For every modern day rider, your helmet is essential. Helmets are your ultimate protective gear from the head dangers associated with bicycle crashes.  It is no exaggeration to say that your choice of a bike helmet shapes your overall cycling experience in terms of pleasure derived.  

How to pick that perfect bike helmet

Choosing the right bike helmet can be tricky. The components must combine well with the right features in place. Then, what are the paramount features you should pay attention to?

You should consider the ventilation of the helmet

Here it is crucial to examine the design of the helmet. Many riders tend to get sweaty in the head; hence the helmet should have sufficient volume of vents. Keep in mind that some helmets lose their structural strength when the vents are not appropriately punched. 

Also, you should understand that ventilation for road bike helmet would differ from that of a mountain bike helmet.  Some helmets allow you to enjoy varied cooling effects as you alter their angle.

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The strapping of your helmet

The strapping of your helmet would determine how comfortably and sustainably it sits on your head. With the wrong strapping, the helmet will barely fit. This brings us to the retention system of your helmet – particularly, the strapping mode at the helmet’s rear. Ideally, your helmet straps should take a V shape joining under your ear. 

strapping of your helmet

It would be best if you also watched out for adjustability of the straps. By this, there should be sufficient space between your chin and the helmet strap. You can also widely stretch your mouth open as you strap the helmet. This will allow you to measure how comfortable and accommodating it is.

The weight and the padding of your helmet

Definitely, you don’t want to carry a mountain on your head for a helmet. It is important to point out here that heavier helmets don’t always translate into safer helmets (in case of head injuries). The helmet should be portable and not too heavy. Your overall convenience while riding depends on how comfortable you feel with your helmet – especially during cycling competitions.

The helmet’s padding is significant. Here you would be concerned with the quantity of padded material situated in the helmet’s inner lining. Many cyclers based on hygienic considerations opt for helmets with removable padding. This allows them to wash the inner material. Modern helmets like Livall Bike helmet perfectly combine portability, safety, and sophistication.

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Which brings us to the sophistication of the helmet

Modern helmets are getting equipped with reflectivity, illuminating riders, especially at night for improved visibility. These types of helmets can also come with impact protection technology. Technical solutions like MTB (for Multi-directional Impact Protection System) and SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) help reduce the devastating capacity of impacts. More impressively, helmets like Livall Bike Helmet allow cycles to enjoy state of the art cycling helmets improving vision and all-around cycling ecstasy.

The right choice of a bike helmet can ensure your cycling experience is overflowing with so much fun that you don’t want to alight your bike. Trucavelo’s bike helmets make cycling more play than work. Get these helmets and enjoy your ride with a bigger smile on.