Once you’ve made up your mind about buying a used car instead of a new car, you might have some doubts about whether you’ve made the right decision. If the stereotypes of fast-talking salesmen, expensive down payments and filling extensive paperwork for financing are playing on your mind, we’ll help bust some myths about buying second-hand cars in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Myths about buying a used car

Myth 1: Buying a used car means a huge down payment

If you think all used car dealerships want a large chunk of the payment upfront, think again. A good dealership wants to help you with getting you the car you want while ensuring you have a wonderful experience. They usually do not insist on getting a large down payment up front. Customer service to these dealerships is key so that you will use them again and definitely tell your friends about them as well.

If your dealership is insisting on a large down payment as the only option, you might want to look at other sellers.

Myth 2: You need a good credit score to buy a used car

Credit scores are important for banks and finance companies as they have certain rules and guidelines to adhere to while giving out loans. Used car dealerships that give out financing don’t usually have to follow the same rules and hence your credit score may or may not apply. If you decide to take your financing from your dealership you will be making the payment directly to them.

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Myth 3- You’ll get a better price if you pay cash

Cash may not always be king while buying second-hand cars in Abu Dhabi.
Dealerships tend to benefit from helping finance your car purchase and hence they may not offer too many discounts if you’re paying cash upfront for your purchase.

buying second-hand cars in Abu Dhabi

Myth 4-  Deadline on deals

So you’ve got a great deal on your car but you’re not ready to say yes yet and you’re being pressured by your dealership to buy today or else the deal will be gone tomorrow. Fret not, used car dealerships have great deals all the time. Even if you don’t find the exact deal, you’ll find something similar. The type of deal may change to say a decrease in the interest rate instead of a rebate or you might get better warranty or lower mileage. In the end, you will land up paying approximately the same price for your car.

Don’t feel rushed into buying your car if you’re unsure. A good deal definitely adds weight to the final decision but don’t base your entire decision on the deal.

Myth 5- Magazine reviews give you all the information you need

Lots of people rely on car magazine reviews and information for buying the cars they want. But you may not get all the information you need. It’s best to take the vehicle for a test drive before making your final decision.

Myth 6- Guaranteed warranty

As soon as you buy the car it does not mean that the dealership will give you an automatic warranty. If you do get a warranty make sure you are aware of what is covered and for how long. Not all warranties cover the whole car.

Myth 7- A blank history report means that the car is in mint condition

A vehicle history report can provide important information about the car, however, it cannot predict any future issues that may arise or the kind of previous repairs that were made on the car.  Test driving the car will help you tell if there are any potential issues.


Myth 8- There must be something wrong with the vehicle

There are lots of reasons for people to sell their cars that rarely have anything to do with how reliable the vehicle is. The previous owner may be buying a newer model or he might have the need for a larger vehicle as his family is expanding.

Myth 9- Used cars may not have some important safety features

Don’t worry about the safety features available in the car you want to buy. Used cars usually have critical safety features like side airbags, ABS- antilock brake systems, etc.

Buying a car is a large investment so take time to do your research thoroughly before making your final decision.