Youtube is a globally popular video platform, and everybody can upload his videos to this service. What is important is that you can show almost any type of content. It is very interesting to have a popular Youtube blog, and everyone has at least one idea to post videos.

It is way more interesting to have a successful Youtube blog with millions of subscribers. Firstly, it brings popularity to a creator. Secondly, it brings a lot of money. Thirdly, it allows you to be independent and do whatever you want and whenever you want.

Nonetheless, it is not so easy to create a successful YouTube blog. Since everybody can upload his videos, there are a lot of competitors. That is why you have to do a lot of things to get millions of subscribers:

  • make high-quality content;
  • create content-strategy;
  • interact with the audience;
  • promote your channel;
  • and others.

At the same time, you have to think about the captions for each video. You may do them individually or with someone’s help. In both cases, you need some convenient tools to make transcriptions correctly. So we want to represent some Youtube transcription services that will help you to solve this issue.

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Types of services

It seems easy to choose a Youtube transcription service. However, some of them may be useless. Moreover, there are many different types of transcription companies, and you need to choose the most appropriate.

Firstly, there are online companies with professional human transcribers. Such companies provide paid transcription services for audio and video. Thus, you can just send a file and pay for the work and get the transcription of high-quality.

Secondly, there are some tools for manual transcription. They look like audio players with notepads. You may download such software, add a track and write down the subtitles individually. The main advantage is that such software is free and has a lot of in-built features that simplify audio to text transcription. Yet, if you don’t have enough time or skills to make transcriptions, you won’t cope with the task properly.

Thirdly, there exists software for automated transcription. Here, you upload your file and get video or audio to text transcription made by a robot in several minutes. Such software is quite cheap and has a fast turnaround time. Nonetheless, it usually makes a lot of mistakes due to difficulties in pronunciation. Thus, you will have to review the content and make edits individually.

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What Transcription Service Should Be Chosen?

As for online transcription companies, it is necessary to choose a platform with a good reputation. One of the most popular services nowadays is Transcriberry. Customers love it for fast turnaround time, high-quality video to text and audio to text transcription, and affordable prices.

To get assistance from Transcriberry, you have to do the following things:

  1. Indicate your requirements. Upload a file that should be transcribed, specify the deadline, and other special requirements.
  2. Pay for the order. The prepayment is necessary to approve that you really need services and the employers of this company won’t waste their time. However, the money is reserved on the account and will be sent to the transcriptionist only after your approval.
  3. Get the ready transcription, check it and approve the payment.

Getting online transcription services, you have to be attentive to every detail. Although customers reply that such platforms are worth using, you have to take care of your own file individually. So check the transcription file before paying.

As for manual transcription, most people choose OTranscribe. This software is free, so you can easily download and start using it at any time. What is more important, it has a lot of useful in-built features like a notepad, a player with hotkeys, and even a grammar and spelling checker. With this software, you will easily make a Transcription for your Youtube video.

As for automated transcription services, you can use Print. This is an online platform where you can upload your file and get fast audio to text transcription. It has got a very convenient notepad and player, so you can easily check the results and make the necessary edits.

However, you may also use online transcription services and ask them to make automated transcriptions. In this case, the transcription company will use its own software to transcribe the file and then send it to the QA team to make the necessary edits. In this case, you will pay less for transcription.

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Benefits of Transcription for Youtube Videos

Some channels ignore captions since they think that subtitles are just useless. Yet you have to think the opposite. Firstly, you increase your reach since, with captions, many foreigners can watch your video and understand what you communicate. Also, this will help deaf people to understand your videos.

Secondly, high-quality transcription for Youtube videos improves SEO rates. Thus, your video will be shown to web users when they will search for something relevant.

Thirdly, it will be easier to understand your content since there will be several perception channels. In this case, viewers will remember your Youtube channel and come back for more content.

Fourthly, it will optimize the search. If the user will have an inquiry that will be written down in your captions, he will see your video in recommendations. An interactive transcript allows you to find a certain episode of the whole video, so the content will be more useful.

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If you are going to create a Youtube channel and upload different videos, you have to think of audio transcription from the very beginning. We bet that you won’t have enough time to do it manually. However, it is not the reason to ignore transcription.

Hire a professional human transcriptionist to get a high-quality transcription. Such services are very cheap, but they will provide you with a lot of benefits. Your video will have higher reach and better SEO rates, so you will overcome your Youtube competitors.