How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair?

If your hair is greasy, then obviously you do not look impressive and hence are swindled by people around you. Your hair should not lack essential nutrition, and hence you must apply oil on the scalp, but your hair should not look greasy. Your hair should look nourished and clean. So, you must follow some tips to extract excessive oil from your hair.

how to fix oily hair fast & naturally

Simple Tips Regarding Fixing Oily Hair

1.You can apply loose powder to your hair to absorb the greasy content from the hair.
2.Alternatively, you can use products such as puff, makeup brush, or a dry shampoo to remove the excessive oil content from the hair.
3.You can rinse your hair with lukewarm water.


How to fix your hair naturally?

You must wash your hair properly. Do not wash your hair regularly if you have greasy hair because they extract the natural oils from the hair. If the natural oil from the hair gets extracted, then the sebaceous glands on the scalp produce excessive oil again. You can wash your hair alternatively if you have oily hair. You can apply the following extracts to your hair to get rid of excessive oil. You must not use hot water to wash your hair but use lukewarm water. If you are not exposed to sunlight after washing your hair, then cover your head to soak the moisture. The moisture that is accumulated in the hair makes the oil glands more active. So, immediately dry your dry after washing your hair.

a. Apply the aloe vera gel to your hair while rinsing them.
b. Add lemon juice to water and pour the mixture over your hair. Let the mixture get penetrated at the root of the hair. Then you can wash your hair properly after retaining the mixture for five minutes.
c. Tea powder should be added to water and then boiled. When the mixture becomes warm, then you can wash your hair. This combination helps in preventing excessive oil from the sebaceous glands.


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How to fix your hair without dry shampoo?

You can apply some natural ingredients to your hair instead of being using dry shampoo because excessive dry shampoo may cause graying of your hair.

1.You can use vinegar to your hair. Take vinegar in a bowl and add water to it in equal proportion. Then you can prepare a solution and fill it in bottles. You can apply it to the hair whenever you require.

2.To make your hair shiny, you can apply alcohol and beer to your hair. The solution should be spread on the scalp properly and should be retained for 10 minutes.

3.If you have oily skin, then your hair should not preferably touch your hair. When your hair absorbs grease from your skin, then they look greasy.

4.You can take egg yolks and collect it in the bowl. You can properly batter it and add lemon drops to the solution. This mixture should be added to wet hair and should be retained for 5 minutes. Then you can rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

5.Alternatively, you can also apply apple cider vinegar to your hair by diluting it in water. After adding apple cider vinegar to water, you must thoroughly mix it so that it forms the lather. You must apply it to your hair by retaining for few minutes.
Some instant remedies can be tried at home:

a. You can apply talc to your hair to soak the excessive moisture from the hair. As you cannot use talc every day, you can try using corn starch to your hair.
b. You can try using baby powder to your scalp. Retain it on the scalp for five minutes and comb your hair effectively to absorb excessive oil.

Tips for using dry shampoo:~ How to fix oily hair naturally?

You must not apply dry shampoo to your hair regularly because harsh chemicals can cause hair damage and hair fall. The hair becomes loose at the scalp and quickly tends to fall.

Apply it in smaller quantities if you are using for the first time. You must wait and watch until the white residue vanishes to view if the shampoo suits your hair.
The shampoo should be spread evenly over the scalp, and you can use a brush to distribute the shampoo evenly. If you apply excessively to any area, then the area may gray faster.
Do not implement it on the top layer of the head because it cannot spread evenly. You must sprinkle your hair and fold the layer of your hair to use it in the interior parts of your hair.


How to fix oily hair in the morning?

During the morning time, you can wash your hair properly and also dry your hair completely as you can stand outdoors and let the warm sunlight penetrate into your hair. You should follow some tips regarding~: How to fix oily hair in the morning?

1.Powdering your hair~: You can apply fine talcum powder on the root of the hair and then rub your hair. After brushing it, you can the roots become light.

2.Wearing headband~: After washing your hair, you must wear hair band to your hair. The headband should look like a scarf, and it can fit into your hair properly.

3.Apply spray to your hair after washing them and wear hair elastics to your pony.

4.You can use the straw copper to soak your hair thoroughly.

5.Your hair should be properly pinned at the back if they appear too greasy.

6.The hair can be braided at the side and across to the other end of the face and should be pinned at the other side of the hair.

7.After applying hair powder to your hair, you can dry your hair using a dryer.

8.If you wear sunglasses, people tend to look at your face and do not focus upon your hairstyle. So after fixing your oily hair, you can wear sunglasses.

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