Namaste. It is time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. We are going to dive into the world of sensual yoga. They say yoga is about a lot more than just a simply performing a variety poses on a mat, it is the connection of spirit, body, and mind. Seems like a perfect hobby and a great way to relax after a hard day at work. But are there any reasons to stop attending yoga class three times a week? Yes, and you should definitely know them in order to stay true to who you are and take care of your health.

Self-Education and Self-Help:7 Reasons to NOT Attend Yoga Class

7 Reasons to Stop Doing Yoga

There is overwhelming evidence that a regular yoga practice can have an extremely positive impact on mental and physical health.The fact that many physical therapists and neurologists now recommend yoga’s asana and pranayama techniques to treat prevalent diseases is a testament to yoga’s healing power.Finished college assignment also has a healing power, believe us, and this is what cheap paper writing service for.

Yes, doing yoga helps people feel more centered and aligned. It keeps your posture upright, your shoulders rolled back and your chest more open. It can also help to alleviate some of the stiffness and tightness you can get after doing weightlifting sessions. Everywhere you look, there always will be a signboard or a magazine telling you why yoga is a perfect complement to workout. Do you feel that “but” is on the way?

It is hard to argue with that, but sometimes yoga is just not the right answer for you. I am going to run down the list of reasons why you should NOT be practicing yoga. Some things may seem fairly self-explanatory, but it certainly needed to be said.

1. You Can’t Avoid Contraindications

Let us start off with the most obvious reason, it would be a contradiction and we say a contradiction as in a medical condition that will limit your ability to do a pose. Many asanas require activation of the foot, hands, back, the core muscles in the abdomen, etc. Injuries, disorders or surgeries affecting any of that organs will impact an ability to practice yoga. It is not that Queen Anne is dead, but if you have acid reflux, it will be painful to do Dancer pose or Balancing Half Moon.

Some conditions that can easily cause contradictions like low blood pressure, eye problems, pregnancy, carpal tunnel. Some of them are super self-explanatory like a back injury or knee injury, but there are things you just will not be able to do and they could aggravate the injury. Based on my own experience I tell you what – if your eyes feel irritated and you try to go into a downward facing dog, you will feel like they are going to burst. Mostly it is just a buildup of pressure, but if you start feeling anything like that you should immediately stop doing the pose. I totally believe there is at least some aspect of yoga that you can partake it no matter where you are in your life or what is going on in your body.


2. You Want to Become a Bendy Person

To become more flexible is a pretty much reason why you might pick to attend these classes, but it is not a good one to attend class on an ongoing basis. This is an awful reason and you are setting yourself up for injuries, you are going to miss many more aspects of yoga. If you want to be a bendy person and that is part of a goal of yours that is not a bad reason to start. But if that is a true reason and you do not care about strength, mental, health, and calming benefits, it is a superficial goal, you will get sick of yoga after the fifth class.

yoga benefits

It will be better and more effective for you to do a full split by using the channel of a sportswoman or just a fitness coach on YouTube.

3. To Prove Yourself

Yoga is not a walk in the park. Doing yoga simply because you would like to boast your perfect six-pack abs or new yoga pants in a place where people going to feel like they are being judged or compared, where they want to experience a community is not a good enough reason to attend classes. It is not your time to shine, everyone should be focusing on the instructor, no one should be focusing on you. The only person who should be giving you any attention is the instructor.

If you are already good at the pose, you should be advancing your practice, finding ways to challenge yourself, focusing inward more. To hit on, check out or pick up anyone is just rude. I know it sounds like a child excuse, but I really mean it. You need to find inside you a more persuasive reason.

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4. If You Are Sick

Actually, it is about the love to your body. If I am sick, I am not going to do yoga. If I have a fever, I am not going to do yoga. If I have abdominal cramping or my period, I am not going to do yoga. If my knee, lower back or neck hurt, I am not going to do yoga either. But if there is one thing that yoga has taught us it is that you should always listen to your body. When it is telling you to climb into the blanket, to drink hot tea and to help deal with the problem, you have to listen to it. You should think about self-preservation. If my body hurts, do not put more pressure on it. It is like a broken washing machine you are trying to put more clothes in.

It all depends on you. For example, menstruating is an individual process and if you feel comfortable, you are able to practice yoga avoiding power asanas and intense twisting. At some point, it will help to relax lower abdomen and cheer you up. If you are depressed, yoga is a great way to change the situation.

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5. To Lose Weight

Every instructor will tell you that it is not going to work that way. Only understanding yoga as a complex, training not only your body but a mind as well will bear fruit. If your main goal is only to get fit, there are more conventional approaches like gyms, running (I would recommend drawing your attention to that kind of activity), swimming, dancing. You just need to choose the most interesting thing for you to do. Yoga is not about tightening up a tummy or making your abs great. Dig deeper, it is an idea that perfect body is not necessarily a rock-hard one, but a strong one that makes you love your reflection in the mirror. When you start to work on yourself as a whole, not just your hands or back, you suddenly will see that what you want to be changed will be changed.

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6. To Avoid Your Real Problems

Maybe you just got fired, had a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you are going through a difficult time with friends or you are just lost. Yoga is great for managing those stress factors, but it is not the way to solve them. It is great that you are doing Chaturanga dandasana, but it will not help you to find a new job, to find the right words for your soulmate or to compose yourself. Remember yoga is an addition to physical, spiritual and mental health. It is not the answer to everything. As long as you do not do anything, the situation will not change.


7. If You’re Practicing at the Wrong Level

If you have never practiced yoga before and are going straight into an intense power yoga class, it is not going to work. At first sign, yoga may seem pretty easy. What is so hard in breathing and reaching your arm to your heel? Trust me, do not try to do it on your own. You can’t drive without knowing traffic rules. It is important to find the right difficulty level for you, the right kind of yoga, and the right instructor. Take into consideration what your body can stand.

To tell the truth, everyone should try doing yoga at least once. Just to find out that it is not the right kind of activity for you or to laugh at yourself, to reinvent yourself or to soak in it. If it does not inspire, if you take it as an obligation, if you do not understand those strange people who try to reach Nirvana, just quit it. Yoga is supposed to set you free and if it is not, try to find something that will.