It helps you to track whatever is typed on the device, be it emails, text messages, logins, URLs, and much more.

Unfortunately, this setting is only available on android devices as a massive part of parental control; the Apple device has to wait to get this feature for now.

5. Monitoring Wi-Fi Points

Most people have become so familiar with their phones that they have started to store sensitive information such as bank details, passwords, and login details. 

With the monitoring feature, you can spot a Wi-Fi connection the target makes from public hotspots. mSpy helps you with providing a list of every connection made and the access to curb the access to such remote hotspot connections.

mspy reviews

6. Monitoring Messenger Apps And Social Media

Did you know that mSpy is the only software that can monitor both Tinder and snapchat? Yes, it keeps track of all social media apps, especially text messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber. Skype, Line, iMessage, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter.


7. Geofencing

You can set up specific restricted areas with Google maps. As soon as your target’s device enters one of those restricted areas, you’ll immediately get an alert creating a safe web for your children not to enter forbidden zones.

How Can You Monitor Other People’s phone With The Help of mSpy? Do You Need To Have The Opposite Person’s Concern To Do it?

mSpy helps your family from impending dangers with its wide access to security features that can keep you safe from cybercrimes. After the completion of your purchase, you will get an email from mSpy with mandatory details and installation of mSpy.

Go through the mail and thoroughly follow the instructions where you can access the portal and be given a link to download mSpy on the target’s mobile device. Now, use the link and complete the procedure of installing the app. 

As a next step, use the link and install the app on the target individual’s device. Fill in the log in detail on the mSpy control panel from any device. You can now successfully monitor their-


✅ Call history

✅ Images and Videos 

✅ Text messages and iMessage monitoring

✅ Emails and keystrokes

✅ GPS locations

✅ Browser history with bookmarks


These are the features that come along with the basic version. The premium version includes the most advanced monitoring access, like social media apps and messengers app monitoring.

The mSpy basic pack is available for one-month and costs $29.99. If you’re incredulous about the software, you can try the basic package to test whether it delivers what it says. 

We recommend it will be a much better offer for you if you choose the one-year package, which will only be $16.67 per month overall.

Now, does it cause a problem if you’re detected?

Yes, mSpy is an undetectable app, but keep in mind that it’s completely not untrackable. It will erase the launch icon and operate in incognito mode, and the phone’s user would never know it’s there. 

If you’re detected from your loved ones that you have been spying on them, of course, you will lose their good faith and trust, which cost you your precious relationship with children and spouse. 

How Many Numbers of People You Can Spy Using mSpy? Will They Come to Know if You’re Spying on Them?

mSpy has over 1 million paid users where disconcertingly, it’s hard to deal with the fact that not only the government can spy on our phones, but now it’s our spouses as well as an employer too.

You can monitor only one person per subscription, but however, you can monitor person A’s phone for a short period and another phone B for a while.


Can You Directly Login on The Internet And Use mSpy or You Must Install It To Access?

You cannot directly login on the internet and use mSpy through the web. You must choose the subscription plan, proceed with the purchase and then access the control panel with a password and login details.

Then you have to type in the download link and proceed with the installation process. Also the device you are going to monitor or the owner of the device must agree to be monitored.


From Where Can You Download mSpy? Is it Paid or Free?

Downloading the app is pretty simple, get started by visiting the mSpy official site, visit in your browser and log in with your account information. With the assistance of Wizard’s guide, the steps are simplified. 

After logging in, the website will redirect you to the mSpy Setup Wizard page. Now, as the mSpy login is complete, choose the device you want to install the software and make sure to follow the instructions to finish the installation entirely.

mSpy is paid, not for free. Let’s take a look at the pricing chart- 

mSpy has to categories where one is Basic and the other ismSpy premium. So the basic package has all the normal features like GPRS tracking, monitoring call logs, but the premium package includes advanced monitoring of social media apps too.

The package starts from $29.99 a month. Three-months plan costs $59.99, and the annual subscription package is just $99.99. 

