Love Socializing but cannot afford the data plan that your network operators charge then textPlus is all you need to help build a connection between you and your friends. Smartphone has helped people from various parts of the world to connect and is increasingly gaining popularity. A person’s relationship is known on how well he/she interacts and communicates with people via this technology.

According to a survey, there are over 4.8 billion smartphone users in the world and is expected to touch the 5 billion mark by 2019. And going by the numbers, the amount of devices that are coming out this technology is set to overtake the human population.

Making international call in now cheaper with textplus


The great thing about having a gadget which has a massive number of users across the globe is that a person no longer feels alone and add to it might not even get bored. This is majorly credited to the amount of ‘Productivity’ apps available in a Phone’s respective store.

Ask this question to yourself, what is the basic requirement that a human wants from a phone?  And the answer is pretty simple, Calling, SMS, and email. If you ask this to a teen now hence the answer won’t be the same as they demand a lot from a small device which is not really small anymore. A teen’s reply to this question would be the quality of the camera and the life of a phone once it is done charging.

The question might be the same but the age is a factor here, and not to forget that people over 50s or 60s are also rooting for the same specification as well. And this is because of the new smartphones that are coming which offer users the experience which leaves them asking for more from the phone companies.


Here in this article, we will be telling you about a socializing app called “textPlus” that can actually increase your social life. textPlus is an SMS specialty app that lets you save some money and precisely those messages and calls made internationally.

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textPlus was developed in 2009 and is available under the “Social” category in the Google Play Store which is the best alternative application when compared to those mobile networking plans. It allows you to call any number, landline or mobile at an affordable price that too with no contracts and hidden charges. textPlus can turn a device with WiFi connection into a phone and is also simple to use enough for you to connect with your loved ones.

The app is free to use but comes with ads, you can remove these ads by purchasing a subscription. The “Plus” in textPlus refers to the case that enables users to make both domestic and international calls for free. The free call option is available to users who have the app installed and to call non-textPlus users you need to purchase some credits. textPlus is available for the following operating systems Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows 8 phones.

We have shortlisted some of its features, check it out before installing.

Features TextPlus Call Worldwide With Textplus

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  • It allows a user to choose the number to make connectivity easier and also allowing one to change that number anytime all this by just selecting an area code. This will cost you nothing and is absolutely free.
  • textPlus provides you unlimited calls and messages to any US and Canada number.
  • A group chat feature allows you to create and receive group chats with up to 20 members in a group. You can send and receive gifs, pictures, and videos or any kind of file just like every other socializing applications.
  • With textPlus, you can call anyone and anywhere as inbound calls are totally free and the outgoing calls will cost you as low as $0.02 per minute.
  • It has a walkie-talkie feature that sends voice-notes by just holding the record button while speaking. And then all you have to press the send button to send the voice message.
  • Sync with cloud services: With applications like Dropbox and Google Drive, making users sync their important documents directly from these cloud-based services.
  • Supporting Data formats: Exchanging messages and voice-notes are so old and the current scenario demands more than just the sharing of these files. So here is textPlus which allows you to share file formats like URLs, spreadsheets, PDF, images, and videos.

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The User-Interface

textPlus offers a clear-cut interface for users to seamlessly connect, organize calls and messages to their family and friends. Starting at the top you have a navigation bar that has buttons like balance information, messages, calls, contacts, and menu

Under Menu, you have options to change the settings, invite friends, view your profile, earn credit, gift card exchange and also My Profile. My Profile allows you to change or edit your personal information allowing you to add a mobile number and email address also have a check at the number of blocked contacts.

Currently, with textPlus, you can block up to 50 contacts

User Interference Textplus Make a free call us & canada

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The Pricing Model

textPlus has a different price for each of the country it is available in and note that it costs free only when the other users are also using the app. Domestic calls in US 2 cents per minute and international rates vary from country to country.

Countries with the same rate per minute of 2 Cents are Canada, United Kingdom, and Mexico but when it comes to calling a country like China which starts from 2.2 Cents. Belgium is on an expensive side and making calls there will cost you 60.4 cents per minute

To know the calling rates for any of the destinations, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the textPlus app, move to the dial-pad screen
  2. Before entering the phone number, hold the zero(0) number to insert a ‘+’
  3. Now enter the international phone number you want to make a cal
  4. And then you will have the rate and country displayed  below the number

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Register with textPlus on Android Device

The registering step is quite simple you just have to download with the link given below and follow the steps

  1. Download the app by clicking here.
  2. Launch the app and tap Sign up if you are a new user and Log In if you are an existing user
  3. Enter your email credentials and create a new password
  4. After completing the above step, tap Next to complete with the registration process

Now you are all set to make calls, just head over to the dial-pad section and enter the number or choose from the contacts.

Register with textPlus on Android Device

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Register with textPlus on iOS devices 

The registration process is sort of similar to the registering with Android devices, still, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the textPlus by clicking here.
  2. Open the app and tap on Sign up for a new user and Log In if you are an existing user
  3. Tap on Done after completing the registration process.

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Changing a textPlus Phone number

Changing the number on textPlus is easy and in this case is just like a network operator. Here is the process to get your number changed and make sure that you update your friends or family regarding this change.

  1. Open the app and tap on the Menu icon at the top right in the navigation bar
  2. Now tap on Customize My Number and then select Free to start changing the number.
  3. The last step is to select your State and Area Code to have the new textPlus phone number.

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Earning free credits

textPlus lets you earn free credits which authorize to make international calls with no added costs. You can also earn credits just by following these steps:

  1. Tap on the Menu icon on the top right corner in the navigation bar.
  2. Now tap on Earn Credit with a FREE! A message displayed next to it
  3. Tap on Complete offers or Watch a short video to start earning free credits.

Note that you can only watch a certain amount of videos per day and also be downloading of apps is also another option to earn credits.

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  • How to delete a textPlus account?

Deleting account is possible when you haven’t logged into the app for some time according to textPlus’s policy. Also, you can manually delete your email address and phone number by following these steps:

  1. Start the app -> Menu
  2. Next tap on My Profile Info->Tap on your info to remove

Once you are logged out, you will no longer receive calls or texts and also the credit balance won’t be available.

  • How to block a phone number?

On the textPlus Phone tab, tap on the call log of the person you want to block the number.

Tap the Menu option on the top right corner and then tap on Block.

You also have the option to unblock the contacts by tapping on Unblock on the blocked numbers.

  • What is a CallKit feature on iOS devices?

It is a new feature for iOS 10 to make inbound calls from the textPlus application. It makes an inbound call look like a native call. Also, it will display “textPlus audio” at the top just below the contact’s name.

To switch the CallKit feature on, move to Menu->Settings-> and then enable CallKit by just tapping on it and tap again if you want off the feature.

This is what textPlus has to offer for smartphone users who want to make international calls but can’t really afford the plans charged by their respective careers. So go ahead and start using textPlus and get connected with your loved ones. If you find your questions not answered in this article then write in the comments section and we’ll try answering those.