How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Social media platform, Instagram allows users to upload photos and videos. This social networking service let the users share their photos and videos through the app or via other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and even Tumblr.

Instagram, which was sold to Facebook, and has since then become one of the most favoured social media platforms for users to generate interest in what you do.

Initially, the photos that you can share were limited to a square shape. However, since August 2015, an update was released allowing you to post pictures of any ratio. The duration of videos you can include in Instagram is limited to 15 seconds.

Find Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Launched in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram is a free app that people use across the globe. With more than one billion monthly active users, the app has gained immense popularity among the millennials.

You can also learn about the artistic vision of your family, friends, and celebrities on Instagram. This social network profile also lets you follow and interact with people. You can follow your actors, athletes and other celebrities with Instagram.

Have you ever noticed that your followers have reduced to a considerable extent? Instagram, though it contributed to being among the top social network profiles, does not offer any sort of information about the people who unfollow your profile.


What could be the reasons that you are thrown out of the race of increasing your followers on Instagram? Why is it that people are not much concerned regarding your posts?

  1. What decides the likes on your posts, is the photographs you have uploaded in context with the posts. More high is the quality of these images, more the number of people are being insisted to have a view of your account and be on the list of your followers. But if the quality is not up to the mark, then definitely the consequences could be catastrophic.
  2. Uploading of new and unique posts through your account will definitely be one of the reasons for receiving the smashing and the throttling likes on it. But when you are uploading the posts of the same brand again and again, the dark cloud will be above your head with any time the lightning waiting to fall on your head.
  3. It might have happened that someone commented on your posts praising the beautiful and the eye catchy contents embedded with the high-quality photos. But you have not responded to that comment then definitely the situation would be against you thus decreasing the number of followers on your posts.
  4. Instead of focussing on the main points, if you keep blabbering about the thoughts which are not required then you may end up losing followers.


find who unfollowed you on instagram

Note: Unfollowgram has been disabled due to new Instagram rules, it will be back soon with new features as developers currently working on it. Use Alternative tool for right now.

Since Unfollowgram has disabled the tool, here is another impressive alternative to get your job done.

Here’s FollowMeter to your rescue. FollowMeter is a well-renowned and most popular tool that provides you with information about people who unfollowed you on Instagram. It also helps you in managing and analyzing Instagram friends.

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While you may come across a host of apps that can help you identify unfollowers on Instagram, FollowMeter identifies itself as an all-rounder. From providing an appealing interface to being simple to use, it could be a must for any Instagram enthusiast.

Some salient features of FollowMeter are presented below.

Here are some of the notable features of FollowMeter.


  • FollowMeter is available for both iOS and Android.
  • FollowMeter provides a visually attractive dashboard where all the important data like the number of posts or the number of followers is summarized.
  • Easy access to unfollowers and provides profile preview of unfollowers.
  • Handy refresh feature to support real-time availability of data.

The tutorial to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram:

FollowMeter is a mobile device based application. To start using FollowMeter, you must have a valid Instagram account. When you install FollowMeter on either Android or iOS via respective app stores, you can launch by clicking on the icon.

The tutorial to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram:

When you launch the application, you will be prompted to enter your user credentials of an Instagram account. Once you successfully login, you will get a dashboard with the salient information. These informations are quite self-explanatory like Unfollowers, New Followers and so on.

In the main screen, there is a tab titled ‘Dashboard’. This would be the most prominent tab that you would be accessing in your endeavor to know about your followers/unfollowers. To become aware of your unfollowers, there is a row labeled ‘Unfollowers’.

The Unfollowers row gives a heads-up with a number indicating how many users have unfollowed you recently. When you click on the row, you will be redirected to a new screen which gives a preview. This preview indicates the users who have recently unfollowed you. Thereby with this tool, you have a handy feature to track your unfollowers.

Other features which are included in the FollowMeter account includes:

New Followers:

The ‘New Followers’ is a row which when clicked gives information about who your latest followers are. Please note that this feature captures only the latest followers and not your follower history.

Who Doesn’t Follow Me Back:

This feature provides information about the list of users that you have followed on Instagram, but haven’t followed you back. If you want to unfollow anyone from this list, you can do so by a single click on the “Unfollow” button.