As you have gone through the mspy reviews, you might be wondering to go with the premium package. The basic package may not satisfy you for long. The premium package is $69.99 per month and an annual subscription.

Three months subscription is just $119.99. Alright, so now you’re not even satisfied with the premium package, you can go for the family kit which amazingly lets you monitor 3 members. For 6 months- $359.97 and 12 months – $479.97.

I recommend you to choose the long-term plans to save money and experience the best of benefits from mSpy.

Best Ways To Use mSpy in 2020

People are skeptical about the unique reporting feature that mSpy has, of course, you have to be because installing a spying software can damage your relationship just like that.

  • To Monitor Kids

As a concerned parent, you might have noticed that your daughter is very secretive and private lately. She starts to lie to you about her night outs continually and maybe sleeps late at night.

Now that is a matter of concern to you, and mSpy can be the best way to help you monitor the activities she is constantly lying about.


  • To Monitor Employees

Some employees can be out of the company’s ethics by using the company’s phone to flirt with their partners or use it for personal entertainment illicitly. As an employer, you feel compelled to address the issue but don’t know-how. 

mSpy allows you to block certain calls and specific websites that can be made virtually inaccessible. Hence, installing mSpy software for your company can save you a lot of efficiency and resources in the future.

mspy reviews

  • To Monitor Your Spouse

Your wife/husband is acting weird lately by continuously being on the phone and receiving lots of text messages. You love them a lot but feel suspicious about their activities. It’s the right time to monitor their whereabouts and phone history to see what they’re actually up to.


mspy reviews

Apart from these, you can monitor them for-

  • Talking with people they shouldn’t be behind your back.
  • Lying about where they are.
  • Visiting pornographic websites.
  • Apps that they shouldn’t have downloaded.

How does it help in phone tracking? Is it really worth spying someone’s else mobile phone?

Does mSPY warranty it’s the price tag? The simple answer is YES!

Not only do you get access to a wide range of security features that will help keep your family safe from cybercrimes, or your employees working; you also have access to additional features that I personally didn’t think was possible.

Want to know more? Keep reading to go through the various features of mSpy and you can decide for yourself whether mSpy warranties its price tag.

mspy reviews 

Track Calls

With mSpy installed, you can monitor all call records from the mSpy dashboard. Details such as the calling number, call duration as well as timestamps of the call. This means that you can now monitor whether your child is spending the whole night on-call, as well as if there are any unscrupulous person who keeps harassing your child.

Block Calls

With the track call feature, additionally, you can block unwanted calls. Whether it is a friend of your employee who keeps calling and prevents your employee from working effectively, or if it’s an unwanted person who keeps calling and harassing your child, with mSpy Block Call feature, you can restrict incoming calls from certain numbers keeping your child safe or your employee working effectively.

Track Messages

Apart from the voice calls, with mSpy, you can also track text messages. You can view detailed info on the message content, information on the sender as well as a date and time stamps via the mSpy dashboard.

Track Messaging Apps

In the age where most of our interaction as via messaging apps instead of text messages, no tracking software can claim to be the best without being able to access these messaging apps. With mSpy, you can now monitor all chats (incoming and outgoing), monitor calls and their details (time, date and duration of the call), monitor media (shared or downloaded) and view contact information. mSpy works with WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, and Instagram.

GPS Location

This feature allows you to locate your target mobile phone at all times. So, if you tend to misplace your phone a lot, this feature makes mSpy a must-have tool. For parents, this feature allows you to know the real-time location of your child at all times. You can further check their movement history with detailed information such as coordinates, time, and address with great accuracy.

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With mSpy, you can now mark an unlimited number of safe/forbidden zones. This creates a safe boundary for your child when they go to and forth from school, while when your child enters zones marked as forbidden, you get a notification informing you immediately. You can further view the full history of the target phones’ movement.

Single and multiple device installations

With mSpy’s one subscription you are allowed to monitor only one device at a time. Nevertheless, you can change the monitored device as many times as possible. For example, you can monitor Phone X for a few days, then monitor Phone Y for a few more days.

