With iTunes officially gone after the Catalina update, Apple users have been looking for alternatives that could be used in its place. Of course, there are plenty of iTunes alternatives on the internet, but finding the ones that could be the perfect fit can be pretty tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start! 

Sound like what you were going through? Right?

No worries, we have compiled a list of some of the best mac iTunes alternatives for you. No need for you to roam around the web anymore; you are in the right place! In this post, we will be going over everything you need to know about iTunes alternatives for Mac and how you can find the right one! 



WALTR PRO tops our list because of its uniqueness over the other alternatives. Transferring files while using iTunes was indeed a mess; you would always face some issues on the way. 


iTunes also didn’t support many file formats, and a regular Apple user would think their device did not support the file when it was just iTunes!

While using WALTR PRO, you no longer have to worry about the error of “unsupported files.” WALTR PRO comes with a built-in converter that converts your files to make them iOS supported. It can be any format: a song, a picture, a video, or even a whole movie! You just toss any file from your Mac at it, and it will automatically convert the files!

We’ve always hated the time taking process of file transfer while using iTunes. But while having to use WALTR PRO, that problem is gone! 

File transfer hasn’t been this quick before. No matter how big or small, you just have to drag and drop your files onto the landing spot, and you are good to go—done in a matter of seconds!

WALTR PRO also provides wireless connectivity to its users (which is a rare feature to have in an iTunes alternative); you don’t have to keep your USB cable with you to get your transfer done any longer. 

Just enable “WiFi connectivity” in WALTR, and it’ll automatically detect your iDevice, and you can convert it from there! 

You might be thinking about where you can find the files after you transfer them into your iPhone. Yes, that’s a question and issue apple users have been facing for years; finding a specific file in the whole file manager is a nightmare. 

Thankfully, WALTR PRO keeps your transferred file in the native app.

Here’s how it works: suppose you have transferred a video to your iPhone through WALTR PRO. After the transfer is done, you are going to find the video in your gallery. Likewise, photos in the Photos app, music in Apple music, podcasts in podcasts, and many other files to their native Apple apps. 

In addition to that, if you’re someone who’s always wished to have your custom ringtone on your iPhone? 

WALTR PRO lets you do that by giving you the ringtone converter feature! So download any of your favorite tunes and send them over to your Apple device (using WALTR PRO), and like the aforementioned, you’re going to find them in their native location/app!

WALTR PRO has always served as a great alternative to iTunes, even better than it in many aspects. If you’re looking for the one option that could conform to your expectations in better ways than iTunes did. 

WALTR PRO is the finest software made for you.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Seamless interface.
  • Sends files to their native apps.
  • Built-in converter
  • Quick file transfer.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Custom ringtone maker.


  • It can be a bit slow while transferring files through wifi. (improvement expected in the future).

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2. VOX Media Player

Secondly, we have VOX Media Player that can be used as an iTunes alternative. So if you’re a Mac user and looking for a simple yet powerful media player that could play your music in different formats, VOX can prove to be a handy media player for you.

VOX is basically a classic iTunes alternative. You know when you used to use it for tunes? You can play pretty much any song in your playlist; VOX supports various audio formats like APE, FLAC, DSD, WAV, etc., so if you’re a fan who loves to listen to music a lot more, often, VOX is the way to go!

This piece of software lets you manage your music library quite well! You can directly control your music playbacks from the main interface, main menu controls, or dock context menu. 

In addition, VOX automatically searches for all the missing album artwork from your music library via databases and MusicBrainz. Long story short, it keeps your music library seamless and managed.  

Moreover, VOX features SoundCloud integration which lets you easily control Soundcloud and bring your SoundCloud likes and streams directly into VOX. The same goes for youtube; you can play any song or a whole playlist from youtube via VOX FLAC player. 

Indeed, there’s no need to go through different applications to play your favorite songs individually; just stay on VOX!

The charm of VOX lies in its simplicity, and it features a much simpler interface than iTunes. As long as you have a basic knowledge of how to navigate a simple interface, and you are good to go!


  • Simple interface.
  • Let’s you play music from SoundCloud and Youtube via VOX.
  • It keeps your music library seamlessly managed.


  • Hogs ram.
  • It can be buggy sometimes.
  • Subscription-based pricing.

3. Musique

Musique is a simple yet beautiful music player you can have as a substitute for iTunes for simple uses. Musique comes with a clean interface without any complex elements to confuse you in any way. Not only does the music player lead a clean UI, but it also brings some of the handy features to the table you wished iTunes did.

Not all of us are good at catching the right lyrics, which sometimes results in singing the wrong lyrics in front of our friends, making us feel embarrassed. 

Don’t worry! It’s a universal truth. 

And, what does Musique have to do with this –  you may ask.

Well, here’s the thing, Musique comes with a built-in lyrics finder that will automatically find and sync the lyrics to the song that you’re playing. So don’t bother to keep a tab of lyrics open while playing the songs when you can do all of this in just one app!

Yes, you can stand out among your friends because you’ve got the lyrics right!

Musique uses Last. fm as a source catalog of your music, it searches for incomplete information from your songs such as missing album covers, photos, artist information, etc. When it’s done, you can have your music library beautifully managed. 

Unfortunately, the player doesn’t support a variety of audio formats. In addition, users have faced issues playing OGG and FLAC files, so you need specific audio formats to play in Musique.

The features expire after the trial of the first 20 days. Once over, you will have to buy the full version to keep using Musique, which costs $11.75.


  • Stunning and simple user interface.
  • Completes your music information from
  • Built-in lyrics finder.


  • Doesn’t support a variety of audio formats.
  • Sometimes skips songs’ a few seconds of beginning while listening to a playlist.

Let’s Conclude! 

Apple iTunes has always limited its user throughout its history, you could always see the other side, but you were made not to. That said, There are tons of iTunes alternatives you could be looking for, and each of them claims to be big, where the software doesn’t live up to the users’ expectations in most cases. 

Either they are buggy enough even to run properly, or simply they aren’t just good enough. 

The above-mentioned iTunes alternatives for Mac are some of the best software out there. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one package, WALTR PRO is the one you should go for!