If you want to be successful with almost anything in life, you’re going to have to maintain a certain level of inner discipline. While it’s nice to benefit from a motivational high, motivation is just the start. Plus, there are times when you won’t feel motivated to do something. This doesn’t mean you should stop. In fact, if you only work when you feel like it, you’ll never get anything done. There’s an art to discipline that’s not talked about often enough. There are plenty of natural ways to become more disciplined. As you work through your goals, consider the following ways you can hack your inner discipline and motivation. 

How to hack your inner discipline and motivation

  1. Start before you think

If you already know that you’d like to exercise before you go to work, this means that you’ll have to wake up earlier than usual. There are plenty of people who get to the gym by 5 or 6 am. This isn’t something that feels natural for most. However, when you ask many people how they manage to remain consistent with their early morning effort to get to the gym, they’ll tell you that they start before they have time to think about it. This means that as soon as they wake up, they hop out of bed and get started. They immediately put on their gym clothes, make their coffee and head out the door. Start before you really have time to think about what you’re doing. Once you have time to really think about what’s happening, you might be half-way through the task at hand. 


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  1. Plan ahead

It’s commonly stated that if you fail to plan, plan to fail. If you know that you’re on a quest to drop a certain amount of weight, you can’t be successful by doing it haphazardly. Meal-planning and prepping are major components of the process. If you want to become a well-dressed person who looks great all the time, plan your outfits in advance. Clean, steam and iron your clothes. Lay them out the night before. Check the weather to make sure you’re choosing clothes that will suit the day. In any facet of your life, when you plan ahead, you give yourself the chance to really succeed. If you fly by the seat of your pants all the time, you’re going to struggle to gain any momentum or make long-lasting changes. 

  1. Create systems

Take a look at school systems. There’s a curriculum that all students matriculate through. There are scheduled tests, reports and homework assignments that all students must complete in order to be successful in school. Therefore, they study and make schedules that will help them thrive. The school system is set up to help students thrive. Take a note from the way schools are set up by creating systems for your life. Create curriculums, calendars and plans to help you matriculate from Point A to Point B in a successful manner. This might mean that you have to be really strict with your schedule. You might have to cut out certain activities for a time period. However, the pay-off will be worth it in the long run. 

  1. Track your progress

Track your progress is really helpful when you’re trying to achieve a specific goal. When you’re in the midst of trying to hit a specific goal, it can get discouraging when you feel like you’re not making progress. If you’re in the middle of trying to lose weight, take note of the things you do when you drop a pound. Do your best to do similar things each time you’re ready to lose more weight. When you’re able to track factors like sleep, water, and diet, you’ll get a better idea of how to move forward in order to accomplish the goal. If you’re in the middle of launching a business, keep track of the ways you gain the momentum you desire. Repeat the tasks that work in order to make success habitual. When you’re able to get the results you want on a regular basis, it won’t be as hard to rebuild a sense of inner discipline. 

  1. Decide to commit

There’s so much power in making a decision. When you make the decision to commit to a goal, there’s no turning back. When you make the decision every single day, you’ll be able to work through failures, disappointments and more. You’ll become more innovative and creative with the way you approach your desired result. The mind is more powerful than people realize. When you’ve made up your mind to get something done, there’s no option but to move forward. Inner discipline technically starts with making one right decision at a time. Then, follow that good decision with another good decision. 

  1. Write down your goals daily

Life gets hectic. That’s completely understandable. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s really easy to forget about your overarching goals. If you don’t make them a priority, you’ll easily forget about what you’d like to do. This is why it’s a really wise idea to write your goals down every single morning. When you write down your goals each morning, you’ll naturally start to make decisions with those goals in mind. It might take five minutes in the morning, but find a journal that’s solely dedicated to your goals. As you write them down every morning, you’ll engrain them into your subconscious mind. 

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  1. Practice self-management over your body

When you’re looking to hack your inner discipline, know that what you put in your body really matters. If you’re eating carb-heavy food that leaves you feeling sluggish and tired, it’s going to become almost impossible to remain motivated and successful. Set yourself up to win by eating empowering foods. Try supplements that help you remain focused and energized. Students order Modafinil online to study better, as well as professionals, as it enhances their productivity. Drink lots of water, and maintain a healthy diet. If you work better on an empty stomach, keep it light. You can always keep snacks nearby to prevent yourself from starving, but use food and nutrition as a way to hack your productivity and discipline. 

As you work toward becoming the best version of yourself, know that it will take some discipline. While it might not feel great at the moment, focus on a ‘mind over matter’ perspective. Do the things now that your future self will thank you for. As you continue to build that discipline muscle, you’ll see results. As you see more results, you’ll be more inclined to keep going. Oftentimes, people get in their own way. Once you’ve mastered yourself, you’re unstoppable.