However, if you want to monitor two devices at the same time, then you’ll need to get two subscriptions. If you want to keep track of more than two devices at a time, you can consider getting the Family Kit Offer.

Control Apps & Programs

There are a ton of different applications that are available online. While there is a wide variety of different applications that are helpful, there is an equally huge variety of applications that are not helpful; especially for your young child. With mSpy, you can view the full list of all applications that are downloaded and installed on your target phone. Furthermore, you can restrict the usage of certain apps with the BlockApp button.

View Multimedia Files

Mobile phones have made it so much easier to take and share pictures or videos. However, this has a tremendous amount of potential for misuse. So with mSpy, you can actually view all photos/videos taken from the target phone as well as all downloaded multimedia files. Additionally, you can avail detailed information such as time and date stamps for each multimedia file. This prevents problems such as sexting or cyberbullying.

Monitor Internet Activity

With mSpy installed on your child’s mobile phone; you can now monitor all internet activity from the target device. You can view browsing history along with detailed time stamps, check all bookmarks, as well as track all Wi-Fi that the target device has accessed. You can further filter online content, block access to various sites and even set time constraints for each website.

Read incoming/outgoing emails

You can now view all incoming and outgoing emails from your target phone with mSpy. This means that your child can be safe from all different types of internet lurkers that are present at this time and age. You can further view detailed pieces of information such as date and time for every inbound or outbound email as well as track the recipient information.

mspy reviews

Access Contacts & Calendar

With mSpy installed, you can now view detailed information on the contact list saved on the target phone as well as all plans saved on their calendar. In this way, you can now supervise all your child’s activities planned on their calendar along with detailed information on meeting details.

Remote Control

mSpy further allows you to have remote control over your target phone. This means that you can lock your child’s phone in case it is stolen, find the current location of the device and even unlock in from your mSpy panel. You can also view the current battery status, the current network operator as well as see which Wi-Fi the device is currently connected to. You can further export all these above-mentioned information into a CSV or XLS files.

Can monitor Tinder activity

Tinder is one of the dating apps which is fast-growing. Supervising a monitored device’s Tinder profile would protect them from offensive individuals.

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Support for Apple and Android tablet devices

Tablet devices have gained massive acceptance. Added to mobile phones, tablets can also be easily monitored.

No Jailbreak version of the software is available for iOS mobiles and tablets: Your iOS devices need not be jailbroken to avail mSpy services.


Keylogger is a very special feature that mSpy boasts. Keylogger stands for Keystroke logger, which is a covert tool that records every keystroke entered through the target device. This means that every touch, click, download and conversation are recorded. mSpys’ KeyLogger feature can guarantee the ultimate safety of your child.


The great feature of mSpy is that if the monitored device is damaged or mSpy is uninstalled, the master device is instantly notified. The master device will get this information in the dashboard regarding unforeseen changes in the monitored device.

Money back

In case you face technical issues with the software, which cannot be resolved by mSpy Customer Support Center, you might be eligible for a full refund per the Refund Policy. A refund will not be issued after 14 days have passed since the purchase date.

In the case of mSpy desktop and mSpy for mobile devices, no refund can be issued to a user as refunds are completely beyond mSpy control.

So there you have it, a detailed look at the various features of mSpy.

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Now, does it Really Work Accurately or Just a Waste of Money?

mSpy has been created specifically, keeping the needs and concerns of its customers. This software is for concerned parents to protect their children from impending online danger. 

Employers can successfully monitor their employee’s activities so that they won’t be able to waste away from the organization’s resources. Of course, the monitoring is done with their complete knowledge and consent. So yes, it does work and provides your money’s worth.

What are the Compatible Phones and Devices with specifications?

Well, the real-life meaning of compatibility is the existence of two things without any conflict. The same principle is applied in the field of technology which describes the existence of the software with the devices that we are using today. It simply means that once installed on the device; the problem should not arise in our path regarding its installation or any other thing.

