Moving a house is not on anyone’s list of favorite things. It is an expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and tiring job. No matter how many more negative adjectives to it, it is an important and unavoidable task. The moving process is very dreading even though moving to a new home is fun.

As per the best local moving companies around, moving your home is not only moving to a new place to live but is also associated with many other changes in life. These changes include social, and emotional changes and not to forget the change in routine life.

How to Plan a Stress-free Move


Sometimes, the initial days of a moving process are exciting as it is fun to collect packing supplies and gather moving boxes, but as the process advances, it takes away your excitement. Thinking of a moving process and doing it practically are two different things; when you start doing a particular task, you realize that it takes much longer than you thought it would. But all this does not mean that you cannot have a happy and smooth move.

Here we present some moving tips that can make your move less stressful if not stress-free:

Accept the Stress 

Over-expectation is the root of many problems, and here it is no different. Don’t expect your move to be a smooth ride; you will face some delays, some financial lows, and hectic schedules. Be prepared for all this. When you will be aware and prepared for the stress associated with a move, you are less likely to be overwhelmed. You will tackle it better than being aware of all of it.

Start Early

Don’t delay and procrastinate. Start planning your moving process as soon as you get to know about the move. Beginning early will give you enough time to execute each task of the moving process.


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Create a To-Do List

As soon as you decide your move, kick start the process and start with making a To-Do list. This list should include every task that you need to complete with a proper timeline. If you have enough time in hand then complete a task or two in a day and don’t overdo.
The first on your to-do list should be searching for the right moving company as booking them early will save you a lot of money.

Sort and Pack

Sort your stuff before you start your packing. Get rid of all the unwanted things and declutter your house. You can donate or sell the stuff if it is in good condition, as this will allow you to gather some blessings and/or make some money too.

Now, make a list of things that you have to pack. You can even consider room-wise color coordinating your stuff. Buy the required packing supplies as you will need a lot of cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers, and packing paper. Don’t forget to keep some extra cardboard boxes for the last-minute items on a moving day. Choose the right shape of boxes for different items as you can use tall boxes to pack lightweight items like pillows, comforters, and clothes and smaller and strong boxes should be chosen to pack heavyweight items like electronics.

Colour Code Rooms and Label the Boxes

You can consider color coordinating your rooms at new your house; it will help you in sorting and organizing your stuff at the time of unpacking. Put color stickers and labels on each box. You can make the movers aware of the color code and can even put the same color sticker on the room door to make the process easy.

Pack Things Together

Keep all the items related to one thing together. For example, make sure that you pack all the parts of an electronic item together after removing all its cables. Use transparent zip-lock pouches to pack nuts and bolts of your furniture. You can also consider keeping one small bag to pack all the spare parts of your dissembled items. Use different zip-pouches for each item and mark it.

Pack Room by Room

Don’t take out all the rooms at once as this will create a lot of mess and you will get overwhelmed. Consider packing one room at a time. Keep four boxes open at one time to pack different stuff as you start with a closet. This will help you in sorting and packing together. Make sure you pack a bag of moving essentials separately.

Moving Day and Time

Choosing the right day and the right time for a move can help you a lot. Don’t move on weekends and/or public holidays as this will not only save your money but will also keep your stress-free. Your movers being idle will not rush things and will give you enough time to complete your move. As professional moving companies have busy schedules on weekends, consider choosing a weekday to avoid any craziness at the end moment.

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Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate and ask for help from your family and friends. Taking help from your close people will not only divide your burden but will also give you extra mental support. You can always repay them by offering good food and organizing a housewarming party at the end of the moving process.

Another important point that you should keep in mind is to eat healthily and stay hydrated during the entire moving process, as a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, they say. Follow these simple tips and keep stress away from you while you move your house.