Check out your Unfollowers and with the help of Unfollowgram and other Best Tools.

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1 Check out your Unfollowers and with the help of Unfollowgram and other Best Tools.


I know it feels very bad when someone unfollows you on Instagram, especially when the person who unfollowed you is your close friend! It stings because the number of significant followers you have equates to how well-liked you are in your friend’s circle.

who unfollowed me on instagram



A recent study found that the initial reaction of the people who have been unfollowed was “surprised”; the second common reaction was “amusement.”  I’ll make sure that you discover ways to find the Unfollowers in this article using standard social media tools.

If you want to know some of the tools to easily find out Who Unfollowed me on Instagram, read more to find out. 



Doesn’t Know Who Unfollowed you on Instagram and Why? What Could Be the Reason for Unfollowing You | Let’s find out!

There are many reasons that people could unfollow you from social media platforms, let me show some of the reasons why it doesn’t work-

  1. Lack of engagement with your followers on Instagram can be one of the main reasons that people start to unfollow you. If you actively post a comment and share other posts, then you can avoid being unfollowed.
  2. Another jackpot reason can be that you are posting excessive emotional content. Try to change posting about your moody and emotional and avoid making the online platform as your personal journal.
  3. Don’t ever try to post too many posts, which makes people get an immediate urge to click on the unfollow button.

Who is a Ghost Follower? Is it Good to Have Them as a Follower or Not?

To put it in simple terms, ghost followers are those followers who are inactive users in your Instagram account.  Some bots may create this kind of fake and invalid accounts with no actual posts in them like Unfollowgram.

unfollowgram instagram


They don’t really engage with your Instagram content, apart from being a sitting duck. So is it good to have them as your followers?

No, they are bad for your Instagram; it might make you lose your credibility in the long run.  You can easily find out that the account is filled with fake followers when you actually see their followers list is around 30,000, but the likes they get for the brand is only 50-100.


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What is Unfollowgram? How can it help me retain my unfollowers?

Unfollowogram is an application that gives you the information on Instagram statistics related to your Instagram account. More than a million users are using it today. 



The main feature that attracts a lot of users is that it has the ability to provide the details of who exactly unfollowed you on Instagram. You can see the accounts who are following you, but you didn’t care to follow back. It can serve as a reminder to return the gesture of goodwill by following them.

Unfollowgram cannot help you in gaining followers, but it can be helpful in analyzing how followers and who is not and also you can judge on following back a mass amount of users in the future.


10 Best Tools to Monitor Your Unfollowers and Followers on Instagram as of 2020.

Here there are some of the top tools:-

who unfollowed me on instagram


1. Iconosquare (Statigram)

Iconosquare is the best platform that provides incredible and reasonable analytics like the number of likes you get, average ikes you have gotten per photo as well as previous photos. 

unfollowgram instagram It gives a detailed report on-

  • A follower growth rate chart
  • Shows off the Instagram photo gallery on your website.
  • Total likes and comments you receive per photo
  • Tracking your followers and unfollowers like Unfollowgram 

It also helps in promoting your follower base if you pay for it. 


2. InstaFollow

InstaFollow is available for both the iOS as well as Android-users, which provides a simple tool giving you specifics about your hoard of followers. After downloading and successfully launching it, you’ll be able to enjoy these features-

instafollow online

  • The fantastic feature of InstaFollow is you can monitor who follows or unfollows you like Unfollowgram.
  • You can also track the progress of accounts that you don’t follow back.
  • With a simple tap, you can follow and unfollow any users you desire.
  • Also, track users who you follow but don’t follow you back.


3. Union Metrics

Union metrics is the only app that boasts that it can give you all the statistics “in just two minutes.” The best thing is you can also receive a report about the perfect time to post your content and which content doesn’t have demand. 


It’s good to try the app as it provides some really excellent analytics that can help you improve your account.


4. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a free tool that can be used on both Instagram and Twitter; it is mainly a relationship patching kind of an app where you will get to know the inactive followers in your account. 

how to unfollow on instagram

If you are a brand, then this best tool to analyze the efficiency your account is getting by tracking and measuring the results.


5. Follow Cop

Follow cop is the perfect app to find out those accounts that have betrayed you by unfollowing you on Instagram. You can check out the ghost followers, top likers, and more.

who unfollowed me on instagram

6. Follower Analyzer 

Follower Analyzer is a very good alternative for Unfollowgram if you want to know about who unfollowed me on Instagram. You can easily keep track of those who unfollowed you and other relevant analytics. 

how to see who unfollowed you on instagram

It’s easy to track new followers and understand who is not following you back and also to find fans and mutual friends effectively. Apart from these features, you can also expect to track the likes and comments on your friends’ posts and your posts which have top likes and comments.


