The phrase “online virtual mobile number” is heard more often lately. It’s quite justified because this useful service allows you to significantly improve your business, make it available to customers, and, most importantly, save money.

How Does It Work?

A virtual phone number is a common service today, which is offered by many operators who have a grip on a special technology called VoIP (Voice over IP). You don’t need a telephone wire and a SIM card to get the coveted virtual number. The equipment necessary for communication will be located quite far from the client, who, in turn, will have remote access to it. Due to this operating principle, the virtual phone number eliminates a lot of unnecessary customers’ actions to connect or set up new numbers. The format of the virtual number is no different from ordinary phones. It includes the country code, as well as the area code, and the subscriber’s number itself.


Why is such a Solution Popular?

The client receives a special multi-channel number that can be indicated, for example, in advertising. As a result, all external calls received to this number will be forwarded to the company’s employees who handle the communication. If someone is unable to answer at the moment, the call will be redirected to another employee, who is now free from the conversation. The necessary routing conditions are usually selected based on particular needs, including specific days of the week, daily time, etc. If absolutely all employees of the company are busy, the signal is automatically redirected to the voicemail, which completely eliminates the risk of lost calls.

Some reliable providers, such as Freezvon, offer their customers’ numbers for making/receiving calls, SMS, and faxes. Toll-free numbers are in demand since they inspire confidence among potential customers and allow them not to spend money on making a call (payment is made by the number’s owner). 

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  • Such IP telephony allows you to use the service anywhere – you only need a good Internet connection for communication.
  • No special recommendations are required on the use of a virtual number; everything is extremely clear and simple. You need only a regular mobile phone, sometimes it may be a tablet, laptop, PC, as well as devices designed specifically for such solutions. 
  • The client is recommended to install a special program on his/her gadget after connecting service, and then it will be possible to fully use all the functionality.
  • The relatively low cost of calls is one of the strongest arguments in favor of using a virtual number.
  • You do not need to use ordinary wired connections, and you do not have to contact operators from another country. 
  • This type of telephony allows you to guarantee the confidentiality of calls.
  • Another plus of this service is that the clients of a company using VoIP will not realize that the organization’s phone is virtual, even if the operator receiving or making a call is on vacation, in a park, or on the beach. 


When choosing a virtual number, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the conditions offered by the chosen operator. It is important to pay attention not only to basic services but also to additional functionality. Sometimes the functions that are inconspicuous at first sight can have a significant impact on the client’s wallet (such as call history, black and white lists making, call recording, IVR menu, background music, etc.). It’s possible to choose a number of any country, the whole list of which you can check out by visiting the Freezvon website. The purchase process is quick and clear, moreover, the pricing is simple. You can get your questions answered and make a final decision.