I don’t mean to brag; I am just sharing my secret of gaining pounds every day even after following all kinds of diets! That is, I have the “amazing” capability of finishing my fourteen-days food in four hours and forty minutes. What to do, I just can’t resist!

gm diet



But if you are not a whale, like me who just looks like a human, then this article is going to be a magic wand for you to be a perfect fit on your swimsuit within a single week.

So, why late? Let’s look into GM Diet Plan!



What is The Gm Diet Plan? Is it Helpful or Just a Scam?

General motors diet, better known as gm diet, is a world-wide popular seven-day diet plan for weight-loss that promises you to shed fifteen pounds off your physique within one week.

As per the urban myths, an organization named General Motors invented the GM diet plan with the collaboration of the FDA and Agriculture department of the USA and the researchers of Johns Hopkins Research Laboratory for the workers of the company in the year 1985. The organization focused on helping its employees to lose their weight and stay fit.

gm diet plan


Here you will be asked to select some particular foods from a specific category of food. Gm diet contains low-calorie foodstuffs like vegetables and fruits. Each day of those seven-day diet plans for weight loss instructs the individual different foods and rules.

What are you thinking about now? Is GM diet helpful or not? Let me guide you!

GM diet is not a hoax. Gm diet chart includes fruits and vegetables mainly. So, a person who is following a GM diet takes in fewer calories than he/she burns out every day. Henceforth, losing bodyweight is an obvious consequence here.

Nevertheless, the guidelines of this whimsy diet chart are neither sustainable nor realistic. You will lose weight within seven days, but those lost pounds will never fail to find your body right after you start intaking a casual diet.

Moreover, the gm diet has several negative side effects. So, it’s conducive in keeping the promise of losing weight within a week. Still, numerous nutritionists discourage their clients from embracing the gm diet.

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Why Should One Follow a GM Diet Plan? Is The Diet Suitable for People With Various Kinds of Body Fat?

GM diet is the most natural solution for the people who look for a quick fix. The assurance of losing weight within seven days without running gallons of sweat sounds striking to everyone. Doesn’t it? 

7 day diet plan for weight loss


That’s why it has been a universal food fad that people want to follow.

In addition to this, GM ensures the following facilities.

  • It excludes toxins and impurities out of the physique.
  • It improves the individual’s digestive system.
  • The body gains a superior skill to burn fats.

Is a GM diet suitable for people with various kinds of body fat?

When you are following the gm diet plan, you should not follow it uninterruptedly. As per the opinions of health experts, the gm diet might disrupt the immunity system of your body as well as making your bones and muscles weaker.

Moreover, your gm diet plan can create a hostile impact on your metabolism. Following the diet for more than one week might cause nutritional imbalance. Above all, this diet is going to impede your regular workout sessions.


What are The Things Recommended in a Seven Days GM Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Gm diet chart focuses on those foodstuffs that contain low calories like vegetables and fruits. Along with drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water, you have to consume those foods in the seven days of your gm diet week. So, let’s start! 

7 day diet plan for weight loss


1st Day: Let fruits be fruitful!

Breakfast- 1 bowl full of any fruit among apple, kiwi, watermelon and pomegranate.

Lunch- 1 bowl of muskmelon or papaya.

Evening tiffin-1 glass coconut water.

Dinner- intake an orange or guava. If you want, then you can replace it with a bowl full of berries.

Supper- A decent amount of grapes or watermelon.

2nd Day: Vegetables

Breakfast- Get yourself one large-sized potato. You can either eat it raw or boil it. If you hate potatoes, then you may rely upon a bowl of green pea or corn kernels for your breakfast.

Lunch- sufficient amount of cabbage soup

Evening snack- 2 or 3 medium ripe tomatoes.

Dinner- 1 bowl of broccoli

Supper- 1 medium-sized cucumber or carrot.

3rd Day: Vegetables and Fruits

Breakfast- 1 bowl of a fruit you like among apple, watermelon and pineapple.

Lunch- sufficient amount of cabbage soup

Evening snack- 2 or 3 medium ripe tomatoes.

Dinner- 1 bowl of broccoli

Super- 1 medium-sized cucumber or carrot.

4th Day: Milk and Bananas

Breakfast- 2 large-sized bananas and one glass skimmed milk (seven hundred fifty ml)

Lunch- As same as the breakfast, two ample sized bananas and one glass skimmed milk

Evening tiffin- 1 bowl of cabbage soup

Dinner- Two large-sized bananas and one glass skimmed milk

Supper- Nothing. ( I am sorry!)

5th Day: Beat it with Meat

Breakfast- 3 cherry tomatoes of medium size

Lunch- 250 gm meat of any animal and one large-sized tomato. Vegetarians can replace the Meat with cottage cheese and tofu.

Evening snack- Nothing

Dinner- a large cup of tomato soup

Supper- Nothing

6th day: it’s the Day for Meat, again!

Breakfast- 1 bowl cucumber or brussels sprout

Lunch- intake any kind of Meat (250 gm). Vegetarians should go for the alternatives that I have suggested already!

Evening tiffin- Nothing

Dinner- 1 bowl of cabbage soup

Supper- Nothing

7th Day: Vegetables with Fruit juice

Breakfast- one medium-sized watermelon

Lunch- brown rice, cottage cheese, one glass fruit juice

Evening snack- Nothing

Dinner- Brown rice, mixed vegetable and later, 1 or 2 glasses of seasonal fruit juice

Supper- Nothing

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Is it Safe to Follow a GM Diet or Not? Benefits and Disadvantages of GM Diet Plan.

gm diet chart


First of all, let me clarify that the GM diet keeps its promise. If you strictly follow the gm diet plan, you will surely lose 6.8 kg body weight within a single week. But it has some severe side effects.