7. FollowMeter

FollowMeter uses another app like Unfollowgram that displays an attractive interface to manage your humongous followers. The insights that you gain using this amazing app is-

Who doesn’t follow me back on instagram

  • Number of losing followers
  • Number of gained followers
  • Total likes for your photos and videos
  • Number of non-followers
  • Least likes pictures
  • Average comments
  • Average likes

8. Tracker for Instagram

Tracker for Instagram is another Unfollower metric that helps you in tracking the gained and lost followers. It’s for iOS users where you can monitor how well your posts are performing. You can easily figure out the most commented photos and videos.

Unfollower  The app is free but you can subscribe to the paid version with premium access of 9.99$ per month. The additional feature is it helps you in getting track of the follower engagement.

9. Unfollow Users for Instagram

This is an amazing free app that helps in getting you to check for those who unfollow you. It does exactly what it says with the display of the home page that showcases who doesn’t follow you back.

unfollowgram instagram

Once you find those people who don’t follow, you can easily unfollow them directly from the app by one person at a time or through batches of ten.

10. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

This is a popular Unfollowgram app that is famous among the users. Last time I checked more than 40,000 people have given it a 5-star rating. The amazing features include a listing of your unfollowers, mutual followers, recent unfollowers, and ghost followers.

instafollow online

You can also be part of the media shout and with the fantastic option to add users to a whitelist.

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How to Figure Out Who Unfollowed me Manually on the Instagram App or Websites?

Did you know that Instagram has banned most of the apps which can provide you with the information on checking your unfollowers list?  That’s why the manual way of checking the apps is quite simple and hassle-free unlike using Unfollowgram.

how to unfollow on instagram


1. Manually Checking Unfollowers using the Instagram App-

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Tap into the profile icon, which is located in the bottom-right.
  • Check the follower’s list by tapping the follower’s option.
  • Scroll the list and find which name is missing from the accounts you follow.

2. Manually Checking Unfollowers using Instagram Website-

  • Visit on your browser and log into your Instagram account. 
  • Now, click on your profile icon; it will be visible on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Click followers tap on the page displayed under your username.  how to unfollow on instagram


  • Now, sift through the list of followers and look for missing names that you follow. If you find that a particular name is missing, assume it as they unfollowed you. who unfollowed me on instagram

How Can You Mass Delete Followers on Instagram? Is it Possible to Unfollow all The Followers at Once?

If you desire to unfollow a lot of people with one click at once, then you can use an app called Cleaner for Instagram. The app provides numerous features like unfollowing bulk users at a time, removing multiple followers, delete posts, mass account whitelisting, and many more.


Yes, with this, it is possible to unfollow a large number of followers in a splash.


How to Find Inactive Followers and Unfollow Them?

Firstly, apart from checking the suspicious and fake accounts individually and determining they are indeed inactive, there is no other option to find the culprits on Instagram.

Instead, you can use a third-party app that is built with multiple features that can help you find out the inactive followers. 

You must look for third party tools to unfollow them. There are a number of apps that can help you identify inactive followers like Crowdfire, My ghost followers, and Cleaner for IG.

Once you find these users using the apps, block them, then if you feel sad that it might send bad signals then unblock them and ask them to follow you. If you are feeling a little bolder then reach out to them, asking to unfollow you. 


What People Have to Say About This? According to Internet Research and People Reviews.

These are the thoughts of people on using unfollowgrams and similar apps to get to know their invaluable reviews.


Final Verdict

Instagram is the widely used app nowadays, and the primary reason why people unfollow is that you can only follow 7,500 accounts at one time. If they get close to that figure then they’ll eventually start to unfollow you.

If you don’t have the eagle eye, then it’s probably best to download one of the above-mentioned apps. 



1. How do you find out who unfollowed you on Instagram?

You cannot find out who unfollowed you by using the Instagram app. You can, of course, cross-check your followers with unfollowers list, but that is a time-consuming effort. The best way to find out who the culprit is through third-party apps.


2. Do ghost followers hurt you on Instagram?

No, they don’t do much damage to your Instagram account as the ghost followers are just inactive users in your Instagram account. But if it’s related to a business that wants to promote its brand and there are too many ghost followers, having ghost followers isn’t that trustworthy.


3. Do you get notifications when someone screenshots your Instagram story?

Yes, Instagram has tested the feature of sending a notification to the user of a disappearing photo or video in an Instagram story before. There’s no guarantee they have removed the feature as of yet.


4. When someone unfollows you on Instagram do their likes disappear?

No, if you unfollow someone, on Instagram, all the likes you have given, or they have given won’t disappear. You can also like someone’s post without actually liking them.


5. Is it rude to unfollow someone on Instagram?

Yes, it is rude to unfollow someone on Instagram, but when people unfollow you, don’t take it personally.  


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