Do you want to get on with your life, living free and happy but events in the past are holding you back? It helps to know that you are not alone in these thoughts, but if you are going to start living the life you want, you’re going to have to let go and start moving on. This takes some introspection and self-belief, but it is possible. Here are some tips on how you can start living a better life, free from the shackles of the past. 

Financial Freedom

Your financial situation has a heavy bearing on how you perceive the past. If you have problems with money due to bad decisions you made, the burden will linger until you make that last repayment. Without having your finances in order, it’s very difficult to move on with life so creating a good financial situation should be a priority. If you have a life insurance policy, it is possible to sell it and receive a lump sum in cash. By doing this you can allocate your money elsewhere and let go of any financial regrets. If you want to know more about how to do this, you can read a guide online that will answer all of your questions. 


Forgive and Let Go

Forgiving takes a strong person who is committed to moving forward with their lives. It doesn’t just involve forgiving others. It means you have to forgive yourself too. Everyone makes mistakes, and holding onto them will make life very difficult to navigate as they haunt you at every turn. Look at all the good things you have in life and focus on them. It is you who achieved them and you should be proud. There’s no need to be so hard on yourself – what happened in the past has been and gone and holding on will simply make you unhappy and bitter.

Live Without Regrets

Regret is a wasted emotion. You can’t change what has happened in the past and constantly thinking about things you should have done is going to stop you from doing things in the present. There’s not a single person on the planet that hasn’t been in a situation where they feel they could have done something different. The difference between people who continue to live happily and fulfilled lives and those who live in the past is the ability to let go of any regrets, confining them to the unchangeable past. 

Focus on the Future

Look to the future. Decide what you want in life and take all the steps possible to realize your dreams. You are not going to be able to do this if you are constantly looking back. If your dream is to go and travel, do it. If you don’t, it will simply become something else from your past you are keeping hold of. If you are entering a new relationship, don’t focus on the wrongs of previous relationships. Create a blank slate and try and make this one work. The future is where you will create your happiness. The past is where you can confine all your bad memories and feelings.