Who I Don’t Follow Back:

On the other hand, there are many users who follow you but you aren’t following them back. If you want to follow any of them, you can do so by clicking the “Follow” button which is beside their profiles.

Staying up to date by refreshing the stats:

You can either refresh the stats in your dashboard by closing and running FollowMeter again. If you do not want to close the application and want to refresh the data, click on the ‘Refresh’ button located middle right.


Alternative Tools Of FollowMeter

There are various other apps which you can use if you are looking for to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. Some of them are:

Followers Tracker Pro

Followers Tracker Pro is free to download and start using right away (with in-app purchases for extra features). This app is a simple follower/following tracker with a clean and intuitive interface.

followers tracker pro

See followers you gained, followers you lost, unfollowers (users who aren’t following you back), and deleted likes and comments. Just tap on the Lost Followers tab to see a list of your unfollowers.

You can even delve deeper into your followers by checking out your “ghosts,” seeing who’s posting nearby and so much more.

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Follow Cop


Follow Cop is absolutely worth checking out for any Android user. This app lets you see unfollowers (users who don’t follow you back), users who recently unfollowed you, ghost followers, top likers and more.

Follow Cop

Follow Cop also lets you manage your followers more easily than doing it through the Instagram app.

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Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer provides you with salient analytics about your Instagram followers. You can see who has unfollowed you and who is not following you back, track new followers, find mutual friends and view fans. You can see your top liked and top commented statuses, and people who are often tagged in your posts.

Follower Analyzer

Followers for Instagram!

You can use Followers for Instagram to discover who has followed and unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, and who you aren’t following back.

Followers for Instagram!

It is user-friendly, and you can follow and unfollow people from within the app. You can use it to find and remove any fake followers who have slipped onto your list.

Followers Insights for Instagram

The app allows you to:

  • Discover the followers you have gained and lost.
  • Shout-out to your best followers.
  • Learn who has blocked you.
  • Unfollow people who have unfollowed you.
  • Keep track of your most loyal followers.
  • Discover your spies, potential spammers, and inactive users.
  • Monitor multiple Instagram accounts.

Followers Insights for Instagram


If you want to go through all the hustle and work, you can also check manually who unfollowed you on Instagram. In most cases people who unfollowed you are the people who followed you recently. For example, I am going to use my Instagram account @aaquibdiaz to show you how it works.

As you can see an Instagram account po.picture just started to follow me. If I want to check that the same account is still following me right now is by opening that account.

Then clicking on the following tab given on upper three main menus and checking that the same account is still following you right now or not.

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Other Apps To find Who Unfollowed Your Instagram Account:

Instagram is used mostly on mobile phones, and you can search in the app store of your phone to find information about those who unfollowed you. As you search for the apps and download the same, you can see who unfollows you on Instagram. Here are a few other apps which you can use for getting the insights of Instagram account.

Followers Tools for Instagram by CC Soft is a popular app that is used for Android devices to find out the unfollowers.

Tracker for Instagram by Appyfurious LLC is a popular app that is used for Apple devices to find out the unfollowers. You can also monitor how well your posts perform, your most liked posts, as well as your most commented photos and videos.

Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers by Quadro Tools is an excellent Android app for Instagram insight. It provides a comprehensive report of your followers, unfollowers, secret admirers, ghost followers, stalkers, likes and analytics.

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers is another app like FollowMeter which you can use on Android. Some of the features of using the app include:

  • Allows you to either follow or unfollow accounts directly from the app.
  • Check your ghost followers (fans) and allows you follow them directly from our app!
  • Check all your mutual followers.
  • Check all your recent unfollowers.

how to check unfollowers of my instagram account



  • Once you have done with creating the Instagram accounts then regularly upload the posts with the different contexts or the ideas.
  • Make sure to upload the high-quality images on it which will definitely drive the users towards your account.
  • It is not that you are busy uploading the posts of the same brands, focus on some different brands and then come with exciting ideas.


  • You can easily get the notification from the people following your post.
  • You can easily have a view of the posts you have liked.
  • You can see the posts you have been tagged in.
  • You can also clear your search history.