As you decide to relocate, the first thing that flashes in your mind is hiring a moving company. When you bring the experts into the process, you get relieved from the stress and nervousness knowing that there is a reliable party taking care of your moving needs. However, hiring movers does not come for free. You need to pay a cost for the professional services and to be honest, moving services did not come cheap.

Guide to Get Estimates From Moving Companies

Fret not, by no means have we wanted to make you worried about your finances. In fact, we want to share some critical information with you regarding moving estimates which will make your moving cost calculation easier. Despite the fact that moving services are expensive, there are some top-rated cheap movers in USA registered with Moving APT that offer their services at a very reasonable cost. Nowhere do these movers compromise in quality of services as they extend affordable services. However, it is important that you know what you need to pay for the professional help and this is where moving estimates come in the picture.


What are the moving estimates?

Much like the name, moving estimates are stipulated costs that a moving company would charge you. Because calculating moving expenses is not easier, most of the credible moving companies offer free moving estimates to consumers. The consumers in return can compare moving quotes and choose the most suitable services. There are many ways that you can get moving quotes from the movers. It is imperative that you know all the possible ways to moving estimates are offered to ensure smooth functioning.

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How to get moving estimates?

Following are a few methods to get the best moving estimates:


Online estimates:

The best and most convenient way to get a moving estimate is to reach a moving company online. You can easily utilize the moving estimator services offered by various moving companies. Each company will ask you for some critical details about the move and offer you an estimated quote.

While some companies will ask the number of boxes you are moving, others will go into deeper details including furniture and other household items they will be helping you move. Besides, some of the companies may also calculate the estimated price based on the size of the property. As you provide three details to the moving company, make sure you do not miss out any item as it may not be included in the estimate.

While the convenience quotient of this system is very high, it is not a great way in terms of accuracy. Until you have packed all your inventory, you will not have a clear idea of how many boxes you have for moving. Utilizing an online estimator is great when you have a lot of time to invest in the moving process and comparing quotes.

It is noteworthy that for long-distance moves, the moving company would ask you to offer an in-home estimate which increases the accuracy of the asking price.

In-Home estimates:

One of the most accurate ways of getting moving quotes is an in-home estimation. These estimates, though time-consuming, are recommended by the best movers. The moving company will send a representative to your home who would then assess the size of your moving inventory. This helps the moving company offer you the exact size of the truck and loading/ unloading labor you would require for smooth functions.

The representative will also consider the complication of moving your items. They will look for factors like:

  • Which floor do you live on?
  • What type of furniture do you have and what equipment will be required to move them safely?
  • Is there a service elevator in the building?
  • What is the distance between the parked truck and the house?

Once the inspection is complete, the company will take a day’s time to come back to you with an accurate quote.

What are the different types of estimates?

While these were the two ways you can get a moving estimate, there are also different types of estimates moving companies offer.

Non-binding estimate:

This is the most uncommon type of estimate as there is no foundation for the movers to stick to the moving cost. The final cost of the move can differ from the estimated price significantly. In most of the cases, rogue movers emphasize this type of estimate as it increases their profit from your move.

Binding estimate:

Just the opposite of the non-binding estimate, this estimate is always the final price you will have to offer to the movers for their services. The moving company cannot increase the price but also, you cannot decrease the cost even if you have less load to be moved.

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Price protection or guaranteed price estimate

Also known as binding not to exceed the moving estimate is the last type of estimate. In this type of estimate, the movers cannot charge you anything over and above the estimate but you can end up paying less if the moving inventory or the moving services required are less than the evaluation.

There are many ways you can get a moving quote and many types of estimates. Now you are aware of their difference, go ahead and ask for the moving estimate from the best moving companies.