MSPY is compatible with almost all the latest devices. But there are some requirements which you have to check, and these conditions are based according to the operating system of the respective devices. Let’s have a look:


  1. The operating system version should be 6-8.4 and 9-9.1.

2. Physical access to the device is required regarding the installation of MSPY. Physical access means direct access to the remote setups through Internet protocols.

3. The device must be connected to the Internet.

4. The device must be jailbroken. However, if it is not there then also you can install MSPY

mspy mobile tracker


  1. Android version must be 4+ below which the software would not work.

2. The device must be connected to the Internet.

3. Physical access to the device is required to install MSPY

4. Social media apps need rooting the targeted device.

mspy phone tracker


The PC must be Windows 7 *32, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10.


The device must be MAC OS 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan.


Is it Safe To Use? What if You Spy a Person Who Doesn’t Know You Much And You Get Caught? 

mSpy is the perfect tool to monitor your family and employees and entirely safe to use. But the real question is, what if you get caught spying someone you’re not supposed to? What will happen? Let’s find out.


1. mSpy claims to be wholly undetectable, but the truth is, it’s found to be visible in the download list. The visibility of the download means the owner of the phone can click the URL and go to the mSpy website and he/she can even remove it from the device too.

2. It can also be found and deleted if the target person uses third-party software. All it takes is for the user to notice an unrecognized program being installed, and one tap makes it gone.

3. mSpy couldn’t hide the SuperSU icon, which appears after you have rooted it. If the owner taps it to remove mSpy can be uninstalled.


Now, about the getting caught scenario- mSpy comes with the surveillance disclaimer before you install it; therefore you must install it at your own risk of losing connections if you get caught somehow. 

My Spy (mSpy) is designed for monitoring your children, employees, or others on a smartphone or mobile device that you own or have proper consent to monitor. You are required to notify users of the device that they are being monitored


Does mspy works without the ios jailbreak? Or it’s just a myth?

Jailbreak and Root access

Jailbreaking is a process on iOS devices. Jailbreaking allows root access meaning the users can install applications not part of the official app store.

Rooting is a process by which users of the Android operating system can gain control of the Android subsystem. This is necessary procedure users want to gain access and control to the non-default apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

Though the software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the restrictions are there which you have to overcome to make it accessible to your device. In iOS devices, the software does not work until it is jailbroken. But how to go without it? Below are the points that will make you install this monitoring software without being jailbroken.

  • After selecting the appropriate package go for signing into your account with the creation of a unique username and password.
  • After the step is over, go to settings and enable iCloud for the categories you want to track in.
  • Once you have enabled iCloud on your devices, go by logging into your account via the control panel and select the devices you want to monitor. Type your Apple Id and Password and then clicking on the finish button the software will be installed without jailbreaking your iOS device.

mspy reviews

A Complete Guide On How To Use mSpy

mSpy provides the complete record of the tracking activities from both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Buy mSpy subscription package as per your requirement, whether monthly, yearly, basic or the premium ones. Fill the billing information and confirm your payment. You will then receive a welcome email to access your mSpy control panel.
  2. From the available link in the email, download and install mSpy on your child’s device by following the step by step guide mentioned in the email.
  3. If you need any technical or functional assistance, you can contact the customer support anytime.
  4. Now, enter mSpy login details and start tracking text messages browsing history, call logs, social media activities, GPS location and other things from the target device.
  5. It can be installed on any device like a computer/ laptop, smartphones. It doesn’t matter if it’s Windows or iOS. It can also track social accounts like Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and tons of other networking platforms too.

What Do People Think About mSpy? According To Internet Research and People Reviews

Wouldn’t you like to know what people think about this life-saving software? Here are some of the mSpy reviews-

mspy spy phone app

mspy phone tracker

By installing mSpy on your kid’s phone, you can see precisely what mischievous activities they are up to and who they’re talking to on social media on their smartphones. You can also track their phone’s location. 