Firstly, you will gain the lost bodyweight right when you start eating typical food. Therefore, it’s not a permanent method of losing weight. Then, you can not continue your regular workout routines.

Here I am explaining the pros and cons of a gm diet plan.


  • This diet chart pays all attention to fruits and vegetables. This is the key to weight loss.
  • GM diet chart allows you to intake low-calorie foods only. So, your body faces a deficiency of calories. It leads you to lose weight.
  • GM diet instructs the followers to intake 10 to 12 glasses water every day. This amount of water is hugely beneficial for the human body, but, usually, we ignore it. Thanks to the GM diet plan, it is helping us to intake the essential water every day.
  • This -day diet plan for weight loss program strictly prohibits all kinds of junk foods. It is highly helpful to our body and skin.
  • Scientists have revealed that the people who intake more fruit and vegetables, stay healthy and slim. Moreover, they carry their beautiful soul under a glowing skin. GM diet gifts us a glowing complexion that way, no?


  • There’s no scientific research that supports this diet plan. It is the most significant drawback of the general motor’s diet. Gm diet chart can show only some anecdotal proofs, but no research backs up its claim.
  • GM diet plan doesn’t contain a well-balanced composition of nutrients. The followers might remain hungry after intaking his/her meal. This diet hugely ignores protein.
  • It is the major fault of this diet chart. Studies have cleared that protein reduces hunger and plays an active role in losing weight. So, ignoring protein has been a disadvantage to the followers of GM diet plan.
  • GM diet plan makes you lose weight, but it is temporary. The weight you lose by following the GM diet chart is water weight. When the glycogen storage of your body is depleted, you will start losing weight.

But this kind of weight dropping is temporary. You will start gaining weight again right when you will get back to your regular diet.


A Complete Guide on GM Diet Before You Go Ahead With it?

Don’t be afraid. Following a GM diet plan is not a tough egg to crack. All you need is to maintain a few dos and don’ts. Here is the complete guideline for you that you should know before you go ahead with your GM diet chart.

gm diet plan


  • You should follow the diet chart strictly. Stay loyal to the diet chart when you have decided to be with it. No extra-marital affair with cheese-burst pizza or chocolate ice cream should be entertained.
  • Your next seven days are going to be all about fruits, vegetables, soups, skimmed milk and boiled Meat. Prepare your mind from now on.
  • Don’t forget to intake 10-12 glasses of water every day.
  • You can consume green tea and black coffee during the GM diet regime.
  • If you have an intention to add some sauces or pickles to make your diet tasty, then I am sorry to break your heart, my friend, no pickle, sauce or condiment are allowed to be included on your GM diet chart.
  • Avoid sugar.
  • You should pressure cook or steam your foodstuffs to cook. 
  • If you want, you can replace the brown rice of your gm diet chart with quinoa.
  • Don’t go for processed and packaged foods. But fresh foodstuffs from a local store.
  • Add vinegar or lemon juice to your foods to make these tasty.

Should you go on a GM diet or not? What do we think?

gm diet


Numerous people want to lose weight without putting the required effort. They accept GM diet as an ultimate solution. GM diet is indeed the easiest and fastest way to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the thing that demands no effort from you can’t be a long-lasting and beneficial one! Moreover, there is no possible way to accomplish a permanent weight-loss within just one week.

Although GM diet plans encourage dieters to consume low-calorie foods like vegetables and fruits while restricting sugar, the diet plan carries flaws far outweigh any efficacious profit.

Shortage of beneficial nutrients is one of the most considerable drawbacks of this diet strategy. It can’t result in a permanent weight loss. Therefore, we suggest you incorporate a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and nutritious diet to get better health and long-lasting weight loss instead of the yo-yo dieting that will lead you to a temporary result only.

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What do people think about GM diet plans? According to experts, internet research, and people’s review.

gm diet plan


gm diet


Last but not Least

You will find out the flip side of every coin. GM diet is not an exception. It shows you a fast-fixing way to look slimmer but doesn’t inspire you to be inhabited with healthy eating and proper exercise for experiencing a long-lasting change.

GM diet can cause serious side effects on your health as well. Therefore, building a consistent habit of intake of nutritious foodstuffs, healthy cooking styles, well-balanced eating, proper sleeping, and regular exercise will be a more sensible approach towards succeeding a long-lasting weight loss regime.


1. Is GM diet harmful?

GM diet doesn’t include sufficient protein, Vitamin B12, iron and calcium. Such a low-calorie diet can cause muscle loss. It may slow down your metabolism rate. So, it will be very tough for your next weight-loss regime.

GM diet can result in mood swing and irritability.

2. Why is it called GM diet?

The company that discovered GM diet first was General Motors by name. This organization named this diet as per its name. GM is an abbreviation of General Motors.

3. Can I eat egg in a GM diet?

No. GM diet doesn’t allow enough consumption of protein like egg, mushroom and red lentil. You should not eat eggs when you are following a GM diet.

4. Does the 7 day GM diet work?

Yes. This 7-day diet plan for weight loss is significant to kick-start the weight loss regime for those who are in search of a quick fix.

5. Will GM diet reduce weight?

Yes. GM diet can reduce 10 to 17 pounds weight within 1 week. But you have to follow the diet chart properly.

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below !!