Apart from the security features, mSpy also lets you find your missing phone if you left it somewhere.

How much does mSPY Cost? Is it really costly or affordable?

Well, mSpy is categorized into main packages which are Basic and mSpy Premium. The basic package includes almost all the features which you can use on a daily basis from call logs to GPRS tracking. But in mSpy premium, you can use the more advanced features to keep your family safe.

If you are looking for the cheapest package then it starts from $29.99 per month. For 3 months you can use this in just $59.99. Now you must be thinking of a yearly plan cost – Well you can have it in Just $99.99 only.

The basic package might not contain the features you are looking for, but the premium package which costs around $69.99 per month and for the full year you need to pay $199.99 which will surely full-fill all your desires. The mSpy premium for 3 months will cost you around $119.99 only.

Even if you are not satisfied with the premium package, you can go with the family kit which allows you to monitor three devices at a time. But the minimum duration is for 6 months which will cost you around $359.97 and for the 12 months, it is $479.97.

I must say go for the long-term plan to save your money.

After Payment Process of mSpy

After the payment is processed, here are a few things follow:

  • The user will receive a confirmation email.
  • The user then receives a welcome email from mSpy. The email will include the link to your Control Panel and your login credentials.
  • The link will take you to your Control Panel.
  • The Control Panel would have detailed instructions on how to go about installing mSpy to a new device.

What are the Payment modes to get mspy immediately?

Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard Bank/Wire transfer American Express
Diners Club JCB PayPal
Vendor to Vendor Purchase Order
Carte Bleue 支付宝 (Alipay) Giropay
iDEAL WebMoney Cash at 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/ACE
Boleto Bancario CashU Ukash
Dankort Chinese Debit Card Qiwi Wallet
eCheck/ACH UnionPay Konbini
Check Fax

How’s there customer support for the mspy app? Do they really care about their customers?

mSpy comes with excellent customer support. Response from the customer support team is very fast and respectful. There are so many ways to contact the customer support team, Like – email, Phone, and Live Chat.

You can also read the FAQ’s which are available on their official website. I must say few of the manufacturer provides live chat support to its customer and this mobile tracker is one of them. The operators are always available to answer your queries every time you visit the website.

To Sum Up

The functional features of mSpy for both iPhone and Android are exceptionally high. The interface is perfect for tracking and controlling every smartphone’s activities efficiently. The software is being used by many reputed companies to keep their employees on the check.

But the outcome is simple; once you have installed this app on your phone, you cannot hide from the activities as you won’t get any privacy, which might be a little uncomfortable at times. Overall it is a recommended monitoring app.

What’s Our Suggestion?

mSpy is designed for monitoring your children, wife, employees or others on a phone that you own or have permission to monitor. So as long as you stick to the rules, you won’t get sued for it. Go for the long term plan to save money and use it legally.


1. Should I root the Android phone before installing mSpy?

No, rooting your Android phone is not required. You’re good to go as soon as you download the app do a mspy login. However, rooting is necessary if you want to monitor their social media accounts like  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Is it legal?

Mspy is a professional legal app if you want to monitor your children and employees activities. But if you use it to snoop on others’ phones whom you do not have permission to access, then it is considered illegal.

3. Do I need a physical connection to the phone to install mSpy?

Yes, you do need manual access to install the app. Downloading the installer file is necessary to monitor the other’s phone.

4. Can mspy be detected?

Mspy claims to be invisible software and advertise as 100% undetectable. But the truth is it is only partially invisible and can be detected if you squint at your phone.

5. Can mSpy be installed remotely?

Yes, mSpy can be installed remotely without any jailbreak issues while getting less monitoring features. If the device is not jailbroken, then you need to jailbreak it before mSpy installation.


Have you already used Mspy? If yes, do let us know your experience in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Please note that we’re not encouraging anyone to track someone’s else mobile phone without their permission. This is just a review article about mspy software for those who are interested in purchasing it. We’re not responsible for anything if bad happens.